PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Giant Human Skeleton found at Cave

Giant Human Skeleton found at Khao Khanap Nam Cave in Thailand, one of the most important discoveries ever made by paleontologists.

The skeleton of this giant was discovered in November 2017 in a cave in Krabi, Thailand. This was just made public a few months ago. The skeleton appeared to have been battling a large horned serpent upon death. It is clearly visible the giant’s skeleton with the serpent wrapped around it.

The individual standing next to it is 5’6 so you can see how massive this being was. You rarely hear about discoveries like this in the Main Stream Media (MSM) for a reason. How much knowledge & history have [they] kept from us? Giants are real just like The Bible says!

Below you can see a group of scientists digging up remains of a human skeleton of gigantic proportions. Here we finally have the irrefutable proof that human giants existed!

 We warn the public beforehand that a massive-global misinformation campaign has commenced to try discredit the validity and legitimacy of this important discovery!

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  1. Read Genesis chapter 6. Also, the giants and or draco/ reptillians did exist and now their spirits roam the earth in tunnels deep within the earth. I was at one time, approximately, three years ago under a bridge in Houston. My friend left me there and as it got dark, these giants and reptilians started appearing around me. They were participating in a sexual orgy with one another. There were two giants and three reptilians. The woman on the end in a line of 5 of them hissed at me and simultaneously her body shot backwards and she spoke, “what are you doing”? I said, “nothing, just picking up my lighter,” as I had dropped it and it fell down the slope towards them. Another time I was behind a store in the Houston Heights neighborhood. I witnessed seeing these see through gorillas and this draco demonic lady. She motioned with her finger for me to come over there. I shook my head yes, but didn’t have any intentions to go over where she was. Later as it got dark, she tried to climb up to where I was at. She nearly made it but something was pulling her legs from getting to me. I do believe it was the gorillas keeping her from me. Another time I was behind a bookstore in Houston off of interstate 10, as it got darker demons started appearing and one appeared to my right. I was sitting on a slope that went down to the bayou. I looked at her and asked her her name. She was beautiful. She spoke but it was in between a mute and whisper. I leaned in towards her and asked her again. I then had this all of the sudden urge to kiss her and something like a snake flew out and bit me. It bit me in between my fingers and it shocked me. I tried to immediately run back up the slope up behind of the book store but I kept sliding back down as it was wet and full of thorns, brush and twigs. I was screaming like a little girl…lol. Another time I saw these gorillas glowing in the night surrounding this reptilian looking beautiful woman. Shed looked like the woman I’d saw in the Houston Heights behind the store, that motioned for me to come over. I walked up behind the gorillas that were surrounding her and you could smell their strong smell of body odor and fecal matter, kindof like a gorilla habitat. These things are true and correct to the very best of my ability and I’m willing to take a lie detector test to prove this.

  2. When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the Wilderness..Satan told Jesus that all the kingdoms of the world was under his control and he could give them to whomever he wanted to. If Jesus would worship him..Jesus rejected of course,but the point being that Jesus did not disagree with Satan on the point that the Kingdomsof this world was his…Jesus often called Satan the God of this world.. So, of course Satan is not going to allow the disclosure of the truth..nor anyone under his control…he is the great deciever.. however Jesus is the truth.

    • Jesus said “‘ego eimi… is the truth’ and no man comes to the Father but through the ‘I am’”.
      Gnostic, isn’t it? Anything else is tahrif.

  3. I think that when fake becomes real and real become fake, we are all doomed.

    Science is now rubbished and professionals are useless. The uneducated are now on top.
    A settled pond is stratified and clear for its inhabitants. Once you walk through it, that the mud rises. The whole ecosystem is flawed and life is choked. It dies.

    It is such now that we vote for fake people with fake skin, fake education, fake language, fake facts and fake News.

    We are at the end of our run. Thanks for that guys.

  4. Having seen the giant for myself. I can now believe in the bible even more. I know that the Smithsonian has skeletons of giants in their museum. The book Enoch which was removed from the bible gives you further evidence. Worth a read.

    • The book of Enoch is partly correct and partly embellished…. The exodus story repeat itself at least three times as if someone wanted to push it up… Then the remarks of angels cursing anyone to dare changing a letter to the book itself… Uhhhhmmmm.. Tge Archangel Michael (The Angel of all)did not curse satan when disputing the body of Moses..Michael said instead “The Lord reprimend you..” So if the strongest Angel we know of does not curse, why is part of the book of enoch filled with so called “angel-s curses..”??? Something does not match agreement here… These are a few out of many embellished “stories”.. Read the book and pay attention to detail….

  5. In an authentic Hadith we can read:

    “Allah created Adam with a height of sixty cubits high (about 30 meters). The size of men has not stopped then decreasing (up to the current size).

    The age at that time was of the order of 1000 years.

    After descending to Earth with his wife Eve, Adam (peace be upon them) spoke of Allah to his many children and grandchildren. He told them about his own experience with Satan and warned them against his cunning and deception. Many years passed; Adam grew old and his children populated the earth. All humanity comes down from Adam.

    The day of his death (1000 years) The angels went down and washed Adam’s body an odd number of times. Then they dug a grave and buried the body of the father of humanity. Thus was taught to the children of Adam the lawful and divine way of burying the dead.

    Before his death, Adam had reminded his children that Allah would never abandon them. He told them that Allah would send other prophets with unique names and traits, each with specific miracles, but that all would invite people to the same thing, that is to say, to the exclusive worship of God. only one true god, Allah.

  6. I so wanted this to be true and real and im in Krabi now 20 mins from the cave eager to explore.

    Talking with locals tho who said the whole thing was part of a “factual art” exhibition where art was disguised as something factual and real.

    The skeleton was taken to a building for the exhibition where other inatalllations included upside down trees and various pieces

    So they all say it was part of that. That is likely the truth unless a cover up includes coming up with this exhibition cover story at great planning.

    Needless to say I’m disappointed as no doubt there is an inner earth with giant humans but perhaps this one in Thailand is just a clever artist concept

    • Please don’t spread rumors in a comment section with no proof of what you are saying. This muddles the water. Thank you. If you have evidence please post.

  7. The Giants Recorded in the Holy Bible

    Here is just one record..

    When people began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that they were fair; and they took wives for themselves of all that they chose. Then the Lord said, “My spirit shall not abide in mortals forever, for they are flesh; their days shall be one hundred twenty years.” The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown.
    — Genesis 6:1–4, New Revised Standard Version

    Congratulations to all who have discovered and shared this great find

  8. Hello Corrie McGinnis! Yes! Wonderful to run into you again!
    That does look sort of like a tusk, or maybe it’s a much longer tooth? I think all mammals have a longer upper tooth on each side.

  9. @Corrie McGinnis Tusks? It looks a bit like the broken lower right jawbone fragment? The jawbone has a piece missing or out of place, similar size to the sticking out ‘tusk’.
    All far too elaborate to be worth a fake, and very inconvenient location anyway.

  10. Actually guys this is not the first giant skeleton found… I saw another recently online, looked real to me. But also, I have learned that others have been found but are being destroyed purposefully. They are the Red-Haired Giants. Believe it or not, this is where the fairytale- “Jack and The Beanstalk” derived! What a shame to destroy ancient history. If it came out of a tomb with jewels and treasure too boot they would have studied it
    for eons. ; {
    But way to go Thailand!

    • Interesting comment above, there is only one phony looking article on a “Taiwan Today” web page saying that this discovery is “not real” but interestingly enough there is not an “exhibit page” anywhere in the net nor a “news clip” supporting this skeleton is fake. Within this post there is a Taiwanese news video clip announcing the discovery! Can anyone produce a similar TV news clip adverting the supposedly “art exhibit” some are claiming this is? Use your common sense folks! can you see COGNITIVE DISSONANCE here? It is like expecting the “USA Today” or “Los Angeles times” not ever “censoring” or “Covering up” a similar discovery in the USA or anywhere in the world which they have been caught doing many times in the past. We are all well aware that those organizations are NOT news channels but professional looking expert organizations dedicated solely to the discrediting & censoring of real news, peddle us fake history and of course always aggressively discrediting real world changing discoveries that questions their fake narratives of their fake version of history”! Why anyone expect the “Taiwan Today” not to do the same thing in this instance? why do we expect the “Taiwan Today” phony looking article, which is a company owned by the same system of global mind controller-slave owners that we have in the West be the “real” and only “fact checker”? and expect that somehow they suddenly are going to start telling/reporting the real news? Wouldn’t you think instead that it is just another effort of peddling their usual “discrediting narratives” or “fake” news narratives?. Stop being followers sheeple and lets start keeping and open mind, and most important, lets start putting to good use our our God given “common sense” instead of just the “repeat after me, let’s go with the flow”….

      I advise everyone to listen to the following short David Wilcox interview regarding giants:

      • Not to be rude but that’s very paranoid thinking in my opinion. There’s also a lot of news articles about how it is a piece of art. It’s also worth noting that bones don’t fossilize like that. The humanoid skeleton would’ve had to have decayed completely while only sections of the snake skeleton were buried quickly enough to perfectly preserve their articulation. It’s fake, I’m sure giants existed, but this is obviously fake.
        Also, while I think they get the time wrong on a lot of stuff in history, you’d have to be paranoid to think every government throughout history is collectively agreeing to cover things up. That’s not how it works.

        • Government coverups are definitely real. All of society is not set up to help people, but to control people. That is the core of what is is created to do. It’s not paranoia to realize this. Discoveries of Giants shed doubt onto Darwin’s standard theory of Evolution, which is why giant discoveries have been covered up in the past. So, of course every discovery will be heavily scrutinized and buried (no pun intended lol). To be clear, evolution does happen, but there is a lot more going on in history that has been either lost, or covered up by religions and governments. It’s imperative to be open-minded because we really don’t know much about our past.

          • There is no evolution. It’s mythology myth based of false “religion” which with many people are deceived by the satan.

            Please Check one of websites on modern science: which gives clear summary of it.

            We know a lot of our past when we study our Holy Bible Scriptures.

            It all really started from Adam and Eve. I seriously mean it.

            I wish to give a extra Huge Warning!

            We are living in the end times and there will be the Rapture of the Church very soon.

            Please check out the recent End Times/The Rapture visions/dreams from other people on (most used) youtube website.
            (And DuckDuckGo can give good results too).

            If you can, don’t stay on these words. But please do your own research on Christianity.

            Heaven and Hell are REAL places.
            If you can.
            1) Belive the Gospel.
            2) Repent.
            3) Get Baptized in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.
            4) Avoid Mark of the Beast. (Which who ever takes it, goes to tormenting Hell forever. It is probably microchip /or vaccine + microchip).
            5) After when the Church (5 wise virgins) is raptured. Only way to get into the Heaven is through Martyrdom.

            There will be a start of 7 Last years very soon under Great Tribulation. The more time goes on, more serious it gets.

            It will start with USA falling under invasion of Russia and China.
            (It is seen through prophecy visions that USA enemies will use EMP first).
            (One of major cities among them New York city is seen to be hit with nuclear blast in prophecy visions).

            It is a warning to make you ready if you have not yet before.

            God Bless You!

          • Silver, the “rapture” is a modern heresy that does not corroborate with ancient wisdom.
            So-called visions and dreams are but part of the subconscious mind. It takes a long process to bring it to reality.
            “Only the Father knows the hour.”
            The Bible has become a weapon. There was never an intention to compile the Jewish scriptures with pagan Greek elements, that was the doing of council upon councils of polytheistic bishops 300 years after Jesus walked the earth. That’s a long way to go. A rough reading has made many Christian sects with conflicting dogmas.
            Any historicity of “Adam and Eve”? They are just Hebrew terms for “man” and “mother”, if understood in a collective sense.

  11. Hi Vickie Venus ! Are you the Vickie in Oshkosh I said hi to in the David Wilcock live chat ? If so, small world running in to you again. Is it just me or does the skeleton look like it has some kind of tusks ?

  12. Fascinating! It is amazing that Thailand did not hide the discovery, as it would have been if found in America. No doubt if it is reported on in the mainstream media here it will be touted as fake.

    • Yeah. A person to ask about something like this is Steve Quyale. His book Genisis 6 Giants floored me. There’s a steep cover up by science and the Smithsonian. The usual reason. Truth, Archaeological pride, work on Lucy the ape, being called liars, correcting books, defending an institute, fear it could create in phobians, etc..
      There island off the coast of Calilfornia called Catalina Island where some guy named Ralph Gildden desecrated and dung up all the giant graves there for a bone museum. He thought he would make a fortune but he sold the mixed up bones for 20 g’s and left. 7, 8 and 9 ft. people. The rumor is they went to the Smithsonian and disappeared.

      • I have recently stumbled across these images and spent quite some time studying the sharpest video/pics. Lots of giant skeletons are deliberately faked, but there are definitely genuine ones and an expert eye can spot very subtle differences. I humbly can say I am indeed an experienced anatomist (lecturing at university) and worked years as a forensic osteologist exhuming remains for police and archaeology … and nowadays I am a medical dr going surgery sand general practice.

        For many many reasons I can easily confirm that these remains are absolutely genuine and I would have no problem demonstrating that in a court of law. What a fantastic find and even better that the images made their way into the public so we can all see a rare example of ‘scientific proof’ of a so called myth. To me, it has been fascinating studying the video and determining how this fight unfolded… for example you all know the snake ribs will bend a little (they are quite flexible) but if you look at this guys thigh you’ll note the ribs are very close to the bone itself … this means it was so tightly wrapped around his leg it would have cut off ALL blood supply… there is a LOT of interesting evidence in these pics. I wish I could see them with my own two eyes.

        Take it from me (you’ll need to trust me on my credentials) … you are looking at the best proof you’re ever going to see… enjoy!
        Dr Bud
        Ps search for ‘giant footprints in rock’ – you’ll be surprised what you see from around the globe.

        • Hi Dr Bud. This is what I have been looking for for the last year. A professional person expressing their view on this find. And what you are writing is very interesting. How do I know that you are real, in this world hoax and trickery? Is it possible to get in contact with you?

          Kind regards


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