By Marbella Barajas,


The ability to be a stargate and/or portal walker is often described as someone who is viewed as a daydreamer.

  • Have you ever been connected to a certain time period and fully embody it at times?

  • Do you have interests in crossing lost souls over to the light?

  • Have you ever had an out of body experience?

  • Have you had an ET contact experience?

  • Do you feel you channel information from the cosmos?

Your connection to other dimensions makes all that possible…

You are just so connected with other dimensions that its contents and information seep into your third dimensional reality. This can manifest as seeing angels, spirit guides, and energy in the air.

You may tend to feel detached from people and society because of these portals of energy.

Sometimes the frequency of these portals may feel overwhelming, however they are there to help you…

  1. Firstly, being a walking portal means you connect well with your parallel realities.

    This can mean you receive visions or strong vivid dreams of a past life. Other lives can be a parallel reality of your own consciousness.

    As a soul you create experience and knowledge by living out different lives in those bodies. Manifesting a human body is the best tool you can have to achieve spiritual growth as a soul.

    Time is an illusion on Earth. You can be experiencing life in a different body right now in a different dimension.

    By expanding your consciousness, you can realize this dimensional awareness and access it at any moment. The moment that matters most on Earth is the present moment.

    Being connected with past lives is a portal to infinite knowledge. If you are facing a certain problem in this life, chances are, you are experiencing different situations in a parallel reality.

    When one does “shadow work”, they are healing the karmic pain from this life and others. Shadow work can be the integration of connecting yourself to desired parallel realities.

    Have you been experiencing dimensional shifts?


  2. Secondly, your connection between dimensions is active when strange situations happen to you.

    For example, have you ever experienced disassociation with your body? I like to call this astral traveling while you are awake. I’ve had only a handful of experiences like this.

    One time I was triggered by walking in Walmart and when I walked out, I was gone. For those of you who have been in a Walmart, you understand the low energy that I am talking about.

    Walking in Walmart is the equivalent to being zapped by an energy drainer every two minutes if you are a sensitive multi- dimensional person.

    After leaving the store I could tell I was having an out of body experience.

    My body was still active, but I had no control over it, it was also like something else was inside of it and it was taking my body out for a joy ride. I got home and looked in the mirror and I saw my face, but I didn’t recognize it.

    It was a terrifying experience. I saw the thing that was controlling my body and it recognized that I was aware of it. So, it kind of was horrified of its self and the fact that I was aware of it using my body.

    Therefore, it sat me down on the couch to detach.

    A couple minutes of deep breathing and I was back in my body. I was able to remember the whole experience and it felt like a mini possession. However, it didn’t feel like a demonic presence.

    Our bodies are natural portals, they hold and encase our consciousness. Ancient teachings call this the merkaba. Also, this all happened the day after I sat down to receive downloads for an hour straight in meditation.

    What I learned from that day was that our bodies are not all we are, and we have a capacity for body hacking.

    The experience of disassociation is the act of the soul leaving and allowing another entity to enter. The reason I could no longer recognize my face was because I was not using it, someone else was.

    The overwhelming low energy of Walmart had pushed me out of my body and something else went inside.

    This isn’t the case for everyone but if you practice meditation and become more self-aware, then the next time you disassociate, you will notice the other entity.

    I was fortunate to have had an understanding entity in my body, it noticed me in the mirror and knew it was exposed, so it left. I also wonder if the entity was me from the future.

    I talk about portal jumping into past life bodies later in this section. Our bodies aren’t the only ones to have active portals.

    We can create them too.


  3. Thirdly, in shamanic journeys, they are guided to create portals for lost souls to pass through.

    I participated in a shamanic journey through an invite from a shamanic friend, and they lead a journey to cross over lost souls and heal the land from the devastation of the California wild fires in Paradise.

    We each individually opened a portal to cross over souls in forms of people and animals, then we used our spirit guides to fly over the land and send healing energy to it.

    It was a very powerful deep trance meditation. You don’t have to be a shaman to learn how to do this.

    As a human being, it’s your divine right to access these tools and skills. I create portals in meditation to travel to other planets and realms.

    As a multi-dimensional human, this is something you can practice and do. The imagination is the only limit one has. Learning and sharing one’s experiences can help the rest expand their imagination and capabilities.

    The reason I like to use portals, is to access past life bodies.

    For example, years ago in a guided meditation I opened a portal to a time in the renaissance era and I took over the body of my past life as a queen of Scotland. I saw myself in her body when I looked in the mirror and boy were dresses in that time uncomfortable.

    I located the servants passage way in the room. I used that to get outside of the castle.

    Once outside in disguise, I had a great time at what we would call the farmers market, but back then it was literally a market that farmers, fishers, and crafters sold all their foods and wares.

    I woke from that meditation and still wonder to this day if that Scottish queen was surprised to find herself in the middle of the market outside of her castle. Sometimes queens need a change in routine.

    Experiences like these are ones you can have now that you know it’s possible.


  4. Fourthly, being a portal, in a way is like channeling.

    You can go places, but you can also access information from places. When information gets accessed from different planets, I like to call that “tapping into the stargate”.

    Some people may also mention “downloads”, these are bundles of information from their home star system. I feel the strongest connection from the Pleiades.

    The stargate is a portal that is always open, it’s a connection from the Cosmos. It’s also a connection you hold to the cosmos that ties to earth consciousness.

    Have you ever felt like the weight of the world is on your shoulders figuratively and literally? You may feel that you hold space for friends, family, and even the environment.

    Your stargate is active all the time, that is why you can feel the energy shifts that the planet is going through. That is why you can feel the energy shifts the collective is going through.

    Your stargate is you, and you are your stargate.

    Everything is connected. It’s an agreement you made before manifesting a body.

It may sound like you are only an antenna, but not entirely.

As a human that has a body, you have the gift of “free will” in a Matrix that follows fate and determinism. You can tap into these frequencies and make decisions about them to change them or stay in their designed course.

The shifts on Earth have been huge in mass awakenings.

This leads to the designed matrix course changing because individuals like you are educating yourself on your capability to make change on this planet.

You are remembering who you are


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  2. Yes you nailed it with the low vibes of the Walmart experience that I’d prefer to avoid if I can, but when I need something from that place, I purposely ground myself before I get out of the car. Then I put myself in a bubble of light for protection,
    and move fast!
    Here’s a silly story. First time ever in that place I gave the lady at
    the register a 20. bill and a 10 and she said she couldn’t take the 20 as it was counterfeit. I said it came from Wells Fargo but she decided it was counterfeit with no pen, light, or machine. Say wha? Then I gave her a 100. dollar bill, she gave me back three 20’s and the rest and I said ‘geez, these 3 look exactly as good as the first one I gave you. So she took them back and said they were counterfeit too.
    I said ‘but those came out of YOUR register ! Then she would not give me back my 100 when I said I didn’t want anything that I just bought! Then proceeded to tell me I was passing counterfeit! But it came out of her register.
    Really lady? Then they held me against my will and would not let me leave until THEY investigated!
    I was just fuming! And kinda laughing, too. So in the end, the lady comes out with my 20’s and said they were mistaken.
    Well, ya think?
    I called the headquarters when I got to the car and the lady said “oh my, this is crazy – ya just can’t makevthis stuff up!” She was very empathetic said she’d talk to the store manager and then when I was able to finally talk to that store manager who was on his days off, he gave me a 75.00 gift card and that’s when I started to ground myself to go into to spend that Free money. The real counterfeit money. Lol. These people are not of a low vibe, they are no vibe zombies!! Lol
    When I told the store manager that ALL Fed notes were counterfeit – he looked at me rather confused so I just said ‘never mind – inside joke but ya might want to study the history of the Fed Reserve’!


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