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A few months ago, I gave an impromptu short Dharma talk to a few students. It was on the significance of treating our human body as a vehicle.

If you have ever thought about why you are unhappy, and what the formula to happiness is… this video will be interesting to you. Even if you have never asked yourself these type of questions before, I thought that it would be beneficial for everyone to listen to this short talk and to meditate on the logic behind it.

Tsem Rinpoche


Transcribed by Sarah Yap

JJ is a part of you as much as you are a part of you, and that is false, because you are not a part of you as much as JJ is not a part of you. Because JJ’s body and your body are both borrowed.

They both don’t belong to you. Both the bodies do not belong to you. You are a temporary resident of that room. So if you are a temporary resident of that room, why would you put so much energy into something that doesn’t belong to you? And you won’t be able to keep because in the end it will just be discarded.

So if it doesn’t belong to you, why would you put so much energy towards it? And now you are getting this information on an intellectual level. If you think about it and meditate, everyday… you will disassociate. And when you disassociate, you will not abandon your body, you will not let it go, you will not neglect it, in fact you will care for it more. Why? Because you realize that it is not something you own, it’s a vehicle you can use to do better with.

In fact, your body becomes a vehicle, not a property. So when you meditate on this correctly and well, what happens? Your body becomes a vehicle, not a property. Instead of having to own a car, you just ride a bus, you don’t have to take care of the bus, someone else will.

So when we keep thinking “This is my body, I have to pleasure it, I am stuck, I am claustrophobic, I don’t want to do this, I want to do that, I’m not happy, you said this to me, you did that to me” and you always think like that. You start implanting in your mind, ownership of something you don’t own. And all the problems arise from that. You start creating ownership of something you don’t own. You own your body as much as you own the person next to you. If you look at it on an ultimate sense, it makes sense.

So if you don’t own the body next to you, left and right, in front of you and behind you, that’s why you are not so concerned about the next person, you also don’t own your body. You have ZERO control of your body. ZERO. Anytime your body can shut down on you and you’re gone. Anytime.

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  1. I beg to differ with you that we have Zero control over our bodies. When I get enough sleep, exercise, meditate and eat well, it makes a BIG difference in how I feel and how my body functions…and even how others perceive us. We have less chance of getting and keeping even our jobs, if we don’t show up clean, appropriately dressed, awake, alert and receptive to others and the flow of life. That doesn’t happen automatically, we have to put prepare and put some effect into it! I do however agree that we don’t have the Final say on when we pass over, but even then, didn’t we agree in a Spiritual Contract w our Higher Self, Guides, etc as to when that would occur?


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