Children who attend American public schools are no longer being taught traditional family values, including how to maintain healthy male-female relationships as well as have children and build strong families. Instead, they’re being taught that there’s no such thing as biological sex, and that “transgenderism” is completely normal.

This is a heinous form of child abuse and sexual assault against minors, which the Fishers of Men group discussed during a recent episode of RTR Truth Media News Talk Analysis that aired at

The hosts referenced an article published by Natural News that cited a WorldNetDailyreport on proposed curriculum changes at Fairfax County Schools in Northern Virginia.

In case you missed it, the Fairfax County School Board is pushing to eliminate the concept of male and female entirely from the school system’s grade school textbooks. Its members instead want to brainwash children into believing that all humans are androgynous and sexless, and that transgenderism is the path forward for humanity.

The Board also says that public schools need to be given full responsibility to indoctrinate children into the religion of because the “clergy” – that is, religious leaders – can’t be trusted to give them “accurate” information about how there’s no such thing as male or female.

The religion of LGBT cannot coexist with Christianity

The message being sent by the Fairfax County School Board is not only one of intentionally polluting the innocent minds of young kids, but also advocating for the elimination of all opposing religions – because LGBTism is, in fact, a religion in and of itself.

“The non-advocation of a religion, this becomes a religion because it becomes an anti-religion,” explains RTR Truth Media.

“Therefore, there is no argument now that they have. And we’ve been trying to say this for a long time that this is a new secular religion. When you become an anti-religion and adopt all kinds of interesting fundamentals, then you become a religion unto yourself.”

Jesus warned against people who would harm innocent children like this, saying they’re better off being thrown into the sea with millstones around their necks

We warned about all of this back in 2016, explaining how the cult of LGBT wasn’t going to stop with just “gay marriage.” The ultimate goal has always been to capture the minds of children during their most formative years in order to pervert their understanding of biological reality.

And it’s all happening with American taxpayer dollars, which are being used to turn America’s public schools into what Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, describes as “transgender child factories, churning out confused, suicidal children who are physically and chemically mutilated by a society that applauds them for denying their biological reality.”

In the gospels, Jesus warned that it’s better for someone to have a millstone hung around his or her neck and be thrown into the sea than face the eternal consequences of harming or otherwise causing children to stumble. This is exactly what the cult of LGBT is doing to children – and with unabashed “pride,” no less.

Rosaria Butterfield, a former lesbian, spoke about this in reference to so-called “Christian” author Jen Hatmaker, who several years back decided to offer her full support for LGBT acceptance.

“Today, I hear Jen’s words – words meant to encourage, not discourage, to build up, not tear down, to defend the marginalized, not broker unearned power – and a thin trickle of sweat creeps down my back,” Butterfield wrote in a response to Hatmaker’s departure from the faith, which was published by The Gospel Coalition.

“If I were still in the thick of the battle over the indwelling sin of lesbian desire, Jen’s words would have put a millstone around my neck.”

Read for more coverage of public schools.


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  1. I’m very disappointed in you for you would share such a hate-based message. It’s absolutely counteractive to the message of light and love. First off, if anything you have ever written is correct, then transgendered people are simply men experiencing the light of divine femininity and women experiencing the light of divine masculinity. We live in a disbalanced age and it’s not unusual for people to grow confused when the light of the divine is present.

    Second, transgenderism has nothing to do with sex and is therefore not sexual assault. It is about gender identity. Someone can be trans and straight, trans and gay, trans and bi, trans and pan, trans and ace…

    Third, we need to be above the forces of darkness that pervade our world in matters of acceptance and love. Which means any hurting human, even if their hurt feels “morally wrong” to our mental constructs, is someone for us to love and feel compassion.

    Fourth, LGBT is not incompatible with Christianity. This is another one of those “false divides” like “right and left” created to ensure infighting. Love is love. I am a queer Christian and break down anything the Bible has to say about LGBT. The only sin was in how I was surrounded by this darkness and despair for most of my teenager years believing I was possessed and “wrong, sinful, broken”, the assault of being told I was going to hell, I was a demon, I was Satan for experiencing the feeling of love. I know many LGBT Christians now and I know I am not alone. We are all children of God, of Light, the Source, whatever you want to call it, being gay does not separate you from it.

    We are humans, unity, one. I feel compassion for you in this period of working through this cluster of darkness that still remains in your mind. We are all flawed and hurting people and all are able to make mistakes. I believe this article is one such mistake and I hope that by sharing our thoughts we can help you to see that we are all one, trans and LGBT and Christian and Muslim and Right and Left and Wrong and any other label are all designed by Deep State to keep us at war amongst ourselves.

    Promote love and peace. We are above this and must illuminate these places where hate remains. Here is one. Now let’s fill it with candles and chase the darkness out.

  2. I agree with other comments. Can you please explain why such a negative article is on this site? Is it meant to be a joke? I have a transgender son, who most definitely was NOT indoctrinated. His school is very normal in the sense that they don’t have a ‘gender agenda’ other than allowing boys to be boys, and girls to be girls, unless they want to change. They support that also.

    I’m really disappointed if PFC is legitimately supporting this article and this is not a joke.

  3. I am so confused to see this article on

    I can’t tell if is supporting the ideas in this article or providing this article as exhibit of the work that needs to be done in the US and on Earth. please explain!

    I was lead to this site and discovered so much truth and validation as it relates to recent personal transcendent experiences. I came across the article, The Beauty of Unity Consciousness, which I LOVE and it resonated wholly.

    And I KNOW for sure that, Indoctrinating children with leftist transgender dogma…,” does not convey TRUTH. This, I KNOW for sure.

    So, again, what purpose does this article serve?

    Thank you in advance for your response and clarification!

  4. There are many forms of eugenics, not just 5g, pHARMa drugs, poisons in the food, air, and water.
    Add dis-information about sexuality to hijack everyone’s reproductive rights.

  5. Why is Prepare for Change putting this kind of perverse anti LGBT article (the second that I have read) on their website??? It is obviously written by someone with very religious anti LGBT views if they say that every LGBT person is a following a “religion” of this sort. This article misconstrues the Fairfax school system’s attempts to change to more gender neutral pronouns in textbooks rather than male pronouns that tend to be in all textbooks. It has nothing to do with LGBT. I again reiterate that Prepare for Change does not need to put such articles on its website that are both inflammatory and so grossly inaccurate especially for alternative news readers.

  6. My goodness, with a heading like “The religion of LGBT cannot coexist with Christianity” its almost like the writer is a pedo, supporting the likes of the Luciferian pope.

    I need clarification as to where the quote “Jesus warned against people who would harm innocent children like this, saying they’re better off being thrown into the sea with millstones around their necks” comes from, as it certainly is NOT anything I have read in my reading of the (some evil) bible. As a matter of fact, I have read in the bible that its OK to bash kids against rocks, kill children if they swear at parents, and even SACRIFICE children to “god”.

    As a teen ager, I thought that claiming that my girlfriend and I had no right to engage in sex was abusive. I still think so. Its abusive for the likes of the writer to claim the imposition of dogma of one cult over another is sexual abuse…
    LGBT is OK. Imposing ones beliefs on others is assault. And the more physical that imposition becomes, the more assault it becomes. This article assumes its OK to impose the writers preferred cult on others. Whatever.

    Does the writer of this post realize that government is a religion, same as any other cult, including “Christianity”?

  7. Here is a question. What about people who are biologically one gender but naturally look the other? So suppose I was biologically female and identified as female. If I tried to date guys I’d be attacked by anti LGBT cretins like you people. There is no unity if there is no mutual understanding. Pick up a science book and realize transsexual people exist. We are incredibly rare though. 1 in 5,000 to 1 in 10,000 chance. I am not working with people who don’t want the best for me. Good day.

  8. Each state has different curricula so I don’t know how you’re making these sweeping statements unless YOU are promoting reactionary, right-wing reactions to this information, which is equally, if not more, manipulative, but in a totally different direction.

    This is so poorly researched I don’t even know what to say


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