“Above Majestic”: A look at the origins, history and conspiracies behind the “Majestic 12”, a clandestine group of military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology.

Narrated by Jordan Sather, Above Majestic is a shocking and proactive look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion dollar space program from the public and the implications this would have for humanity.

MJ-12 or “Majestic 12” refers to a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads. Appointed by Harry S. Truman is 1952, they were to handle and manage all information related to extraterrestrial craft retrieval and the reverse engineering of technology.

How were this compartmentalized and unacknowledged Special Access Programs funded over the decades? What technologies have they developed and at what price to humanity?

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Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/abovemajestic

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  1. Hello,
    I can t buy or rent this film anywhere.
    I tried at Amazone, i tunes, but it is not possible because I live in
    Slovenia – can someone help me get it, please!

  2. You can RENT or BUY the movie on Amazon Prime.

    Make up your own mind as to it’s voracity, but it does correlate to the Bible in many instances. Too many people read the Bible, but never study what it says. Although it is a compilation of books that have the stamp of man on them, I believe that which we have does show the Luciferian Cabal that has been around for thousands of years. Lucifer never stopped wanting to destroy God’s creation.. Man… and this movie is a way to make people think. I am NOT saying it is the truth, but somewhere in the movie is a lot of truth.

  3. Okey.. this is still all a bunch of gibberish. They are still lying to you..! They know that u have come so faar to figure out that u a4e a sleep. ! ok. now they want to ad a video like this so THEY can control what u take in and not. Look here. If THEY all of the sudden for some reason began saying the trough then they would at least open up with the true shape of the EARTH !! Don’t u think? . And then the next thing would probably bee. Who runs the damn show. Here they just want u to learn more lies nothing more. Some of it is true but definitely not all of it. Just saying. be careful

  4. Hello. I have some questions about it because my mind always work and only by controversy you find the truth!

    1) The imdb says that George W. Bush is star actor in your documentary.
    I was believed that George W. Bush is all ready part of the new order, pedophile reptile and part from secret societies.

    2) why all the videos about ancient visitors or ED discovery’s in world don’t mention
    Ancient Greeks?

    I’m a Greek also a believer.

    Thank you

    • Hello! Nice to meet a fellow believer from Greece! To answer your questions:

      1) Bush is NOT an actor in Above Majestic. You are correct in that he is part of the new world order etc. He may have been mentioned in the movie, but he is not an actor.

      2) David Wilcock does talk about ancient Greek mythology (Zeus, Poseidon etc) in some talks and shows that he does. He mentions them as possibly having been Extraterrestrials themselves with advanced technology. I dont think he mentions them in the movie, but does talk about them elsewhere!
      Hope that answered your questions!

    • Hi Ed! You can find Above Majestic on itunes and Amazon prime. There may be another place I cant think of right now, but those two are the main ones. You should be able to watch it in Canada. Hope that helps!

    • yes there is – just watched it. amazing!!

      While the talk about ET’s was hard for me to listen to because Im not ready to hear it, the people telling the story were legit. Finally a crackpot free Alien/UFO film 🙂

      I rate it an 7.5/10 (matrix is a 10)
      For a UFO/Alien film its an 11

      I’ll make sure to buy this one on Bluray.

  5. Cannot buy in ITunes nor Amazon outside of the US. I am in Mexico. Trying Vimeo but still no success. Does it come with subtitles in other languages?

  6. hello all……we livei n canada and would like to know how to get movie and support the team…….pls contact us on pm or email…….thx and am lookin forward to seein it

  7. Saw the trailer, it’s so interesting unfortunately can’t get it in Canada. Anyone willing to e-mail me would be so great if not doesn’t matter.

  8. I am sorry I bought the damn video there are not English subtitles, that sucks, you guys should have put that in there, I wish I would have not bought the video

  9. Did you really share a link to a pirate copy on YouTube instead of a link to where you can purchase an official copy for some bugs only?!

    I have no words for this!

    • Apologies to you Volare, Prepare For Change did not know it was a pirate copy so we just uploaded the correct link to view the film through Pay per view.

  10. ..and yet you all continue to agree to be f$ckers at the bank of pedosatanists. #yawn
    Moving Forward: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w

  11. It’s sad that a pirate copy has been launched for free viewing, just days after launch. Why not spend the few dollars on supporting this team?

    • Apologies Gunthger, Prepare For Change did not know it was a pirate copy so we just uploaded the correct link to view the film through PPV.


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