Hark the Harbingers of Light do bring

The Ray of Balance, Archetype of King

Peace on Gaia ,and  Her Luminous Child

NO Saints , sinners, or church required


Hark the scouts of Light do bring

A New Kryst song for All to Sing

The Dark grids fall, Light One’s rise

Unseen, the Triumph in the skies


Hark the Living Light does bring

Free energy, eternal gift to sing

Gaia’s presents for Awakened come

The Divine Plan B is almost done


Hark a new Cobra Meditation means

A Future Loop takes off- so it seems

If it’s as big as the last, and 144 call,

The last of the dark webs will fall


Hark make not the Light Forces request in vain

Bring in the Excalibur Event , Heaven again


Dear Friends in the Light Tribes,

I will tell You in a coming article, why I need to apologise for the long delay (there’s that word we don’t like) in sharing the next teaching . The clues are in some of those lines. At Christmas 2013, 8 months after the Mission began for me, I was pleased to see that the day afterwards, Gaia had said through her Portal Traditionals are finished for All time.

Then, I didn’t understand how She speaks out of Linear Time, and indeed had not begun to get the clues as to its nature in Consciousness yet. So, like anyone else, I thought Hooray all the Non Sense attached to it will be over. But, of course, She was looking far into the indefinite Future then . So every year, as Christmas approached, I too thought, oh no not again ,in this in front of the veil reality for the Collective , of whom most do it without a 2nd thought to how it affects Gaia with all the trashy presents ,wasted food and more rubbish . I’m not against Christmas, just  the part that is the non Divine Mindset it has created . You Awakened ones know what I mean. And I Am getting the impression that more and more are seeing through the Traditions created illusions, and returning to the original principles of it.  I would like to see more of the Divine Feminine, say NO More will I be the one to slave away in the kitchen while you all relax and enjoy Yourselves. No more will I be the one to stress out over the buying and choosing and financing of presents.

Anyway, the message I want to say with this is, that I feel very strongly that this will be last Christmas the world will know within this reality. By that I mean, celebrated in ignorance of the Light of Truth.

Blessings and Love in the One Light

By A Light Player For the Divine.

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