1 thought on “Maritime Admiralty Law, Language Deception & The Importance of Words”

  1. I have always wondered, when is it ever enough? When is enough enough? These power,
    money grabbing egoistical people ruin this world, and every country has these kind of people + millions immigrants living on the taxpayers money, pretty soon the whole world will live in underdeveloped country.
    Dear Macron in France has offered to its French citizens to go to school to take arab lessons for free, payed by the French taxpayers, because it would be very good for “diversity”! It is unbelievable. So the French citizens have to learn Arab now. It was always more custom, if you left for a foreign country, you had to learn the language of the country where you were going to live. This is the other way around, so the Europeans have to take out time to learn Arabic. A lot has already happened. but every time I am flabbergasted again, and why doesn’t the EU or the UN give us any THRUTH-FUL INFO ABOUT FEMA CAMPS. I have seen them on TV and all of a sudden the people have disappeared, where? And who gets picked up and what are the plans. but slowly by slowly the truth is getting out, before you can make your plans coming truth,
    you will be put on shame. Everything will come out and the plans for the people will not go true.. I never would have thought that I lived in such a horrible world, NEVER, but it is so. And I would like to know which country has given millions to Irak, Saudi, Irak, Iran, to Isis and I want to know how much exactly.
    I don’t have words any more for you.

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