40,483 Sealed Indictments Counted as of June 30, 2018

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  1. @ Denise Ward…you said:
    “Those who want to help need to speak in their true name not hide behind anonymity.”

    Do you have any idea how many whistleblowers and others are now DEAD- or imprisoned or forced into hiding because they wanted to help?!

    In many cases, I see anonymity as an essential protection, enabling the truth to be spoken…

    COBRA, for example. If his identity was known to the cabal, they’d have killed him years ago…and without Cobra’s intel regarding our planetary situation and the coming Event, we’d be clueless to so much.. AND this PFC site would not even exist! I trust Cobra’s intel 100%, and pray for his safety everyday.

    I’m not completely on board with everything Q says, but I do believe that many/most of the 40,800+ sealed indictments are tied to the paedofilia/child sex trafficking criminals who rule the world- and that Trump therefore IS draining the swamp..in line with the EO he signed on 12-21-2017. (Thousands of smaller scale traffickers have already been put away).

    I’m not a fan of government or politics either, but I do suspect that there may be a bit more Light than Dark in Trump. After all, he’s NOT a politician..so he can’t be all bad?.. There is always more to someone than meets the eye, no matter how awful they come across. Personally, considering his “yuge” ego, I think he wants to be the hero. Time will tell…but in the meantime-

    Come ON, Event!

    Victory of the Light

  2. ALL use your inner heart and intuition to decide if things are real or not. Do not accept blindly what you are told,,,

  3. The politics in here make me hate to come in here. I get SO tired of the BS over Trump….There are some countries that kill people who bad mouth there rulers. kings, presidents….People need to get educated and stop with the stupid libtard comments. The Dem Party went out the door with JFK He was the last good one. After that the party took a drastic change. You Dems need to reeducate yourselves, your party is not what it use to be. If you are interested in living in a socialist country. (FYI DEMS ARE SOCIALISTS) Go find one we don’t need that mentality in the USA. RESPECT YOUR PRESIDENT OR KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!! It only makes you sound stupid. The stats speak volumes things are changing for the better. If you listened to real news you would know that. Might be time to change your thinking. Watch Hilary’s America and learn some important history about your party……The Eagle can not fly without a right wing AND a left. Maybe it’s time to splint that left until it heals from it’s brokenness. AND in case you ALL have FORGOTTEN….Left and Right ARE NOT who we are…We are children of Source (God) and it is high time we start acting like it! Only this will bring the Event so please try a little harder to be nice can’t you?? Peace, Love, and Light! WWG1WGA

  4. Massive accomplishment in only 6 months compared to the “norm” of 1,077 indictments per year!

    It has taken many Grand Jury’s (secretly set up!) and people who probably worked around the clock!


    • Dear Richard, there is not one source out there today that is 100% accurate; not the pentagon, not the NSA and certainly not the CIA. Most “trusted alternative media sources” are no more than 50% to 80% accurate. This includes most awakened individuals, military & intelligence personnel and specially the immense majority of politicians. We do not endorse Q or POTUS yet until they publicly expose the zionists for all the trouble & misery they have caused the world yet Q & POTUS have been releasing accurate information lately and this is why we have posted it on Prepare For Change.

  6. Q quotes a Washington Times article: Source: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jul/1/us-really-did-have-manchurian-candidate-white-hous/ search for this sentence: “However, the coup-de-grace of anti-American activity was the JCPOA, or, to say it another way, the agreement to give Iran everything it wanted, including nuclear weapons and money — lots of money — which it immediately used to further destabilize the region and existentially threaten the only democracy in the middle east — Israel.”
    The only democracy in the middle east is in — Israel. ??? Israel has democracy??? To say this another way: Is “democracy” going on with Palestine? Seriously?
    Am I reading this right???
    What do you think? Is Q a Zionist?

  7. I have to agree with the skeptics. Enough already. I am well aware and have had it with all the media bunk. Trump, the deep state, and the like. I know it has it’s purpose, but I have had my fill. I am focusing on me, my peace of mind, and meditating until the EVENT comes home.
    With all the LOVE I can generate.

  8. “It will be horrible. It will be hard to take”….careful what you frame up as our reality. Subconsciously we’ve always known the truth.

    I say we will boldly step into a time when victimhood, in all its forms, is no more…and we all begin to see our true worth.

    (People right now watch the news, and see it as hard to take and horrible. Let’s really start meditating on a better collective reaction…a new day.)

  9. yes it is scarey, i agree, but truth has to be exposed for the very sake of saving our children and america. i have followed Q and well aware of each step happening and honor and respect the people behind the scenes doing this honorable work to expose the darkness, bring it to light GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  10. What good are sealed indictments if never served? When will these people be held accountable for their horrible crimes …..it just seems to go on and on with nothing ever being culminated in justice for those harmed.

    • it takes time to build a case and to know when it is presented to a judge and jury it will stick and no getting off. you can bet the rich and powerful will lawyer-up big time and fight back, there will be many witness begin to commit the clinton and obama suicide list, we all know Seth rich was murdered by dnc and many others who have exposed obama and the clintons and many more to come so get ready for a slew of suicides to happen once court begins

  11. There’s been a lot talk about a vast pedophilia ring. I hope this is what Q is talking about. It needs to be rooting out and the perps punished.

  12. It is my feeling, from witnessing his actions over the last year, Mr Trump, is protecting, only,, his own interests, I need not go into a list of things he has done to screw over the American people, it is already far far beyond, well known. I do not support Clinton either FYI refusaing to vote in the last election, and feel BOTH must be arrested and charged for their crimes equally. Therefore, no, I will not be sharing this message via social media, nor my contacts except to say the notice was given by this CIA psyop crew running the Q a nonsense.
    We already know the “Big Show” is about to begin, I say, just watch this nonsense “play out” as the cabsl factions (including Trump’s Freemason faction) fight it out for control and remember, the left and right wing, belong to the same vulture picking at America’s well rotted carcas. Preliminary infighting of the cabal factions nor project Blue Beam light trickery, is not what we the people seek.
    We seek “the Event” and if it is a “Donald J Trump event’ as described here, may God help us, it obviously has nothing to do with reality of “The Event” we all hope for which includes, I remind you, as stated in the brief PFC put out ling ago, the arrests of the fully complicit criminal US administration, the rigged scam SC and almost utterly criminal (lawyer filled) congress not to mention hopefully arrests right doen to the local level removing all (not just 40K but hundreds of thousands of) these criminals that have and continue to enslave us.. I do indeed hope, that this little sideshow, this allegedly psyop by the CIA: “Q-a-nonsense”, speaks of, just precedes and is but a preliminary opening scene in “the show”. Fact is, I would hate to see what kind of Zionist Nazi Dictatorship comes out of it in the end, otherwise, with Mr Trump remaining in power. He must be arrested and charged for countless crimes and the blood on his hands.
    “Victory to the Light,” we say (and as I alone, I think, add:) “TRUTH and LOVE”
    Respectfully to Edward Morgan and the often good, albeit utterly brainwashed people, supporting Mr Trump but, by his actions, Mr Trump demonstrates almost daily just how clearly and obviously, he represents, not even, one,, of these – light truth or love, just as Clinton’s Bush’s and so many more corrupt administrations have not. All these adminstrations are all guilty of crimes against humanity having blood on their hands. I have and will continue to warn people of this administration’s corruption and crimes but, with the trumpees, its like banging one’s head against a brick wall trying to break past the dark programming that has taken the light of reason in their minds away.
    Pray for the “REAL” Event, I am, which INCLUDES the good people in the rank and file of the US Military marching into the White House to arrest of Mr Trump and enlightenment of the poor souls blindly supporting him. You can choose to post this or not but it will not change the ‘facts on the ground’ in places like Iraq Libya Turkey Lebanon Palestine, Syria, Yemen, where the savage butchery has taken place and or, still continues supporting American “defense” contractors, even under Mr Trump’s administration to support war profiteering and this blind god awful Zionism and Greater Israel nightmare brought upon humanity, and until all of this ends with Zionist Israel being dissolved, Netanyahu like Trump, brought to justice, and peace breaking out permanently with massive technology being released from free energy to antigravity, then we know, the ‘Event’, has NOT yet occurred, that much, is certain.

    • Thank you for your well thought out response. I am astonished each time I come across information similar to this and then they dissolve all truth by praising Trump and his politics. Besides all of the items you listed, there is always the “go with your gut” which tells me that Trump is a mess and very bad news for America. It may take us decades to recover from his ego.
      Any traces of Q coming from Russia?

    • Hey,
      you realize that the God of this world is the Anti-god, and to serve the
      Creator is very, Very difficult even to “find” Him Mat.7:14., for it is NOT
      given to every one to do it, in this age.

      Yes, TRUMP is “withholding” 2Thes.2:6, our JUDGMENT for our Idolatry
      for serving Satan the Devil Ex.20:3, by USING his Fiat Money, not the
      Creator’s Old Testament’s Money Rom.6:16.

      All the best and Peace,

  13. OH please. This is most likely a farce just like politics is. As if Trump will protect us. Protect us from what? What we need protection from is government and QAnon is saying “Oh don’t worry, government will protect you”. Yeah sure. I don’t care for Trump or anyone in politics so don’t think that I’m just an anti-Trumper speaking here.The whole thing is nothing but a ruse as usual.That’s the only game in town – fooling people. Those who want to help need to speak in their true name not hide behind anonymity. And people don’t need protection, that’s just an exchange that goes like this: “We’ll give you protection; while you give us everything”. The problem is government, that’s who we need protection from. What we need to learn is to stop relying on centralized systems, government included and work in community and networks. Centralization will be the death of all of us, it’s the nature of that beast.

  14. Yes! Yes ! ….. It will hurt ….but, …. IT HAS TO BE DONE !!!!!…….Q has brought this boil to be lanced…..and it is NOW !

  15. The above message is not easy to read, how can we get it in plain text to make the font larger and not in a coloured format

  16. I tried to share it in my Facebook page and a message that the system was waiting for Facebook to connect came up and did not allow me to share the post!


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