Are you feeding your own state of isolation?


There is no right or wrong way to go about this life, however, there are always areas we can improve on to bring more ease to our experience. Many can relate to the continual pressures and discomforts of an active mind. However, I would like to suggest that it is not the “active mind” that is creating the issue, more the type of activity we have allowed to stake claim within our mental domain, and this is what I wish to bring light to today.

When we are naturally tuned in and fully present, our mind is very active within the processes of being. From the many sensory inputs being received to the internal workings of our body’s organs and even the cosmic connection influencing our situation at any one moment, all the cogs turn together in a state of harmony. In this natural state we are both empty and full simultaneously. Our mind is busy maintaining our connection to all of creation as we absorb the flow of life in quiet observation. A kind of busy stillness.

When we feel the impulse to create, we engage our mind and connect through our heart to express ourselves in the unique way that only we can. When we communicate, we speak from our heart to the heart of others based on the feelings we observe in that moment. As such, the Heart and Mind work hand in hand to feed creativity and to bring balance to our life. Two poles of a magnet, merging in the centre, becoming indistinguishable from one another.


Our mind is not something we hold or own, but a field from which we draw knowledge and inspiration, along with an understanding that we are forever connected and never apart.  The more time spent in this state, the more truth is uncovered through the natural flow of activity and the more harmonious our actions and interactions are, creating an inner peace that extends into the world around us.


The more we fill our mind with “me” and the stories and dramas of “my life”, the more congested it becomes and the less sensitive we are to receive the continual transmissions of creation. In a sort of ego fed self-absorption, we place ourselves above everything else as the most important aspect of reality. This only really feeds into a state of duality, leaving us feeling more and more separate from the world around us. This is the busy mind of today.

From this place, creations become about building a temple to the ego as the drive to be recognised locks one into a competitive mind-set. Communications circle the drain hole of self-inflation and gossip with an undercurrent of fear that has one beating others down in a fight for survival. The other extreme, is that the inner stories feed into an “insignificant me” scenario, causing one to withdraw from the world to an extent that their life is totally ruled by others. As the story-line repeats the theme of being nothing and nobody, there is developed a deep need to be accepted by others often operating from a state of passive conformity so as not to ruffle any feathers, even at one’s own suffering.

Imagine you were within a grand gallery surrounded by brilliant architecture and beautiful works of art, only you stand facing the corner, locked in a trance, oblivious to the divine nature of what awaits your attention should you ever snap out of the cataleptic conundrum you have unwittingly placed yourself within. This is the dilemma of these latter states of mind activity and the varying degrees of them.


Sadly, by dwelling in these closed off states, the possibility of a connection to anything greater than that “small self” one has been reduced to seems far off indeed. Anything alternative to the carefully crafted snare of mainstream thinking is scoffed at and ridiculed as one goes on building higher walls between their insignificant self and the big bad world.


The good thing is, no one is ever really disconnected, it’s just the illusion of staring into a corner. So, lets remove the veil of ignorance and turn to face the show.

The quickest way back toward your natural states of being is through the direct intervention of your will. You hold the power to shape your own reality, but you must will it into action. Recognise any septic activity you are dwelling within and do not engage it. If there is frustration or anger, use them to fuel the fire of transformation. Notice the beautiful moments when you are “tuned in” and state your intent to make that your natural state once more. Avoid people and situations that feed the loop of poisonous activity and make the effort to be around and learn from those people and environments that help to heal and reconnect you.


The balance of Mind and Heart is imperative to higher states of being. Within the activity there is rest, and within the rest, much activity.




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