Phi Beta Iota: To the best of our knowledge, Cynthia McKinney — and possibly Rand Paul — are the ONLY two Members of Congress who have refused outright to take the Zionist pledge of loyalty that is in direct explicit violation of their Oath of Office.  Above from 2009.  Below from 2011.


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  1. If you believe that the current epidemic (yes, epidemic) of Transgenderism exists because that’s what the people want/need, then you may be hopelessly out of touch. Why are so many CHILDREN suddenly so confused about their sexuality at an age when they don’t yet even understand what sexuality is? It’s because “teachers” and administrators from kindergarten on up have begun shoving this crap down kid’s throats when the reality is that it IS NOT their place to do so. They have planted seeds in the heads of their impressionable young minds, when in fact these kids don’t have the ability to truly comprehend the circumstances. You have six year olds questioning whether or not they should be transgender, when there is NO reason on earth that they should even be familiar with that term at their age. None. A friend brought their cat to the vet last month and took their seven year old son along. Out of the blue the child asked the vet if the cat was transgendered! Why in hell is the child being taught this at that age? It serves no POSITIVE purpose at all. Do you really believe that it is healthy or natural for pre-school children to be read stories at public libraries around the country by freaks who look like maniacal clowns from low-budget 1990’s movies?
    So, to that confused attention craving sleaze bag who called the police on the mother who was arrested, you may not be much of a man, but you’re sure as hell not a woman. And perhaps even worse are those mindless cops that either followed orders or took it upon themselves to go and arrest any woman on those charges. They are truly scum of the earth.

  2. Drop dead and rot in hell you fucking Nazi bastards. Stay the fuck out of middle-east politics of which you are clearly drinking the koolaide and spouting inflammatory propagandist lies.

  3. Thank you @Cynthia_McKinney for exposing the agenda of the pro-Israel lobby. Looks like the USA is supposed to make Israel great, rather than the USA.


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