Nephilim Here Again In Last Days As Bible Prophecy Says

As Holy Bible indicates the Nephilim fallen angel sons of God were here before and after Noah’s flood and will be here doing their same satanic work in these last days that we are living in now.

Call to Brotherhood for Justice on Friday 13th July

I am putting a call out for Friday 13th July for the Divine Masculine to stand up and bring Justice to Earth. As mentioned before, Friday 13th is connected to Templar timeline of Return of Light. It’s also a day of celebration and return of the Goddess. So I call especially men, brothers, and also … Read more

Understanding the Blue Light

Natural phenomenon occur as usual in continuous spectrum of frequency, following certain formula, at least from a 3rd dimensional physics point of view, which may allow us the ‘educated speculation’ that this is a similar case from the point of view of, let’s say, a higher dimensional physics, too. As in the case of the … Read more

Escape ‘Their’ TRAP and Set Your Soul FREE

The following piece of information is extremely important to those who are advanced enough to actually understand it. To many, it will not be easy to digest and most will refuse to believe it. However, to some of you, the following information is exactly what you’ve been waiting for – possibly for aeons. In my periodic introspection … Read more

Exiting the Reincarnation System

We have all heard about the tunnel of light that our soul follows upon leaving the physical body, but what is the true meaning of the life review? Why does a life review almost always involve having us continuously looping back into this 3rd dimensional reality and what can we do to stop these cycles of … Read more

Let Go Of Your Gods And Leaders: You Are The Answer

The time of Ascension is in full glow, as we near the highest peak of energies we have been feeling and anticipating for years. For many of us, the grounding of full 5D energies is nearing completion and we are beginning life on a completely blank slate. At this point, we need to review our … Read more

BBC Doc Proves Jesus Was A Buddhist Monk Named Issa Who Spent 16+ Years In India & Tibet

The life story of the most famous person who has ever lived is, in fact, filled with a mysterious gaping hole. From the age of 13 to 29 there is no Biblical, Western, or Middle Eastern record of Jesus‘s whereabouts or activities in Palestine. Known as “The Lost Years,” this gaping hole remained a mystery until one … Read more

Archangel Gabrielle: You Can Choose Which Dimension You Will Be In

  Caveat; as this is a channeled message I am advised to ask for reader discretion. PS highlighting is my choice – Gold for Archangel Gabrielle ~ TZ You are living in this moment of speed, the transition place to bring something into manifestation…so be careful with your thoughts, your wishes, and your communication. Channeled … Read more

Good Vs. Evil 432Hz

Good Vs. Evil 432Hz Part I Good Vs. Evil 432Hz Part II