By Melinda Siebold, Guest Writer.

The following are either quotes or paraphrases from the member of the Resistance Forces who goes by the pseudonym Cobra. They are not necessarily continuous, but snippets taken from his writings. Anything in parentheses are insertions by the compiler of this information.

Absolute (the): Absolute was not created – always was – always will be. The Contingency was not created with a purpose. It was an outburst of a random function, an anomaly and those two are logically opposite. They are two very strong but opposite forces and the tensions between those two created the universe. No one created the anomaly – it happened by chance.

All Seeing Eye: A Symbol of Source (God). It is the all seeing eye of the one world order to the evil ones.

Anunnaki: A dis-info term invented by Zechariah Sitchin.

Apostles: There were six male and six female apostles of Jesus.

Archons: Earth archons all dark. Not guardians. Mainly found in German and Italian black nobility. The bad will have to work to correct what they have done if and when they turn to the Light.  The archons came here as other planets were cleared of negativity. This was their last bastion stronghold and they came here and have taken the planet hostage about twenty-six thousand years ago in a hostile takeover. An archon is actually a being that has been subjected to a very strong unnatural mutation process. A long time ago, in the galactic history, there was a certain group of beings that were in fact very powerful angels and they wanted to experience matter, so they devised very advanced technology based electro-magnetic fields that distorted space and time continuum and they subjected themselves to this technology and this has changed their consciousness and this is the source of evil as you would describe it. And those beings have been very powerful angels before and they, after this process, they became very powerful, I would say demons, and they actually created quarantine earth and they have ruled this place for the last 25,000 years and now it’s time for them to go. Their time is up. Archons are the top demons. Demons are the lower archons. Most physical archons were made to leave the earth in the mid 1800’s during the March revolution in Europe, led by the Light Forces. The Archons communicate with Yaldabaoth through meditation. The Catholic Church was created by archons and is administered by Dracos. Some archons have turned to the Light when they were captured and transported to the mothership and the locations, some of them have realized their wrong choices. Archons are not Dracos or reptilians. They are mostly negative Andromedans. The Chimera group is also from Andromeda – not all Andromedans are bad. They are the ones engineering the reincarnation process – the so-called Lords of Karma. They work at suppressing human spirituality and created monotheistic religions and religious dogma. The Chimera is a different soul group but are also from the Andromeda galaxy that is more technologically oriented and their purpose is to maintain the quarantine status of earth and to keep humanity isolated and enslaved.

Ark of the Covenant: A manifestation chamber. Early versions were this. Later versions only had the ability to create certain electro-magnetic fields to enable communication with other dimensions. The Ark of the Covenant is in the hands of the Light Forces.

Ascension: Sirians and Pleiadians as a race are not ascended yet. People who are ascended do not ever die again. Ascension is liberation from the space-time continuum.  Jesus and Buddha reached their ascension at the time of their death, or I would say transformation, when their public physical life was over and they have transferred to higher state of consciousness. A questioner asked Cobra; “Why did they pass away as mortals?” He answers: Simply to show an example and actually, Jesus, in particular, has materialized in his light body a few days after that. This is the core of our ascension process – (say this out loud): “I call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon me and to form around me. I call upon the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM to join and merge with me.”

Astral Plane: The dark disguises itself as light on the astral plane but if your intuition is good you can tell. They even manipulate the Light Forces on the etheric (astral) plane. Theoretically if you could clear all attachments and negative emotions you can escape the astral plane which is still part of the earth.  

Atlantis: Atlantis was a great civilization which was destroyed by an act of the cabal in 9564 B.C. There was a certain period in Atlantis when people were curious and wanted to experience duality so they signed contracts in which they volunteered to be implanted and later also volunteered to invite the dark forces in exchange for more power and material wealth.  The dark forces manipulating the energy grid is what sunk the last of Atlantis and also strong energies from the Galactic Center. Ireland and Greenland as well as the western part of France were a part of Atlantis. Most of the coast in the Mediterranean belonged to Atlantis. Egypt was also an Atlantean colony. Osiris, Thoth, Ra and Isis were of the Light and lived on Atlantis. Set was the leader of the dark forces there. Those are all beings from different star systems, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades. Hathor was from the Pleiades. She is a goddess of Light.  There was a lot of mind control on Atlantis, which led to the final fall of man and quarantine of the planet. There were trans-species experiments taking place on Atlantis. The leaders of the cabal now were the dark leaders on Atlantis. Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean but the civilization had been formed in Antarctica. The cabal destroyed the Goddess temples on Atlantis. This caused an imbalance which resulted in destruction of Atlantis. The Jesuits and black nobility are part of the black magicians of Atlantis.

Baphomet: a merger of many ancient symbols – Capricorn, gods and goddesses- a misuse of these symbols.

Belief Systems: Belief systems are just firewalls we construct to not face the harsh reality of the primary anomaly.

Bill Gates: He was just a computer programmer who got very rich and after he got rich he was contacted by the (dark) Illuminati. He got tempted with power and he got drunk with it and his soul got distorted.

Black Sun: Certain circles within the cabal have the black sun as the symbol of the galactic center. They worship it, they are afraid of it and they respect it. And this is their final destination very soon.

Book of Mormon: It was a genuine contact – but the message was later corrupted.

Brahma: Brahma is one aspect of created Source. Some people call it a third aspect – the created aspect, the one that creates universes. Brahma/Vishna/Shiva – they are universal archetypes.

Brotherhood of the Stars: Are from Sirius. The Jupiter command/Galactic Confederation.

Buddhism: Buddhism is a mixture of understanding and mind programming, so the part of reincarnation is correct. Humans cannot regress to animals. They go back to the Central Sun and start the incarnation cycle again and go through animal incarnation again.  

Cabal: Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were ‘taken out’ by the cabal. All cabal bases have been cleared from our solar system. Their last remaining ‘bastion’ is planet Earth. The cabal are soulless ones because they lost their connection with their soul and with the Source. One of the biggest psychological blocks of the cabal is their inferiority complex which they try to hide and mask with all that bragging about bloodlines. The inconvenient truth is that cabal Khazar bloodlines originated from the primitive, crude, violent and less intelligent Neanderthal man, whereas the human masses evolved from more refined, balanced and more intelligent Cro-Magnon man.

Catholic Church: Created in 325 by Constantine – a major archon and master mind programmer.

Cathars: The Cathar group is one outer expression of the inner Brotherhood of the Star. They still exist.

Celtic Cross: An ancient Atlantean symbol which represents Gaia (Mother Earth).

Central Sun: There are other Central Suns in other galaxies and star systems. The Central Sun is a birthing star gate.

Channeling: Most channeling has been commercialized through New Age networks and a very small percentage of this is genuine. Most channelers are not genuine. Most of the channeling is coming from the astral plane. The astral plane is a plane of much illusion. This is a plane of existence where we have our unexpressed desires, wishes, hopes, aspirations. Most people are channeling this. They are channeling their own self-conscious ideas. The mid 1990’s was when most channelers lost connection with the Galactic Confederation and began channeling astral shells instead.

Family of Jesus: A certain lineage of Mystery Initiates was born from their union (Jesus and Mary Magdalene) Mother Mary: She channeled the energies of the Mother archetype.

Chimera: The Chimera group are humanoids. Originally they looked like humans. They were not a reptilian type being. They are an Andromedan humanoid race which looks more like humans. They are part of a humanoid evolution. But they are extremely negative because they went through a cosmic anomaly. You could say fallen angels in a human body. The Chimera group is the top of the food chain on the dark side, above the archons. There are less than two hundred Chimera left on planet earth now. Most Chimeras are Andromedans or Orion hybrids. The Orion/Draconian/Reptilian Empire are the most technologically and scientifically advanced of that empire. They manipulated the Alpha Draconians.  Satan/Set is not the leader of the Chimera group. The Chimera group are the leaders of the dark forces. From the Andromeda galaxy. They came to earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet. They built the scalar magnetic fence (the veil/matrix), preventing positive extra-terrestrial contact, isolating humanity. They constructed a vast network of underground cities using Draconians as slave handlers and reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there. Their main strongholds are under Africa, China and Tibet. There was no direct contact with the surface population until the early twentieth century. In 1917 the Light Forces formed the Thule Society in Germany. It was infiltrated by archon controlled Rothschild agent Adolf Schicklgruber (Hitler) and became the instrument of the dark and further morphed into the Vril Society which was developing the secret German space program. When the Chimera saw that, they realized that the surface human population had reached sufficient technological development to reach for the stars and pierce the veil. (the matrix) To suppress that, they have made their first contact with the surface population through Karl Haushofer on his travels to Tibet. After that contact was made, Chimera controlled Haushofer was the main occult force behind the Nazi Germany. This operation came to the United States and is known as Operation Paperklip. The military industrial complex became afraid (after the Galactic Federation reduced the yield of one of their nuclear bombs by ninety percent), and united their forces against the perceived threat from the tall whites. Now the negative military worldwide is united against the Galactic Federation and keeping the quarantine.

Chinese people: Thuban Draconian’s used genetic engineering to insert part of their genome into the native Han population. Most Chinese souls came from Earth.

Christ: A consciousness that everybody receives or attains at a certain point of evolution and it’s a universal experience of cosmic love that is actually the basis of an enlightened universe.

Cintamani Stones: They will be energy super-conductors at the time of the Event. They will put you on an accelerated growth path. It may cause the release of strong emotions. The stone is a very intelligent guide, communicate with it. Sirians accidentally blew their planet up by trying to turn an ethereal planet into a physical planet. Because of the plasma anomaly it didn’t work. No one was living on the planet at the time. (All Cintamani stones come from Sirius as a result of that explosion) It is one of the keys to planetary liberation.

Cloning: Can make exact or improved copies. A soulless clone cannot exist.

Choices and Conditions: The vast majority are determined for us by the archons.

Constantine: Constantine created the Christian cult in order to destroy the Gnostic Mysteries.

Contingency: Contingency is the quantum potential force that generated darkness. There are more harmless forms of it; random weather patterns; the revolution of the stars is random. Before darkness was created contingency was not harmful but could be unpleasant. The physical plane has the most contingency because it is the lowest and densest possible plane in the universe – furthest away from Source. Races with malicious intent were born because of the free will of beings of the Light to interact with the contingency so as to absorb and transform it.

Creation: Creation was hijacked by the archons – it’s not supposed to be like this. (A person asked Cobra why a loving Creator would allow this creation.) His answer: This experiment has gone too far. It was never intended to go this far. Yes, we are innocent. The archon thing is an anomaly that has to stop. We did not have complete understanding of what this experience would be like because we didn’t have it before. We did not know consciously what we were getting into. The creation/universe is an interaction between the Source and primary anomaly – a dynamic tension between two opposing forces.

Crop Circles: Sometimes the strong energies of crop circles can have a detoxifying effect. The toxins can leave the emotions, the body and the mind. There has to be portals for them to appear. There are strong Pleiadian portals in England. The purpose of the crop circles was to awaken a certain portion of the population and get their attention.

Crystals: Crystals are the most highly evolved matter on the physical plane and they can reflect higher consciousness.

Cycles of Time: Every 225 million years our galaxy completes one rotation and approximately every 26,000 years emits a super wave or pulse from its center. We are in the initial phase of that pulse which basically clears the primary anomaly, the source and cause for all darkness. The timeline window for clearing the anomaly extends from 1972-2025. In 1996 a major setback occurred with the archon invasion in the Congo portal in Africa. On May 17, 1998 there was a significant reversal.

Dalai Lama: The institute of the Dalai Lama has been hijacked by the archons long, long time ago, and they are the ones who determine the incarnation.

Darkness: Darkness is something that should not exist. It’s something that was never meant to exist and is alien to most ancient beings in this universe.

David & Solomon: They were trying in their own time to bring light back to the planet. It was a positive lineage but it was infiltrated.

Discernment: (How to know what to believe) Simply by using your discernment. A high positive spiritual being will always leave you more inspired. It will never decrease your state of consciousness, it will always improve your condition.

Divine Feminine: Magnetic energy – reception and unity

Divine Masculine: Electric energy – action and individuality

Donald Trump: He is the instrument of the Jesuits.

Double headed eagle: A symbol for Scottish Rite Freemasons. It belongs to a certain lineage of Illuminati family that originated in Asia Minor more than 2500 years ago – a negative faction.

Draconians: The majority of Draconians are bad. The good side was to be the guardians and custodians of the wealth of the planet. In the west it did not succeed. The original plan was to give this wealth to humanity. Along the course many of them got corrupted. In the negative hierarchy, the Dracos are considered beneath the reptilians.  At the top are the Jesuits who control the Illuminati. Behind them are inter-dimensional extra-terrestrials and the chimera group. Archons and Chimera are two sides to the same coin. Chimera are more focused on technology, archons on spiritual and mind control. There are no more negative extra-terrestrials s or reptilians on the earth, only cabal and etheric archons. The Rothschild faction controls Europe. The Rockefeller faction controls the U.S. The Jesuits are a mixture of Andromedans and reptilians and control the rest of the world. George Bush junior is a full reptilian in a human body. Bush Sr. Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Chaney are Draconians who took human incarnations 2600 years ago.

Dragon Families: There are positive dragon families, mixed dragons families and dark dragon families. If you focus more on the positive side, there are many lineages with a lot of spiritual wisdom. Some of them with direct or indirect connection with the positive Agarthan network. The true Dragon families are all dedicated to the liberation of the planet.

Dragons: Blue Dragons are spiritual, gold dragons are political-aligned with Templars. Mexico was long ago one of the reptilian strongholds on this planet. Jesuits corrupted it.

Duality: The contrast between the Light and the dark is not meant to exist. Dark is a result of random function created out of the void. It won’t be the same after the Event.

Earth: Life on earth developed elsewhere. Earth is a maximum security prison with archons and chimeras as prison wardens and definitely not a school.

Earth Quarantine: Spaceships entering earth quarantine can trigger toplet bombs.

Ego: The concept of ego is an archon creation. Don’t fight ego, just be who you are.

Elohim: Elohim are archangels, beings of Light that descended from the Source and are guiding evolution in various solar systems.

Emerald Tablet: The translation by Doreal is the best.


Enlightenment: Enlightenment is just a moment when your personality gets into contact with the truth. While ascension is the completion of the complete transformation of your personality into that truth.

Enlil and Enki: Discard the Sitchin Enlil and Enki story completely. (Says Sitchin a dis-info agent)

Enoch: A prophet and seer in touch with his Higher Self. He had some strong contact experiences and he described those in his book. (Cobra says that Enoch’s book was changed by Constantine the (not so) Great). Semjase and Astaroth not ‘bad’.  Astaroth was the name of the Goddess. The new Christian cult introduced in the fourth century wanted to suppress the Goddess and this is why that text has been changed.

Esoteric: Esoteric means inner not outer. It means that all is not connected directly with the physical plane. Occult means that which has techniques or ways to deal with those energies in a more concrete way. Occult by itself is not positive or negative it is just an approach to deal with energies, to direct energies. And esoteric is more inner connection with the energies, no so much outer manipulation or direction of energies.

Equality of souls: I would not say anyone is higher or lower. We are all emanations of the One.

Etheric Archons: The etheric archons are very allergic to a few things. First to the energy of Love, especially to Love between a man and a woman. When they see a happy couple, they want to destroy the Love between them, because that Love gives the power to the non-physical Light forces to remove the etheric Archons and their minions. Second, they are allergic to healthy sexual energy. They suppress this energy in the human population, and when they are not successful in suppressing it, they pervert it. Sexual energy is the life force itself and when they succeed in suppressing it, they get a sheeple population on the surface of the planet that can easily be controlled. Third, they are allergic to energies of positive ET civilizations and energies of the Ascended Masters. They try to suppress, distort and manipulate these energies whenever possible.

Etheric Archon Grid (the matrix): The archons have been sustaining their control with a special technology that is called the Veil. It is an electromagnetic frequency fence on the lower astral and especially on the etheric plane, extending maximally 8.6 miles upwards and downwards from the surface ground level of our planet, that to a great extent prevents the Light from coming into the quarantine Earth. The Veil is being operated by the non-physical archons. This technology could be best described as etheric HAARP. This technology distorts the time/space structure on quantum level and thus creates big difficulties for UFO propulsion systems of the positive ET forces. In the past, this has hindered the progress of the positive ET races towards this planet significantly. Apart from keeping the good ET’s at bay, the Veil has a function of programming/reprogramming the human population and keeping it in the reincarnation/cycling process. I will now state few of the main astral/etheric programs for incarnated humans currently in operation:

  1. Lowering of consciousness and Light Body/Merkaba deactivation. This program is maintained with etheric standing wave resonance technology.
  2. Blocking of free will and of positive initiative. This program is maintained with etheric infrasound technology. Part of that sound precipitates towards the physical plane and some people can hear it as a very low frequency hum. This was the source of mysterious sounds that people heard in the beginning of 2012 and not the destruction of deep underground military bases, as some sources erroneously reported. Infrasound blocks certain centers in the physical brain and this blocks positive initiative. This infrasound is also the cause of unusual tiredness that many people experience without any apparent reason.
  3. Lowering the intelligence. This is done by inducing strong magnetic fields to the etheric brain and to the membrane between the physical and etheric brain and this disturbs the thinking process. This program results in foggy mind, forgetfulness and lack of focus.
  4. Inducing disharmony in relationships. This is being done by tampering with the chakras of the etheric body and creating dissonant frequencies on the auric membrane with etheric infrasound. This program results in artificial split between love and sexuality, closing of the heart, over-activity of the mind and dis-balance between female and male principles.
  5. Inducing poverty. This is being done by projecting poverty holograms/images into the etheric brain.
  6. Subculture division. This program operates by targeting different subcultures with specific opposing etheric holographic images and thus creating division among them.
  7. Eating patterns/obesity. This program is induced by projecting images of a certain food that creates obesity, into the etheric brain.
  8. All-seeing eye. This spy program operates from the etheric plane and monitors all activity of physical beings and then reports this to the non-physical archons.
  9. Implants. These are etheric/astral crystals that were put into the aura of every human being just before the incarnation, as that person needs to descend from the mental/higher astral planes through the lower astral/etheric towards the physical in order to incarnate. Those implants remove the memory of the prior incarnations and are the main reason why we mostly do not remember past lives, nor the archon entities ruling the planet. Implants are somewhat poetically called the “veil of forgetfulness”.

The etheric archon grid is controlled by a very small group of etheric archons who give their orders to millions of etheric Draconians (sector commanders), those to billions of reptilians (warriors) and those to amoebas (semi-conscious elemental beings that just obey orders without questioning).  The archons control the grid with advanced etheric technology. The whole etheric plane within the 17.2 mile layer controlled by the archons is permeated with strong electromagnetic field chambers that can distort space-time structure according to the program of the etheric main frame computer program which directs the flow of etheric energies worldwide in a way that controls humanity the most. These chambers detect all positive thoughts and emotions and if these are too powerful, the chambers send a signal to the etheric main frame computer which then tightens the grid of distorted electromagnetic field around the person experiencing positivity, effectively shutting it down. If this is not enough, it activates additional ELF chambers with a low frequency infrasound hum that suppresses the person, with additional electric pulses sent into the solar plexus chakra to short circuit the kundalini energy, shutting it down. This is sometimes combined with strong electromagnetic fields around the third eye chakra, disorienting the mind and making the person sleepy or almost drugged. Along with that, strong negative thought forms are projected, constantly bombarding the mind of the person.

Apart from all that, every person in incarnation has an energy amoeba parasite attached to the solar plexus area, which tries to control the emotional life of that person. It also connects with amoeba parasites in other persons, orchestrating conflicts. Etheric archons transmit data from the etheric mainframe computer into the physical Black Box which is in possession of one of the main Italian black nobility families and is connected with the physical mainframe computer of the Cabal (the Beast) and then linked to mainframe computers inside NSA. Although the Light forces have managed to put a computer virus into the Black Box, this virus has not been as successful as we have hoped. In the past, the only way a human being could escape from the quarantine was through the ascension process, during which he had to release all attachments to all physical, etheric, astral and mental realities where archons can operate. An alternative option of gaining freedom by being able to travel to other star systems will open to humanity soon as the quarantine dissolves.

Event (The): The ascension process will begin at the event. After the event the dark forces will be given a chance to accept the Light and to balance previous actions. Those who refuse will be sent back to the Galactic Central Sun and turned into basic elements and start a new cycle of evolution. (The question is asked; “What would happen to their higher selves that have always been working with the Light Forces? Do the higher selves vanish along with them too?) Answer: Yes, their individualized I AM presences will be transmuted with the electric fire of the Galactic Central Sun back into primordial adi plane elemental essence and will have to be individualized again. The Event is the final beginning of the end of darkness. At the moment of the event all negative beings that don’t want to change into positive will be taken to the Central Sun – game over!

Evolution: There are many errors in evolution, which is overseen by angels, because of the primary anomaly. Human evolution is different from angel evolution. Plant and animal evolution is guided by angelic beings but primary anomaly involved in the process to a great degree. We are going through a process of convergence of all different universes into one universe which is part of cosmic evolution.

Eye of Horus: An inter-dimensional portal. In the middle of that which connects the physical brain to the etheric brain and your higher dimensional bodies and because of this internal organ, it is possible for the human brain to register thoughts and this is why we can think. This is why we can operate the physical body. It is not just the organ of inner vision.

Fallen Angels: Some fallen angels came from Andromeda galaxy and some from our galaxy, especially the Orion region. They have assisted humanity. It is a complex process – their story has been moralized. Some star races have had physical relations with humans.

Fatima Prophecies: The third (undisclosed by the Vatican) prophecy exposed the origin of the Roman Catholic Church and the prophecy was how it will be undone.

  • Below is the Third Fatima Prophecy provided by the editor of this article Edward Morgan:

The Third Fatima Prophecy: Despite the strictest secrecy, the secret “third” part of the prophecy has become available via press and is considered authentic. It was first published in a German newspaper, Neues Europa on October 15, 1963 and in a French paper, Le Monde et la Vie, in September 1964. Well, perhaps the French didn’t read German and the English read neither German nor French.

Since that time the message has been republished in the United States, with minor changes in phrasing (the “men” cannot bear to leave a thing alone but must tamper), but all in substantial agreement with what is purported to be the official version. It has been given ecclesiastical approval subject to the declaration that “the final and decisive judgment on the facts belonged exclusively to the Supreme Magisterium of the Church whose decision you accept from the very moment it is pronounced by the Pope.” Of course. Well, thank God it happened or certainly it “could” not have happened–just like the Emperor’s new clothes–the naked truth is often so obvious that you must close of your eyes to insure of it.




 The terrible predictions made in the “third” part of the Fatima Prophesies messages reveals the reasons why none of the popes had seen fit to make it public. Here is the secret prophecy as circulated by American Catholic groups. Surely I shall not quarrel on such good authority—at this time.


“Do not be troubled, dear child, I am the Mother of God who is speaking to you and begging you to announce the following message to the entire world in my name. On doing so you will meet with strong opposition. But be strong in faith and you will triumph over all opposition. Listen carefully and remember what I tell you. Good people must be better. They must implore God to forgive the sins they have committed and will in the future commit. You ask Me for a sign so all may comprehend the words which I am addressing to mankind through you. You have just beheld that miracle, the great miracle of the sun! Everybody saw it, believers and unbelievers. And now, in My name, it is proclaimed.


“A great chastisement will come over all mankind, not today or tomorrow, but will start in the first half of the twentieth century. What I have already announced at LaSalette through the children Melanie and Maximin, I repeat to you now. Humanity has not developed as God desired. Mankind has been sacrilegious and has trampled under foot, the wondrous Blessings of God. No longer does order reign anywhere. Even in the highest places Satan reigns and directs the course of things. SATAN WILL EVEN SUCCEED IN INFILTRATING INTO THE HIGHEST POSITIONS IN THE CHURCH. Satan will succeed in sowing confusion in the minds of scientists who design weapons that can destroy great portions of mankind in short periods. Satan will gain hold of the heads of nations and will cause these destructive weapons to be mass produced.


“If mankind will not oppose these evils, I will be obliged to let the Arm of My Son drop in vengeance. If the chief rulers of the world and of the Church will not actively oppose these evils, I will ask God My Father to bring His Justice to bear on mankind. Then will God punish mankind even more severely and heavily than He did at the time of the great deluge.


“But a time of very severe trial is also coming for the Church. Cardinals will oppose Cardinals and Bishops will oppose Bishops. Satan will enter into their very midst and will walk in their ranks. In Rome also will occur great changes. What is rotten will fall and what falls must not be retained. The Church will be obscured and all the world will be thrown into great confusion.” 

Great wars will start in the twentieth century. Fire and smoke will drop from heavens and the waters of the ocean will turn to steam throwing their foam to the very sky. Whatever is standing will be overturned. Millions of people will die. Those surviving will envy the dead. Distress, misery and desolation will be found the world over. The time is drawing nearer and the abyss is ever deepening and there will be no escape. The great and powerful will perish with the lowly and meek, the good will die with the wicked, the Princes of the Church with their faithful, and the rulers of nations with their people. Death will reign everywhere, raised to triumph by erring men. THE HELPERS OF SATAN WILL BE THE MASTERS OF THE EARTH. These evils will come at a time when no one expects it, nevertheless it must come as punishment and revenge in accordance with God’s Plan. Later, however, God and His Glory will once more be invoked and will once more be served as He was not so long ago, when the word had not yet been corrupted.


“The time of times is coming, the end of all ends, if mankind is not converted. Woe, woe if that conversion does not come about, and if everything remains as it is now or worsens. “I call upon all true followers of My Son the Christ to go and announce this: for I will always be at your side to assist you.”



Floods: There were drastic floods in the Mideast 5000 years ago and in Atlantis 11,500 years ago. Many people around the world were building boats – not just ‘Noah’. Foundation Stone: The center of gravity of manifestation. The Foundation Stone is Divine Will.

France: France was a very important center of the Light in the 1700’s when Freemasonry was still part of the Light Forces and was exactly where the infiltration happened. (It also happened in England around that same time).

Freemasons: Only Freemasons of the 32nd degree or higher are members of the cabal. The rest have no idea what goes on at the top. They were created as a positive group in the 18th century and higher ranks were infiltrated by the Jesuits in the 19th century.

Genetic Manipulation:  Started almost a million years ago when the dark forces from the Orion star system came to Atlantis. And this genetic manipulation was quite extensive and was done by many races. There was also good, positive races that wanted to repair human dna and they have also added to this process in a positive way.  Neanderthals hijacked ‘to a certain degree’ by the dark forces to use as vehicles for themselves.

God: People need to have direct spiritual experience and then all conceptions of gender polarity will fall apart….It is about all-encompassing presence which is the Source of all positive.

Hair: Hair is like an antenna that can send and receive spiritual energy.

Harvesting: Harvesting is a concept that many of the low vibrational races use when they come from the planets and they harvest the resources and for them resources include various races inhabiting those planets.

Heaven: The spirit world is considered heaven. Evil is free will turned to expand the primary anomaly. Soul connection is lost. Enlightenment a process of re-connecting with soul-divine spark.

Hierarchy: Natural hierarchies are ok, such as found in nature. Artificial/pyramid type hierarchies are not.

Heroes: Most heroes, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, etc are helping in planetary liberation.

Hexagram: A symbol of divine love – Divine Feminine. Can also be determined as a unification of female and male or polarities of opposites.

Higher Self: You can only have contact with Light Forces after you contact your own Higher Self. The Higher Self then makes contact with the Light Forces.

Holy Ghost: That aspect of Source that is beyond male female polarity. Which actually includes both aspects in Itself.

Hollywood: The resistance movement (of the Light) had some agents in Hollywood and they infiltrated some ideas into certain movies. Avatar, the Matrix and Elysium are examples. Most of the most famous artists and musicians since the 1950’s have been MK Ultra mind control victims. Most Hollywood stars are mind programmed. They are forced into it. It is a trauma based mind control. The movie Wizard of Oz was used for mind control. There were two factions in Hollywood, positive and negative. The positive had to withdraw many years ago. The movie in 2004/5 Avatar was an exception.

Humanity: Question: Humans were created to live in prosperity and abundance…but humanity at that time felt they were less perfect than gods, disregarded Gods warning about their impending adversity during cycle after cycle and worse, were later manipulated by the dark forces to doubt the Source and thus they were not so ready to shoulder their responsibility as co-creators….Answer: Says yes, that is correct….this is why shadows must be integrated now to take our sovereignty back. Question: How did humans have those flaws? Answer: They were created by very advanced creator races if we are speaking of the human evolution that belongs to this planet. But there are some people on this planet that came originally from the Source through the Galactic Sun birth process. Question: Why do humans have those flaws? Answer: Because of the interaction with the primary anomaly. After Lemuria and Atlantis this is the third major human global civilizations on this planet. The human race has continuously inhabited this planet for more than a million years. All races – even Draco’s and Orion’s came here to resolve the cosmic anomaly. Conflict is an aberration – an anomaly. For most of the galaxy what is happening here is pure madness. Human beings are a mixture of different star races. Humanity as a whole invited the dark forces on Atlantis. The vast majority of humans have only had earth incarnations. The original template of the human body was a development of a very highly developed creator beings which had a mission to develop life in the physical form in order to transform the primary anomaly.

Illuminati: There are both dark and light groups. The Illuminati not a real group. It is just a label. There are three main groups that make up the Illuminati. Freemasons, Jesuits and Rosicrucians.

Jesuits: Jesuits have been building their network for the last five hundred years. They existed before the Rothschild’s. Jesuits infiltrated Freemasonry in the 17th century. There are 15,000 Jesuits now – maybe five to ten percent of these are evil – the rest are good and have no idea of the evil at the top. Stalin was a Jesuit and one of the darkest figures of Russian history. Stalin and Hitler both were working for the Jesuit Supreme General Ledochowski.

Jesus: There is no historical or spiritual relationship between Jesus and Anu. The mission of Jesus was to bring unconditional love to the planet. The key message to insure the success of the planetary liberation which is happening now. He was not the only one to achieve ascension from the earth, he was one of the first. (Buddha was the first).

Jesus natural father: There is a certain person who has been excised from the Bible. Fifty percent of Jesus life is fabricated. Taken from different mythologies. Mithraism and the Apollo cult, the Egyptian mysteries. The other half was a section of his life that suited the programming cult of Christianity at that time. So you cannot make conclusions about his life based on the Bible if you want an accurate perception.

Judas: Judas did not betray Jesus, there was no traitor. The archons used him to promote the concept of guilt.

Karma: The concept of karma an archon creation. The only lesson we need to learn is to say no to the archons. Karma is an artificial construct created by the archons to control and enslave beings….it is a distorted interpretation of the law of manifestation. Your actions have consequences, but it is not true that we are now experiencing certain bad things because we have done something on one of our past lifetimes….the whole karmic belief system has been engineered for people to feel powerless and victims of their last incarnations. It is a spiritual debt/slavery prison – like people have a certain spiritual debt they have to repay. There is a law of manifestation. If you have negative actions you will tend to attract more of the negative actions in the future. Positive as well.

Khazarians: They have a lot of Neanderthal dna, which is of a lower order than the rest of humankinds -which is Cro-Magnon. This inferiority complex has driven them to insist that they are a higher order of creation. They have convinced themselves they are superior – which is anything but the truth. The Hysksos were a part of one branch of the Khazarians.  

Kumaras: The seven Kumaras are emanations of the first seven of thirteen existing Rays of Creation.

Laws of Creation: The laws of creation are very simple….precipitation of your will through various dimensions towards the physical plane and if you align aspects of your being with your divine will that divine will, will be manifested on the physical plane. (The electric fire of your own consciousness). Only ascended beings have this ability. Humans have the potential that hasn’t been exercised.

Lemuria: Japan, Korea and Taiwan were not part of Lemuria, but had close ties. Hawaii and the west coast of the USA and Canada were part of Lemuria. Natural cataclysms caused the sinking of Lemuria. There was no war between Lemuria and Atlantis.

Ley Lines: The original temples on ley lines were erected by Agarthans to anchor the Light.

Liberation: Liberation is through meditation – contact with your Higher Self within.

Light Forces: There are three hundred Light Forces infiltrated into the cabal. Twenty million Light Forces living underground. There are five million star seeds incarnated on the planet. There are Pleiadians, Sirians, Positive Andromedans and Arcturians working for the Light. There are hundreds of thousands of races involved.

Logos: Logos are beings who tend to embody the consciousness of planets and whole solar systems. The Logos of the galaxy is not Christ. Every soul that is born through the galactic Central Sun is a fragment of the Galactic Logos. Millions of those souls are incarnate on Earth now.

Lucifer: Lucifer is not a prime creator.

Magic: The science of manifestation. It’s an occult science which describes how we can manifest our ideas towards the physical plane by handling energies. Witchcraft is an ancient practice of magic which can be used in a positive or negative way. Jesuits and archons gave a negative association to it. Witchcraft originally a practice of using those energies in a spiritual scientific way to improve the living conditions for beings around us. Sorcery a limited aspect of magic which just uses certain techniques or certain approaches, I would say, basic approaches without deeper understandings of the forces which are being evoked.

Mecca: Was a very important Goddess vortex before the Islamic religion. Archons are suppressing it with the cube which was prepared with occult/magical rituals to enslave people in the third dimension. The rotation of people walking around it charges the stone and keeps the people enslaved. People are being programmed there. The same is happening in the Vatican.

Metatron: He is a Logos. They monitor evolution. Logos’ belong to the angelic realm and are higher evolved beings than the Central Suns.

Microchipping: We are micro-chipped through vaccinations. These have been deactivated by Light forces.

MK Ultra mind control: The Beatles were MK Ultra victims. This happens in childhood. Yoko Ono tried to help John get out, but wasn’t fully successful.

Moses: Moses was a priest initiated in the positive Egyptian mystery schools. His contact on the mountain was positive. The archons managed to put certain parts of their teachings in Moses teachings. The same thing that happened with most of the prophets at that time.

Mystery Schools: Christian rituals originate in the rituals of the mystery schools. Those who can connect to the positive spiritual side of Christianity and the message of Christ can feel inspired, those who feel the negative entities that are present on the lower astral and etheric planes in most churches feel unbearable.

Nibiruans: All info is false. Not based on truth. Sitchin incorrectly translated the older texts on purpose. There is no such planet as Nibiru.

Non-Interference: The non-interference concept was introduced by the archons.

Number Thirteen: A sacred number that describes the principal of free will.

Order of the Star – the 144,000. These souls have been coming here for millions of years. It was formed on Atlantis about fifteen thousand years ago, when they built the sphinx. Viviane, Merlin, Morgaine and Arthur were a certain group of people that belonged to the Order of the Star who incarnated into England and their purpose was to integrate the Goddess mysteries with other creation mysteries to somehow prolong the traditions. Half of the Knights of the Round Table were male and half were female.  Most of the Order of the Star are part of the general population. They don’t even know that they belong to the Order of the Star. There actually those of the Light workers that do a lot of energy work of transforming darkness with Light. They are not all awakened at this point. They are of the first, second and third initiation. Initiation means a stabilization of a certain vibrational frequency within a being.

Pentagram: A symbol of divine will – the Divine Masculine

Planetary Liberation: Liberation of planet Earth set to take place between 1975 and 2025. We will never be slaves again.

Planets: Planets are higher evolved beings than Gods and Goddesses.

Plato: Cobra speaks positively about Plato and the Mystery Schools of Atlantis.

Pleiadian’s: Are working with President Putin of Russia.  Pleiadians did not disconnect us from our twelve strand dna. Pleiadians are the ‘blonds’.

Plasma Entities: Plasma entities can use a turned off screen as a portal.

Pleroma: The galactic wind, interstellar wind, is part of the galactic plasma entity which is called Pleroma in some old Gnostic sources. The Pleroma is the Light emanation of the Galactic Central Sun – the Cosmic Ocean of Love.

Polarity: The contrast that will continue after the event will not be a polarity contrast between light and dark. It will be a natural contrast between different life experiences, which will more or less be of a positive nature.

Pope (the): The Pope (Francis) is not a reptilian shapeshifter. He is an archon from the Andromeda negative side. There are actually three popes. The white pope is the one that is publicly known. The black pope is the hat of the Jesuits. The grey pope is from the black nobility families, the archons. Francis is both the black and white popes, which is an interesting energetic situation that has never happened before. It is the last desperate move of the Jesuits, they prefer to stay behind the scenes. Cobra says there are some good people in the Vatican. The Jesuits own the Federal Reserve System.

President Eisenhower: In 1954 Eisenhower met with the Pleiadians and members of the Ashtar command at Edwards Air Force Base. He was pressured by the negative military factions and forced to reject an agreement with positive extra-terrestrials and made to sign a contract with the negative Zeta Reticuli and Draconian races.

Primary Anomaly: There was no conscious being creating the primary anomaly. The primary anomaly is the random function which just appeared as a result. It was always there as the potential, but when there was enough consciousness, that potential manifested in the universe. There was no creation before the primary anomaly. All universes are a co-creation between Source and the primary anomaly. Source did not intend for the cosmic anomaly to happen. It was always a possibility it could happen. The primary anomaly is continuous. It’s a random function that exists without purpose. It is not negative by itself but free will interacting with primary anomaly has a strong tendency towards evil and negativity because primary anomaly was never in touch with Source. There were various versions of this anomaly but it did not manifest fully before this cosmic cycle. Now that it has manifested fully it will be fully resolved. One’s ultimate purpose is to absorb the primary anomaly. The primary anomaly will be absorbed back into the One. After that the One will be everything that it will ever be. There will be no more creation needed because everything will be integrated back into the One. All other universes have already been integrated and absorbed back into the One. (Cobra is asked the question; why did the primary anomaly occur in a perfectly ordered universe? He answered): The answer is without any reason, without any purpose. This is the only way primary anomaly can exist. It is not possible to resolve the primary anomaly without direct experience because you cannot understand something you have not experienced.

Priory of Sion: Both dark and light. Light did that on purpose to try to turn the dark – with some success.

Pythagorean Illuminati: A positive group still in existence. After Pythagoras death there was a split. They were behind the American Revolution and to a certain degree behind the French revolution. The French revolution was to expel the Jesuits.

Reincarnation: Archons are the ones engineering the reincarnation process. They are the Lords of Karma. They are the ones responsible for creation of monotheistic religions. So called religious dogma. The archons cannot control every incarnation and every situation 100%, of course the Light Forces have some say in this and sometimes the Light Forces manage to arrange a better incarnation for certain people. The archons can only force people to reincarnate when they detect negative emotions in them while in the non-physical planes, or if the souls have attachments to people who are already incarnated. Reincarnation is a fact and it’s accepted on all worlds. Most individuals have an opportunity to choose their gender and to choose some of their life circumstances, but there are limited options to choose from.

Religions: All the different religions will be bolstered by the message of truth and the secular differences will fall away as the essences of the teachings come forward and are revealed historically to come from the same source. All religions will disappear because humanity will not be controlled by dogma anymore.

Reptilians: Some reptilians are genuine earth based – they originated here. They are mostly hostile. Some earth cataclysms happened to remove the reptilian race from the surface of the planet. Some reptilians in human bodies don’t know they’re reptilian. They tend to gravitate towards the most violent professions. In 1996 there were five hundred million reptilians underground.

Rosicrucians: A Positive group

Rothschilds: Mostly Rigelian dark lords and in Atlantis were responsible for the deluge. Their main motivation is to rule the world.

Rudolf Steiner: A good person who brought some good teachings but his movement is not 100% aligned with the truth. He works for the Light Forces and is dedicated to the Light.

Satan: Satan and Lucifer are two different beings. Satan is Set and no longer exists. He was arrested May 5, 2012. He turned to the Light and assisted for a short time, but when he realized what he had done in the past he volunteered to be disintegrated in the Galactic Central Sun. Certain factions of the cabal are still worshipping that entity without realizing it doesn’t exist anymore.

Scalar Fields: Angels and Ascended Masters can go through the scalar fields but only to a certain degree. That’s why it’s not so easy to contact the Ascended Masters. When the scalar grid is removed it will be much easier for those energies to come through and people will be able to feel them much more directly. ….If the ascended masters and archangels were able to handle this completely, planet earth quarantine would not even be possible.  Even if you call upon an ascended master and they answer you, their answer might not reach you through the veil. The archons can still create an etheric filter and create a false hologram of a higher being. Many channelers are channeling the false holograms, not the higher being.

Serpent: A symbol of serpent people and also Kundalini energy. The cabal deliberately mixed the serpent symbol.

Shroud of Turin: It was created in the 13th century by the Templars because relics was a profitable business.

Science: Science is being developed on both sides. It’s a technological war between the Light and the dark and the Light did not win all the battles, that’s why it takes time.

Sin: An archon concept. A concept which has been invented by the archons to control and suppress the spiritual development of the surface population.

Situation: It was never known exactly how this situation would play out.

Sixth Race: Humans of the sixth race are the next stage of evolution which started a few centuries ago and is having a quantum leap now.

Soul Contracts: We have to have soul contracts with the dark forces to enter earth quarantine area.

Source: The Universal Source of Consciousness. Prime Creator is Source who has projected itself into primary anomaly to try to absolve it. Wants all parts to return to Oneness. Source does not create – it projects. Its projections create. Higher beings create matter through thought.  We are the Source in physical reality. We forgot because we are subjected to the primary anomaly. To connect with our higher self to our soul, focus on light – connect with beauty – use will to connect. It is about time the illusion of the all-powerful Source is shattered forever. The Source is not all powerful within the framework of limited space time continuum. The Source did not create darkness. Suffering is not a meaningful part of a soul growth aberration. Darkness is not needed to be aware of the Light. Source did not create darkness. Darkness was spontaneously the station of a random function which existed as a quantum potentiality and that quantum potentiality made manifest when free will beings decided to use it and exploit it and explore it. So evil was a result of free will interacting with that darkness. That has nothing to do with Source. The Source did not have absolute power over that potentiality and that free will and when the space time continuum as you can see in everyday life. The highest purpose of the Source is to transform this so it can never happen again.

Spiral of the Goddess: It is the natural form which heals the space time anomaly. It is the correction mechanism. This is the main reason it was suppressed because it is the key to heal the anomaly on the planetary and cosmic scale. The Goddess spiral is the Fibonacci spiral. Darkness cannot exist where the Goddess is.

Star People: have experienced higher dimensions the mass of humanity will experience it for the first time. Most star people have not experienced animal life.

Subliminal Effects: Disney animated movies have sexual subliminal effects in them. There was a secret dark facility underground at Disneyland. This has been eliminated by the Light Forces.

Sun: Our sun a portal to connect our galaxy with the Central Sun. Every galaxy has a central sun.

Symbols: The archons hijacked the good symbols, i.e. the All Seeing Eye of God, the ‘Nazi’ symbol.

Swastika symbol: Means spiritual evolution

Tall Whites: A negative race

Tarot: A divination system which actually creates a portal for various stages of consciousness. It can be a useful tool for awakening.

Telos: Telos and Agarthan network not Lemurians, but positive Atlanteans who went underground 25,000 years ago.

Templars: Templars are composed of Light and dark sides. Templar cross the symbol of the battle between the light and the dark. The symbol goes back further, though. Templars/White Hats originates from old European nobility that was almost wiped out by the Rothschilds. They have a strong power base in the U.S. Navy, the United Kingdom and continental Europe. They were involved in the creation of the new financial system. They cooperate with the positive military. Their main purpose is to bring down the Federal Reserve and to destroy the Rothschilds, their old enemy. They are not to be confused with the Zionist Templars associated with the Rothschilds.

The Four Horsemen: Are the four elements, fire, earth, water and air, they are the four cardinal points in the horoscope, they are different symbologies which anchor these energies in the apocalypse and the right combination of those four elements triggers the transmutation process and clearing of the suppressed darkness which is happening now.

The Great White Brotherhood: A name for all the Ascended Masters who have managed to ascend beyond the quarantine – the matrix system.

The Seven Seals: Are the seven layers of the veil (matrix) and the disaster which happens is the clearing of the dark forces, which is happening now.

Thought Forms: (A person asked Cobra “Can our thought forms and emotions become beings on their own?” He answered): Actually there are elemental beings that form, that are the building blocks of our emotional states. So if you are feeling anger for example, that anger is a certain vibrational frequency that is made of a certain elemental being that is a life form of its own.

Thule: An ancient name for Atlantis

Tower of Babel: The Tower of Babel was in Atlantis. People left Atlantis and went in twelve directions, following twelve high priestesses. They changed their languages at that time.

Tree of Life: The Tree of Life is a map of various dimensions in the universe.

Triangle: The symbol of the Trinity: Source/Mother/Father

Unity Consciousness: Individualistic tendencies don’t contradict the unity consciousness when you reach the higher state of awareness. They’re just two sides of the same coin. What has happened is actually the blockage of flow of energies which makes an artificial split between various aspects of the One. This is the main thing that distinguishes this planet form other planets in the universe.

Yaldabaoth: Is just a plasma entity and it is not the only manifestation of the primary anomaly. The primary anomaly is everywhere in every dimension and it manifests in different ways. It is a force which opposes the force of evolution. Yaldabaoth is a sentient being with a low state of consciousness. It is a sentient organic intelligence that uses technology as its body. Fuzzy logic software program is part of that body. There is a being behind that artificial intelligence program that makes decisions and is assisted to a great degree by that program. The lower planes exist because they are a dynamic interaction between the absolute (Source/God) and the random function, the contingency. (He also refers to Yaldabaoth as the ‘random function’ and the ‘contingency’.)  A plasma vortex – the source of all problems in our solar system. The planet earth is the central anchor point of Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth has plasma toplet bombs in its body. Yaldabaoth was created by an impulse from one of the angels that wanted to descend into matter and decided to project his consciousness into the plasma plane. There was a strong interaction between the plasma anomaly and that being, so you have this atrocity now that is still existing in the solar system. Eighteen million years ago there was the fall of angels in the Orion system – all of it. They disconnected themselves from Source. Yaldabaoth was from a certain section or sector of the Andromeda galaxy. He went through Orion and finally ended up in this solar system. Yaldabaoth is one of the fallen angels for the archons. In a way he is controlling them because he manipulates a large percentage of plasma in this solar system. Yaldabaoth is disintegrating or being transformed into pure light as the light forces are progressing. Yaldabaoth is trapped into the cosmic anomaly. Light forces are sending energies of healing and transformation in this plasma entity and this is why the oscillation and perturbations in the solar winds are happening. It’s actually a living being which reacts to our cosmic winds, cosmic forces. The heliopause is the area where the solar winds, the solar plasma fields and this entity meet the inter-stellar wind or so called Galactic Consciousness. The galactic wind, inter-stellar wind is part of the galactic plasma entity which is called Pleroma in some old gnostic sources. The Pleroma is the Light emanation of the galactic Central Sun and it creates… actually brings Light to the whole galaxy and this interstellar galactic field is an ocean of love. So when this, I would say, not healed solar system entity, the octopus (Yaldabaoth) meets the Ocean of Love, this is where the healing happens. The region where that happens is the heliopause. Whatever happens there cascades down through the whole solar system and will eventually trigger the event on planet earth. Yaldabaoth was created many millions of years ago by an impulse from one of the angels that wanted to descend into matter and decided to project his consciousness into the plasma plane.  That being was not always negative, only since the moment he decided to project his consciousness into plasma matter. Before that it was an angelic being who made the wrong choice. An archangel – archangels fell eight million years ago from the Orion system – they became insane. They created devices that subjected themselves to strong electro-magnetic fields that distorted the space time continuum around them which caused very strong trauma. The trauma was so strong they lost connection with their soul and this was a very fast process. A very fast mutation happened. They started attacking other beings right away. The anomaly was already on the physical plane, but there was no intentional evil up to that point. That archangel experienced many star systems.

As of the solar eclipse February 26, 2017, critical mass was reached with the global meditation. Yaldabaoth’s body was completely dissolved. This marked the beginning of the second phase of our ascension process. Our personal ascension process consists of the activation of our light body and becoming fully embodied with our I AM presence.  

666: A symbol of the Goddess.

144,000: The 144,000 chose to come here to help liberate Earth. After they came, they got implanted by the archons, causing them to forget who they are. Since then they have been trapped in the incarnation loop. It is very, very rare for anyone to leave quarantine earth. The 144,000 are from the Order of the Star. They are souls from Sirius. They came here 12,000 years ago. Archons do not have total control on the incarnation cycle, some 80%. There are no fresh star seeds coming from other systems. The 144,000 are the critical mass – they need to meditate on the event all at once to make it happen.

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  1. Hi. Im doing meditation on 9.9.18 to trigger the Event. I would be honored if you joined me on that special day:


    Now it can already be revealed that the Chimera are actually insectoid (arachnid) beings incarnated into humanoid bodies, and are even more full of anomaly than dracoids (Draco and Reptilian beings incarnated into humanoid bodies):

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to list these terms so clearly and fully.
    It helps me to wait. Marjorie Tomkins

  4. Lucia ..Trump being a jesuit is not that big of a threat ..if only 10% are evil..besides its not new news..It will all depend on which wolf inside him he decides to feed ..also too many people have the list of evil players.. everyone awake is watching everything..and are waking everyone else up information is power for 666 it can be used in more ways than ..dont go by the mass programming definition ..evil took good symbols and gave them a bad rep….its all how” you ” put “your energy “into what..ever ..
    look up Angelic meaning of changes the whole meaning ..dont fear anything ..including numbers ..fear is what they need to survive..dont feed the monsters ..feed the bears instead..theyre misunderstood and hungry

  5. For further discernment and support / review of historical origins of Illuminati, new age, and sects or groups mentioned above, see the following…
    Victory of the Light.

    • Hi Jeffrey, Wondering if you know the title of the video? It’s been deleted [what a surprise] but maybe it’s been reposted on another channel?

  6. There are inconsistencies within this information. Let the reader use their discernment with love.
    It is not necessary to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but all information contained herein should be double checked.
    Said in love, with no intention of division amongst us.

  7. Dearest Shweta you have performed one of the highest services possible to humanity and I bow to the highest in you. My mind is now filled with solid truthful inspiring information, the likes of which I haven’t seen since I was a military intelligence officer during the American War in Vietnam. 1000 blessings upon you dear woman. Qi and I send our deep love for your being and for your entire family. Do you know how we can make contact with PFC people in Taipei, Taiwan next month?

  8. Sashwat pranam , salaam , namastey, salute my dear Cobra, yes, the dalai lama was always a suspect , surrounded with Hollywood pedophiles and UN high officials, most hard core and corrupt people,and now a dark entity as came out he is , hiding hiding in India , but the news is the Himalaya is melting down and we will see , recently he was spotted with akhilesh yadav ex- chef minister of Uttar Pradesh in India , the most ,most corrupt lineage of political entities in India and the dalai lama , he was like silent and the media didn’t ask him any question and that was indeed very very very strange. The definitions dear Cobra are so defined and definite , like turning on the light on each pages of the book in our hearts . Thank you , thank you so much dear. So be it So it is . I AM.

    Love always love
    Victory to the light.

  9. 大変重要な 全ての地球に生存している人類への 歴史的なインフォうメーションです。
    60年も前に ジョージ アダムスキ氏が 土星と金星の宇宙船内で聞いている情報と
    地球への提言にも合致し 又 それ以上の秘密に値する情報とも交差する 地球への
    提供されてた情報です。日々 コブラによる情報と彼の労をいとわない地球人類への
    応援と救済には 個人的 宇宙的にお礼の言葉すらないほど 個人として嬉しくおもい
    ます。 ひとりの愛するお仲間との物質的な離散には 心から哀悼の念があります。
    私にも 28年前に同じ体験があります。あれ以来 一人で生き 変わるべき相手も
    現人生では見つけられません。意識と魂で繋がった存在でした。まずは次の生を待つ次第です。  再び 意識からの賛同を 捧げます。  

  10. Donald Trump a Jesuit, 666 a number of the Goddess (with zero explanation), Rosicrucians are good people, Christians are bad or stupid ignorant, Stalin was NOT a Jew financed by NYC banker Schiff but a Jesuit and Donald Trump is basically Stalin….

    I am sorry but at SOME POINT the desinfo campaign needs to be toned down.

    If this message rests unpuvlished as a comment below, and the “gatekeepers” refuse to let members freely express themselves, then you are NO BETTER than Facebook-Youtube and all the fascist media.

    I always consider new ideas or new information but Donald Trump being a Jesuit and earlier a Rotschild agent as per Benjamin Fullford is slowly turning into a MIND MELT for people.

    This information is partially wrong and reader should be advised to sincerely reach within their inner self.

    I am sorry but while I do enjoy reading your posts this agent named COBRA is to me an agent of the CABAL (confused lightfg/meditfg, or a Brittish intel desinfo agent).

    Victory of the light YES.
    Propagate confused or wrong ideas NO.

    Let members express themselves.

  11. This is a very interesting summary of Life on Earth. It is thought provoking, essential reading for all of us especially at this time. Thank you for sharing, it will help many to awaken.


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