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Have you ever been thinking that you would really like to try something new, like a yoga class, and then met a new friend whose partner happens to own a yoga studio and offers you a free taster lesson?

Have you ever had a family member in the back of your mind, and then met a stranger with the same name and a hard to pin down resemblance to that family member, which prompts you to give your loved one a call and discover that they have something important to tell you?

Have you ever been struggling with some kind of inner turmoil about a big decision, and you are sitting in a public place and overhear someone say something that cuts straight to the heart of your problem and provides your with the revelation you have been seeking?

Have you ever seen the same numbers crop up repeatedly in close succession? You wake up just before you alarm at 5:55am. Your morning coffee costs $5.55, and you later receive a new phone number that ends in 555. While this could just be coincidence, you feel like it is significant in some way. Read more on angel number 555 at Numerology Sign.

Synchronicities such as these, the occurrence of meaningful coincidences, can feel a bit like magic when they happen, and in a way, they are.

Angels and Spirit Guides

Many belief systems suggest that alongside this physical plane that we inhabit as humans, there is a spiritual plane occupying the same space, but separated from us by a veil, and sometimes things pass through. Some people can see through this veil or see things that have passed through the veil, such as psychics and mediums, but most of us have developed filters that block our awareness of these things.

Many belief systems also suggest that a variety of different entities, which go by many different names, inhabit the spiritual plane. Some of these entities are concerned with the physical plane and helping those of us who dwell here, and these entities are often collectively referred to as Angels or Spirit Guides.

While these Angels want to send us messages and information from the spiritual plane that will help up with our lives and challenges, it is very difficult for them to communicate with us directly because of the filters we have developed. Something they can do is nudge us to notice things in the physical plane that will point us in a certain direction.

These synchronicities that we experience aren’t simple coincidence, but a nudge from Angels to provide us with information that will help us on our life path.

Angel Numbers

While most of the example synchronicities described provide a clear message that most of us can understand immediately, the case of seeing recurring numbers is more complex, but also one of the most commonly reported synchronous experiences.

Numbers are extremely important in both the physical and the spiritual plane. The universe is constructed according to a geometric plan, which is why the same geometric forms repeatedly appear in the seeming chaos of nature, and mathematics holds as a universal truth. This makes numbers the building blocks of the universe, and much like DNA, the building blocks of human beings, each number carries information about the universe. Reflecting the make-up of the spiritual plane, each number vibrates with a spiritual meaning.

Numbers are an ideal tool for Angels to cut through our interference and communicate with us. Numbers occur everywhere in life, so there are many opportunities to draw our attention to specific numbers, and specific numbers have specific meanings, so with different numbers Angels can send us different, specific messages.

If you are seeing Angel numbers, you will usually notice the same number sequence at least three times during a short period of time. It will also likely be a sequence of numbers, often three numbers but sometimes more or less. The same digit recurring multiple times, such as the number 222, is very common, but mixed number sequences, such as 848, also occur.

There are many guides available to help you understand the meanings of the different numbers that you see, developed over hundreds of years by those with greater access to the spiritual plane and therefore the ability to ask about the meanings of the different numbers. A brief guide to the meaning of the different single digit numbers is given below. The meaning of a number sequence is a combination of these meanings. If the number sequence is the same number repeated, it intensifies the message. In a mixed number sequence the central number is the most important, augmented by the surrounding numbers.

0 – symbolises infinity and eternity and often appears in order to draw your attention to the spiritual plane and its messages.

1 – is the number of creativity and originality and is often a sign of a new beginning. It is often a reminder that what we think we create, and therefore to keep ourselves positive and not dwell on the negative.

2 – represents cooperation and sensitivity and can be a sign that you need to work on your connection with others.

3 – reflects spirituality, creativity and self-expression. Its appearance will often reveal opportunities and remind you that you have what you need to achieve what you want.

4 – is associated with stability, work and career and is often a warning about a career related situation.

5 – signals adventure, excitement and higher consciousness and usually means that something positive is on the way and to embrace it.

6 – reflects everything connected with home, including family, and is often a call to focus your attention there.

7 – is a sign that you are in alignment with your spiritual purpose and that further opportunities to align with your divine purpose will present themselves.

8 – reflects abundance and material prosperity and often carries guidance about achieving something in the physical plane.

9 – communicates accomplishment, and often signifies that some part of your life is drawing to a close and to focus on the next stage.

Finding Synchronicity

If you feel that you would like more guidance in your life and wish to receive more and clearer messages from the spiritual plane to help guide your steps, there are a few things your can do.

The first is to practice presence. It is likely that Angels and Spirit Guides are already trying to send you messages, but we are not all sufficiently present to notice them. If you always have your head down in your phone, or you are always occupied with worries about work or other stresses, the chances are you will not be paying enough attention to the world around you to see all the signs that the Angels are sending, or recognise them for what they are.

Make yourself more open to receiving messages by reducing distractions, such as always keeping your head in your phone and always having your earphones in. Also work on quieting your mind through meditation. There are many guides available to help you start meditation if you are new to the practice. The key is to try and clear your mind of all active thought for an extended period of time. I say try, because this is very challenging, and most people cannot clear their mind of all thoughts. The practice is to recognise stray thoughts for what they are and put them to one side, and not let them effect you. Quieting your mind through meditation for a few minutes each day will also quiet your mind throughout the day.

The other thing you can do is invite the Angels into your life. This invitation is both for them and for you, signalling to both parties that you are ready for their messages and willing to listen. You can do this as part of your meditation practice. At the end of your practice when your mind is clear and fresh simply send a message into the universe inviting Angels to come into your life and help you. After you have done this a few times and feel happy with your invitation, you can start sending specific questions in the same way, and you will probably see answers appearing in your life before long.

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  1. Thk you for this as I have not taken notice since my farther passed and loss belief but now I give them sign I’m ready again x

  2. As I read this I sent an intention that I was willing to receive help. In less than five minutes a spiritual lady who had been setting up an office downstairs heard, “Go upstairs and deliver a message.” We prayed for my hearing to get clarity and both rejoiced when I told her of my prayer for help.


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