Increased activity of the Galactic Center continues. Removal of the quantum Dyson sphere around our Solar system has accelerated Ascension energies coming to our planet.

These energies are bringing the energetic blueprint for the coming Golden Age:

For the first time since Archon invasion of 1996, angelic beings are returning en masse to the astral and etheric areas close to the surface of the planet. It would support the positive energy grid of the New Atlantis a lot if you would connect with those incoming angels in your meditations. The other meditation that can assist the New Atlantis energy grid is the Buddhic Column meditation. You can place Buddhic columns above any place or situation on the planet that needs healing:

These new Galactic energies also bring the activation of many Goddess archetypes. The first archetype that is activated is the archetype of Astraea. This energy will bring the New Renaissance and the renewal of high culture:

The second Goddess archetype that is being activated is the archetype of Abundantia. This energy will bring spiritual and physical abundance to the surface population:

Through the principles of overunity:

You need to understand that both Astraea and Abundantia are not just archetypes to be invoked, they are real Ascended beings that transmit powerful healing Galactic energies to the surface of the planet. Abundantia is assisting Saint Germain in his project of the financial Reset.

Increased flow of new Galactic energies is inevitably beginning to trigger crustal displacements:

Galactic Command fleets are constantly monitoring and stabilizing the tectonic plates and earthquakes with global consequences will be prevented.

These new Galactic energies are intensively clearing primary anomaly around the surface of the planet. No details of that clearing process can be revealed at this point. One part of that clearing process is that the deepest dark secrets of the Cabal are being exposed.

A reliable article with a very precise overview of Cabals’ child abuse networks has resurfaced after many years:

Cabal’s use of directed energy weapons is being exposed also:

Many countries are actively preparing for the financial Reset:

There is much happening behind the scenes that can not be revealed.

I might be able to release some new intel soon, and you are more than welcome to join our next Ascension conference, which will be taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 1st and 2nd. This will be our first conference in South America:

Victory of the Light!



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  1. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey , salute my dear Cobra, Always love forever as we all love and light within each other making us impenetrable , strong and invincible to all that is not love . Victory of the light.

  2. Im glad to mention for the first time I resonate and actually feel
    my faith and believings trough my
    carnive tool. Awesome Dudes.
    Feelin’ Strong. Magnetic Love. Peace brothers and sisters.

  3. I can see there is positive change of consciousness because concepts are being discussed openly today, which truly under the wrong circumstance, if discussed forty years ago would have been considered reason to admit one to a mental institution for obsetvation. This expansion in conscousness and more so, an awakening collective understandung and openess to discuss such possibilties, is the result of positive change. Ths trend, setting aside this update a moment, appears to be accelerating, as the collectve knowledge of humanity grows, and as a species we truly reflect upon the possibilities of existence. If one adds the information in this update to that mix, it all starts to kake more sense ie: galactic energies resonating with human cnsciousness, creating change collectvely, which did not exist before on our planetary surface has resulted in these changes.
    A Prepare for Change posted article on Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, is probably the best and latest example of this. If somene had written that 40yrs ago, and talked about such concepts in mxed company, they’d of found themselves in a straight jacket yet, today, this kind of enlightening article is near, mainstream (in the sense, were MSM, not controlled). Further it points to a change in consciousness to even talk about such concepts, something never heard and only slightly reflected in some of the most obscure SciFi of the time.
    Yet here we are, at a point where we can not only consider such concepts as real but, by looking into string theory and M Theory, along with some aspects of spirituality, one can, to themselves, actually ‘prove’ in as much as is theoretically possible, these to be valid ie: law of attraction in action.
    To those losing faith, particularly those like myself (fifties) having lived a while during this time, I say, look again. There is tremendous change takng place. I get it, I was losing my faith as well (a few hundred UAP camera captures this year helped me not lose it completely) but, reading that article, I would jave to say, it s one of the most groundbreaking conceptual article’s I have read, and has at the very least, made my day, add to that, reading immediately afterwards, this Cobra update, which melds nicely with and I’m ready for what may come because its going to be awesome. At the rate we’re beginnng to collectvely understand, it won’t be long before, like an avalanche that starts with little changes but grows, as it follows its natural course, with an inevitable breakthrough, a grand slam avalanche of awakening is coming to those at the bottom ie; those of this planet.
    Voctory to the Light, Truth, and Love

    • Hi Tye, Go to Aug Tellez @ wordpress for hundreds of similar posts by same. Lots of challenging material, sometimes obscurely technical, very dense in style. Although once (still?)a part of the deep off-books projects highlighted, Aug seems always to have humanity’s liberation as the ultimate goal. Many looser, rambling vids on YouTube as well.
      Take care, Elizabeth Roberts/@gypsysyntropy (twitter)


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