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  1. I'm not sure where to post this, but this is as close as it gets to the subject: The WEATHER.
    For this time of year, the month of July, this is unusual. We do have regular flooding in Western Europe, like in Great Britain (always in autumn) and in the Netherlands, it's the river Meuse, in the most Southern county Limburg, that starts flooding. But now? In midsummer?

    I'm quite shocked, by this news. (I'm not always listening to the radio, and no telly either).
    Although it's been wet and windy in The Netherlands,very humid, in warm temperatures, there's no evidence of destruction, where I live. In Western Europe, terrible flooding is causing much destruction and evacuation:

    In London – July 13th 2021:

  2. This is so true, and the amazing thing about it is:
    When a football, baseball team plays or wins, when they come back to their hometown,
    they get met sometimes by a million of people waiting for them, with flowers, crowns, beers, music happy “dancing, like there is no tomorrow, but when our whole planet gets destroyed, by the Elite, Cabal, leftists, feminists, presidents, dictators and thousands of people get attacked and killed, there is nobody on the street to protest. It is very clear, society does not care and they think governments have to do it, but that is not so, we all are responsible, all of us, and if ‘WE DON’T PUT ORDER IN OUR OWN HOUSE,NATURE WILL DO IT’ (our own house is this planet) and if nature will do it, it will be horrible. Nature goes along with the human till a certain point and then it will fight back. BUT NATURE IS STRONGER THEN WE ARE AND WILL ALWAYS WIN !!!

    There should be thousands of protests everywhere. We can not be kept hostage in this Matrix any longer and it is everybody’s duty to help and not stay cowardly on the sideline and pretend, you as an individual pretend to stay sleeping.
    And for the Elite, you cn have bunkers to hide in , but God knows where you are and you will be founded carry the consequences too, like everybody else.


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