When Morgellons disease was first recognized most doctors believed it to be a delusional disorder, that it didn’t exist, that is was most likely a combination of delusional parasitosis and obsessive picking of the skin. Doctors told their patients that Morgellons was all in their head, except for the skin lesions caused by self-abuse. Fortunately, scientists did some research. Recent studies have shown that the filaments accompanying Morgellons are composed of keratin and collagen and that is caused by the proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in epithelial tissue. Some researchers believe that the cause of this disease is an infection from a tick bite.

The study proved that filaments are not cellulose as found in cotton, linen, or other plant-based textile fibers, or chitin which would indicate fungal cells or insect exoskeletons.

They are biofilaments of human cellular origin produced by epithelial cells and stem from deeper layers of the epidermis, the upper layers of the dermis, and the root sheath of hair follicles.” – NCBI

Though studies are showing that the disease is real, conventional medicine is, of course, slow to acknowledge the disease. Googling “what causes Morgellons disease” gets you this non-answer:

Morgellons disease is a delusional disorder that leads to the belief that one has parasites or foreign material moving in, or coming out of, the skin. Morgellons disease is a little-known disorder that is often associated with nonspecific skin, nerve, and psychiatric symptoms. Some refer to it as a fiber disease.” –

But, the next article is titled, Studies show that infections–not delusion–cause Morgellons disease.

Morgellons involves many symptoms common to auto-immune sufferers including:

  • chronic, severe fatigue
  • joint pain
  • neurological problems
  • memory and cognitive disruptions (including brain fog)
  • mood changes
  • crawling sensations on and under the skin
  • the sensation of itching or biting
  • skin eruptions or lesions with little black specks on or under the skin
  • filaments or threads under the skin and erupting from the skin

Morgellons and Lyme disease have a lot in common. Both were thought to be mostly psychosomatic. Both are thought to be transmitted from a tick bite. Both are autoimmune diseases that cause the first four symptoms listed above. Both may be caused by Borrelia spirochetes (corkscrew-shaped bacteria associated with tick-borne diseases). And both can be healed through the same means.

Like many of our readers, I first heard about Morgellons Disease back in 2015 when singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell was hospitalized for the disease. In 2010, she told the Los Angeles Times, “Fibers in a variety of colors protrude out of my skin like mushrooms after a rainstorm: they cannot be forensically identified as animal, vegetable or mineral.”

We published an article about the disease in 2015 and then I received more than a dozen calls and emails asking for help within a couple of months. Within the last few years, I’ve helped teach more than twenty people how to regain their health and rid their body of all Morgellons symptoms. The good news is that every single person was able to eliminate the disease.

I suspected a Morgellons was a fungus. It looks like I was wrong about that. But, whether it’s Lyme, Morgellons, diabetes, cancer, or depression, the only treatment that works is holistic with primary emphasis on gut health. The reason for this is that an unhealthy gut overwhelms the immune system, whereas a healthy immune system (one that is not overwhelmed) can rid the body of almost any disease.

Below is a list of recommended supplements, but the right diet is absolutely imperative. Don’t skimp on the diet!

Morgellons Diet and Supplement Protocol

Here are three articles I put together on diet. This is indicative of how my family eats every single day.

We start off with cranberry lemonade and a huge salad every morning. For lunch, we sometimes do a smoothie or we snack on some nuts and/or fruit or we just finish our massive 11-cup salads. For dinner, we always cook from scratch, which takes preparation and time, but it gets easier. Rice and beans, quinoa, lentils, millet, oatmeal, and amaranth are common staples for our cooked meals. We add lots of raw vegetables and herbs to our dinners as well, for instance, the rice and beans go great with chopped tomatoes and avocado, diced onions and garlic, and shredded turmeric and ginger. Eat raw herbs and cooked herbs together for maximum health benefits.

This is truly a lifestyle, not a diet, and it’s one we live every day. You may not need to go to this extreme to rid your body of disease, but I find that most who are dealing with chronic illness need to take it this far, at least for a few months.

The salads are the most important part of this protocol! In fact, they are the most important part of all of my protocols. More than supplements, more than anything save getting enough water, the right kind of salads are imperative. Eat lots of salads with tons of different vegetables and herbs. Make sure they have at least 15 different vegetables and herbs. If you could see what packing your gut with salad does to your ecosystem under a microscope, you’d understand why I’m so passionate about salads. There is nothing more beneficially life-changing than developing a salad habit when the salads are big and diverse and homemade. They do more than any supplement or any other food to clean the intestinal walls of filth and develop a beneficial gut ecosystem. And that is the key to good health. A beneficial gut microbiome is a fortress against undigested proteins and unwanted pathogens. When the gut is not well these intestinal walls allow undigested proteins and pathogens to seep into the bloodstream wrecking havoc on the immune system. Salads feed the right gut microbes and the right microbes build a healthy microbiome.

The cranberry lemonade helps keep the kidneys and liver working optimally. These organs typically get sluggish quickly when lots of pathogens are killed. If salads are #1, this cranberry lemonade is #2, and supplements are a distant #3.

For those with very serious gut issues, legumes and grains will be a no-no for the first few weeks, but when enough salad has been consumed, the gut should be able to reap many benefits from cooked foods like the dinner meals aforementioned.

Sweet fruit should be severely limited, and for the very ill, avoided until the gut is working better. Grapefruit, cranberry, avocado, lime, and lemon do not fall under this category.

Drinking fruit juice, even fresh homemade fruit juice, is not much better for you than refined sugar, so don’t make the common mistake of thinking a fresh-juice fast is going to get you well. It has its benefits, but it doesn’t usually rid the body of chronic disease.

Now that diet is covered, here’s the supplement part:

Supplement Stack #1 – On an empty stomach, twice a day, early morning and late night

  • Abzorb (this is a probiotic and a systemic enzyme)
  • 2 cups of cranberry lemonade
  • Optional: Add a serving of the MycoPhyto Complex
  • Optional: Additional systemic enzymes (systemic enzymes break down proteins that should not be in the body)

Supplement Stack #2 – With meals, three times a day:

Also, take absorb with any food that is difficult to digest.

If you can’t afford many supplements, or are overwhelmed by this information and don’t know where to begin, contact me. I don’t ever charge to talk to people.


6am – Supplement Stack #1

Take two Abzorb with a big glass of cranberry lemonade. This is the right time to take systemic enzymes if you chose to take them.

9am – Supplement Stack #2

Salad time! The MycoPhyto Complex company recommends to take on an empty stomach, but I like to take it with salads and smoothies too.

12pm – Supplement Stack #2

Homemade Smoothie Time! If you’re extremely ill you may need to wait on the smoothies and just double up on the salads for the first week, but I’ve found that many people who were suffering from a plethora of ailments and having trouble recovering responded very well to pineapple smoothies. Pineapple smoothies (made with fresh pineapple), like the ones I have recipes for in the above link, pack a massive amount of enzymes and can help break down a lot of junk in the gut, while delivering large amounts of nutrition. But, fruit smoothies have plenty of sugar, so it’s a good time to repeat the supplements from 9am.

Use pineapple, coconut water, water, cranberry juice, or if you can withstand some sugar try granny smith apple juice, but don’t use sweet fruit juices for smoothies. Always use fresh pineapple when using pineapple. Always add as many vegetables and herbs as you can. I also suggest adding Total Nutrition Formula or something similar (here’s a recipe). If you want to make a smoothie without pineapple, I recommend coconut water as the liquid. Check out our smoothie article for more ideas.

3pm – Week 1 – Supplement Stack #2

3pm – Week 2 – Supplement Stack #1

6pm – Supplement Stack #2

Dinner time! Everything from scratch, nothing pre-made in any way, all whole food ingredients. See this article for more info and don’t hesitate to contact me.

9pm – Supplement Stack #1

Finish off the night with probiotic support and leave them alone for the night to do their thing.

Three More Supplements to Consider – Die-0ff, Heavy Metal Detox, & Bowel Movements

If a Herxheimer reaction is a concern (die-off) be sure to drink plenty of cranberry lemonade and I also recommend adding Total Nutrition Formula and the Intestinal Detox. Here’s a recipe to make your own Total Nutrition. This way you’ll get bentonite clay, charcoal, chlorella, spirulina, and more, which are all great for mitigating the die-off effects of a Candida detox, and they also chelate heavy metals.

You can take the Total Nutrition Formula with the smoothie or sprinkle it on the salad (or choke it down with water), and take the Intestinal Detox anytime throughout the day as directed.

If you’re not defecating easily and at least twice daily, I also highly recommend the Intestinal Cleanse. It kills parasites and moves the bowels better than anything else on the market that I know of, by far. I recommend taking it with the antimicrobials.


Morgellons is scary. It often causes otherwise social people to become unemployed shut-ins. Unless the doctor is abreast of the latest science, they will likely treat someone with Morgellons as if they’re mad. It’s a really hard thing to live with. Medical science does not yet really understand it, but understanding a disease doesn’t typically help big pharma to cure a disease. The good news is that every single person that I’ve worked with was able to completely eliminate all of the symptoms. It takes a few months, and a lot of discipline, but it’s very doable. The first step is to heal the gut.


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  1. GMO food – corn, peanuts, soybeans and some non-organic vegetables.

    The cause of Morgellons Disease is currently a medical mystery But to those who understand how Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are created, it not a mystery.

    “Agrobacterium has the unusual characteristic of being able to transfer foreign DNA or genetic material into the DNA of its host and can also transfer foreign DNA into the human genetic sequence insider human cells.”

    “One hundred percent of the people infected with the new, terrifying contagious Morgellons Disease tested positive for the presence of Agrobacterium in their skin, while none of the people without Morgellons Disease tested positive for Agrobacterium”

    “Any genetically modified (GM) food could contain Agrobacterium because Agrobacterium is used in the making of all GM organisms. . . . . .Entire families in America contracted Morgellons Disease at the same time. It may be that they contracted it from the dinner they are together. (Peter Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, NEXUS Magazine (

    Food-grade, organic, fresh water diatomaceous earth dehydrates parasites worms, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc. and removes them from the body. A heaping teaspoon of DE in a glass of water once or twice a day

  2. Hi Michael please get in contact I need help.. I to have worked out its in the meth I actually worked it out 6 years ago.. I knew I had been infected with something but I actually put it all down to being off my face on meth and told myself it was a drug induced delusion because im sure I worked out that a particular dealer was actually infecting us and knew she was . It wasn’t until I got clean and my symptoms became worse. I to started with the popping in the ears.. (I was using then) but when I became clean about 2 years in I was vacuuming and my neck and face was stinging and itching an unbearable itch. Later on that week I found fibres in my feet nose and well wherever I looked on my body in my skin. I was so scared! I thought I had lost my mind. It led me to search the internet for the symptoms and I found some life saving Facebook sites that helped me not feel so alone and scared. Everything you have said I to know. I need to talk to you please email me [email protected]

  3. Im holding on by a thread…but borox bleach and tea tree oil are my constant companions.having trouble staying away from the cocaine becuz i find it forces the little fuckers outta my skin…but is it also introducing more particles to join the hostile take over of my life?idk but i do kno i cannot and will not live like this. I miss the good old days…like b4 cell phones…the world seemed like a much simpler place. now every where i look i see parasites and life is without joy…I’m afraid to say they won. The end.

    • I seemed to have knocked them out of my system, after months of torture. While I can’t say which of the first few protocols may have been may have been the reason or whether all of these together are what’s needed, the last item I share seems to have been a game changer.

      On a rotating basis (never all in one day and I hadn’t logged the regularity of any one item to be comfortable enough to provide some sort of schedule) I would use:
      • MMS
      • Dr. Mercola’s formula for nebulizing food grade hydrogen peroxide
      • rub a combination of olive oil, a few drops of tea tree oil and coconut oil on areas
      • rub in sliced ginger root
      • rub on Witch Hazel
      • Baking Soda and hydrogen peroxide mix (add enough 3% hydrogen till becomes like paste, apply, keep in for an hour, after which you can bathe or shower it off)
      • north facing magnets while I lay on them

      So far, the most powerful weapon has seemed to be magnets.

    • Zorlova, hi. My name's Susan. I just read your comment from a couple years ago, (today it's Jan 2023). I feel for what you said totally. The reason is: From Nov 2022, I was unexpectedly successfully biohacked / cyborgized, via the living electronics (synbio nanoelectronics genetically engineered chimeric nanobots). (Silicon coated hybrid hydrogel organoid nanomesh exotic technology) It's their ultimate culmination from their R+D of what started the Morgellons phenomenon. Now they're up to 3.0 version which actually changes the DNA, possibly permanently, we dont know yet. The experiment is going on right now in the Covid Operation era. It ends up building a nanostructures "intranetwork" via your vascular and epithelial system. And takes over your skin programming. It's like "Ghost in the Machine" in your skin system. It's essentially a cyborgization process because of the transhumanism operation. Anyhoo, so I'm trying to cope with the disturbingness of having morphing cyborg-technology-computerized skin now. As well as being filled to the gills with "soft" hardware components and scaffolding– sensors, microcircuit chips, diodes, worm-like "swimmers" as they call them, and a myriad of other components and nano-origami. Anyhoo…. I related to your comment totally, so I just had to give you a shoutout, and say that you are soooo not alone, and I understand exactly what you're going thru, having your life turned upside down in a dark surreal isolating way that can easily make a person lose their sanity. Tight hug.

  4. It is able to use and mimic different illnesses from lymes to parkinsons, but it is simultaneously opportunistic with infections. You’re right that alkalinity raised higher will help because it disarms it from mutating fungus and using it as a bioshield to hide its growth while attacking the body with it. I would add or suggest adding baking soda to your diet somewhere along with the apple cider vinegar, because that too helps fight against fungal infections, gets rid of fungus and candida to where it can’t use it to attack and makes the immune system stronger.

  5. I’m going to try. But since this started I cant sleep without a glass of wine or two and there are nights that I cant at all.
    I dont know what to do anymore. I do know i dont want to de as l with this any longer and I’ve put up a good fight..mmn

  6. Micheal I also believe it is Nanotechnology and an Evil Plan. I have studied this and used many protocols. I listen to sound frequencies Dr. Virtual and Ki Kazz on youtube. I also take herbs, apple cider vinegar and for a long time I tried the 6 essential oil protocol and healed my skin. You take cinnamon, oregano, thyme, clove, lemon, rosemary and take 3 to 6 drops in water. I also put oregano and coconut oil on my skin and it cleared it up after a while. You have to keep putting it on there for a while but it will get rid of it. My skin looks healthy but I have tons of junk inside of me still. plastic, goo, seems like AI and nanotechnology constant movement. Reminds me of DrVirtual video mind hacker spybot remover. I still have this and it’s a constant battle.

  7. I unlike others really enjoyed reading ur articale. its a relief to finally feel like I’m not crazy. Thankz so much for sticking ur neck out there an sharing ur life an what worked for u an others. I will also try this .again thanks so much. Signed, lueanna , the Crazy in Oildale, Ca.

  8. Spraying 3X a day with apple cider vinegar diluted very lightly with water (preferably NOT tap water) is slowly seeing the Morgellons in a decline. It stings terribly but, if it eliminates, even alleviates the skin lesions and accompanying problems, it is worth the sensory distress. Because Apple Cider Vinegar is so effective, this leads me to remain somewhat convinced Morgellons is some sort of a yeast or fungi.

    • Am I going to die? I’ve been so spraying my house with homemade thc and sage and real lemon water. Since Morgellon is airborne, I spray it over my food before I eat or else as soon as there is oxygen, forget it . Here comes another creepy alien substance or degree. What about salmon? Chicken?
      Kim smith
      Kim smith

      • THC? Are you nuts?! Are you trying to feed it?! You might as well be spraying yeast and sugar too if you’re spraying THC around because the morgellons nanotechnology feeds upon all of it! For the love of god stop spraying weed around your house! You’re going to poison yourself further! Use lemon oil or vinegar instead!

  9. Hi, my name is MICHAEL -THIS IS- “MY CURE”
    I believe morgellons is your body reaching total saturation of nanotechnology, once your body can’t hold anymore it begins shooting out sprouts,tendrils, filaments. Whatever it is, i honestly believe its nano/fungi related.
    I know how to REMOVE THE NANOTECHNOLOGY that THEY* CHOSE to infect me and MANY others with…
    I QUIT using THE METHAMPHETAMINE THAT THEY* make/sell……. 6 YEARS AGO….I HAVE NEVER MADE OR SOLD ANY METH AT ALL… NOR HAVE I EVER WANTED OR TRIED TO, I developed an addiction when THEY*/”FRIENDS” continually came around offering it…. 6 years ago, I stopped using it, and had a PERSISTENT EAR RINGING that WOULD NOT go away(unless i grounded myself good)… 5 years ago, POPPING in the ear started, like going up and down mountains. …4 years ago CONSTANT clearing throat, ..3 years ago glands(under arms and groin) always hurting…. 2 years ago, Thrush on tongue …Beginning 1 year ago, LAST YEAR, ..ALL YEAR, I had BLOOD IN STOOL, CONSTANT RINGING IN EAR, CONSTANTLY clearing throat, Thrush on tongue, All while glands hurting… (AND STILL BEING 6YEARS CLEAN)…. Each year progressively worse than the previous year. IS IT CANCER? IS IT SPREADING? I knew it wasn’t cancer. I knew it was NANOTECHNOLOGY that THEY* attack users (that THEY* repeatedly sell or allow to be sold to) with. I have seen the NANO/FUNGUS retreat in the past (when IT needed to). IT travels through most anything, disrupts electronics, and seems to like moisture and warmth. I KNOW THEY direct the attacks toward you, It will enter slowly through the skin and on the edges of fingernails …causing the side of nails/skin to curl-up and feel sore. While SLOWLY KILLING YOU, have you commit suicide, or something worse.
    ————This is NOT medical advice, I have no allergies, So i did this.———-
    —————–Antioxidants kill NANO/FUNGUS, or at least makes IT run.——————
    I took cinnamon, olive leaf extract, and turmeric capsules. Waited several hours, then put cocoa powder ALL over and under my tongue. I shook up partially filled dark cocoa powder container, barely opened lid and inhaled floating dust threw nose and mouth 2 or 3 times. I ran hot water on scalp, squirted or poured at least 1/2 cup of chocolate syrup(great anti-oxidant) onto top of scalp. I quickly then (stepped into a bathtub of 3 to 6inches of HOT water) or to have a closer look and contrast, I put HOT water into white ceramic bowl. I Put my fingertips, or, foot/feet into the hot water (tub or bowl) and WATCHED the NANOTECHNOLOGY physically flee from me. IT IS NOW TRAPPED IN THE WATER, If i put just fingertips into the hot water, I will have splits/cracks 1/2inch from the thumb side of my index-finger nails(where it leaves). I DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING NOW IN THE WATER. Afterward I sprayed oxy on my hands before touching the bowl to collect evidence, or throw out. If sober(not spun), small red spheres, of (NANO) appear and begin to grow, formed from the,substance/NANO streaming out of my finger tips and skin. If not sober (spun&under attack) SOMETHING ELSE COMPLETELY forms from the substance/NANO, that streams out of my fingertips or feet and into the HOT water.– I DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING NOW IN THE WATER, Or it WILL rapidly re-enter my body . *INSTANTLY*— I had NO MORE ringing, popping ears. NO-MORE CONSTANTLY clearing throat. NO-MORE thrush on tongue. NO-MORE blood in stool. NO-MORE glands that are swollen from the constant fighting. IT (Whatever IT IS) left my body the same way THEY* made IT enter….Cutaneously (through skin and edge of nails).
    * THEY- meth dealers/task force/police/military/U.S. Gov’t… know— AMERICAN HEROES/SCUM
    – There ARE GOOD men and women (with no knowledge of this program) in the police/military/U.S. Gov’t- THIS DOES NOT PERTAIN TO THEM.

    • Hello, this is a reply to Michael in the comments: if possible, could you explain that a little better? I believe you. My email is [email protected] if you would like to directly contact me. I would really like to know more. I don’t check this email nearly as much as my actual ones, so you may have to try a few times, but PLEASE—I would really like to know what you’re talking about.

    • Hi Michael, pls could you send me the exact things you used and etc to my mail? My mum is in constant agony and is full of toxins and nano fibers I would really appreciate your help.

      Mail: [email protected]

    • Michael-
      I have 6 years clean from meth and I have had the same experience that you have. The bloody stool, the glands, everything… you are right! I’m going to try your cure! God bless

    • Michael,

      Thank you! I know this is true and appreciate you coming forward. It has been an awful year. I have had trouble making it by due to the symptoms and chronic fatigue.. The ringing in the ears. The headaches.. The awful skin burning.. The bloating and digestive issues. Blisters on the end of my fingers and fingernails turning clear on the ends. Strange dust and fiber particles everywhere even when I clean every day. It is debilitating and has taken my career and health from me. I appreciate finding this and having hope that I can have a normal life again in terms of my health. Now if I can just get them to leave me alone. I am not using but I have been trying to help my brother fight an addiction for the past year and a half. Seems like just by being around him the surveillance, cell phone problems, constant following, and harassment never ends.

    • I really would like you to contact me please. I have to get rid of this. Its driving me insane. I am now my own prison and cannot even get off with good behavior. This is the worst and ice thought about ending my life!

  10. As a bedridden Morgellons victim with a 12 yr old daughter, a caring husband and no other help I find this ludicrous to suggest that anyone has the energy to prepare elaborate meals ‘from scratch’ as a means to get well. Not to mention complicated protocols. I had hard time even reading your stuff to the end, it exhausted and frustrated me. I have not cooked, cleaned or walked for about 10 yrs and my loved ones are not the type to do that as well as I used to when I also worked. Sooo this isn’t helpful any. Sorry.

  11. In the bible on first page it says eat the herb that bears seed (marijuana) would this also be a good staple due to all the vitamins roughage and terpenes?

    • Phuck your marijuana BULLSHIT ok. The morgellons nanotechnology FEEDS ON MARIJUANA, SUGAR, AND YEAST AMONG OTHER THINGS. It can even feed on plastic if it has to. Get out of here with your pot bullshit hippie and thump a bible elsewhere because you are HARMING people with your suggestions you are NOT helping them AT ALL!

      • Hey Joe, take it easy. First off, what you’re saying about THC is your OPINION, not a fact. If you have some empirical evidence to the contrary, please share. Otherwise we’re going to assume you’re on this board because you DON’T have answers, just like the rest of us.
        Secondly, the fact that you apparently think you know more than literally thousands of years’ of collected wisdom speaks volumes about you. If you want to hate God, His word, and anyone who believes in either, that’s between you and him but do it quietly. Don’t come onto a forum like this where people are already struggling and spew hate and judgement. This is not your board or your soapbox.

  12. Great article, thanks! I’ve done some research on Morgellon’s, too and have read that it has a hard time in an alkaline body (just like fungus, cancer, etc). Just wanted to say that since I think it’s important, too. Eating fresh green veggies is a great way to keep your pH at an alkaline level in the long term. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to be great for both digestion and pH.


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