The U.S. Death Camps of WWII: Confessions of a Prison Guard

by Richard K. Mariani 

The book “Gruesome Harvest: The Allied Attempt to Exterminate Germany after 1945,” should be on the mandatory highschool and college reading list for history and sociology.

It is one of the few books that are available in English that address the murder of millions of non-combatant German civilians and German prisoners of war from 1944 to 1950 as a matter of deliberate allied policy not inefficient logistics as it is most often presented in school text books.

It is important because this book was written as it was still happening and includes comments from eye witnesses in the same time period. The book is not politically correct and shocked me because it speaks in a such a predudicial fashion about persons of the black race.

That however in this point makes it useful to sociologist and historians because it correctly reflects widely held opinion at the time within U.S. society.

As to the correct observation that allied policy was to reduce the German population through, murder in multiple forms, slave labor, and starvation, and destroy the fabric of the society through mass rape of the female population, other authors are critized for saying the same thing but only decades later.

Fact is there is a great effort to keep this information from the public because it shows that the victors of WWII incorporated not only military strategy and tactics but also the NAZI ideology of racial hatred and a policy of extermination and discrimination for one people.

Four million persons perished because of the ethnic cleansing carried out by, Russians, Poles, Czechs, and Serbs according to the former German Prime Minister Konrad Adenauer,

Five million Germans starved to death in occupied Germany according to estimates by the Canadian James Bacque, and 2 million German Soldiers died in allied captivity often while performing slave labor in Auschwitz like – and worse – conditions.

General Eisenhower prohibited the German Public from sharing their own meager rations with detained German soldiers on pain of death. Hence from 1944 until 1948 a U.S. and Russian Holocaust for the Germans was on going.

For more information on this topic see books by the following authors:

  • A similarly important historical document is the book titled (Alliierte Kriegsverbrechen) which translates to “Allied War Crimes”.

It is a collection of historical information of eyewitness experiences of hundreds of Allied war crimes. This information was written down in 1946 by German Soldiers held prisoner in Camp 91 in Darmstadt by U.S. forces.

Lawyers for the defense hoped to bring some of this information as evidence and perhaps for mitigation to the Nüremberg Tribunal but the it was not permitted. In fact the Commander of Camp 91 attempted to collect and destroy all copies of this book.

That is why it is important that as many people read the aforementioned books as possible. They need to be translated into English and widely read so that the fairy tale of WWII as the last “Good War” can finally be put to rest.



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  1. The allies treated the Germans atrociously during and well after the war.They did not deserve any of it—the terror bombings,the starvations,the tortures and rapes and other post-war murders.The only thing the Germans did wrong was to remove the Jewish menace from their midst,which they had every right to do,and cut themselves loose from the central bankers and achieve a level of economic self-sufficiency their rivals couldn’t.Perhaps 20 million Germans were murdered during and after the war due to a largely Jewish-instigated allied hate-driven slaughter campaign.The allies and their Jewish backers were unquestionably the real war criminals,not the Germans.It is they,not the Germans,who were guilty of so-called “crimes against humanity”.

  2. Like General Patton said, We fought on the wrong side. Had he been allowed to fight his war, Jews wouldn't have humanely been killed because he would have gotten there 9 months earlier. And for that he was killed. If you want to know the real truth, read this.

  3. With all the books mentioned in the article, too bad a major book on the subject was left out and that book written much earlier. I have an original 25 cent copy but reprints are readily available online. The book is called “Germany must perish” by Theodore N. Kaufman. Published by Argyle press, Newark, NJ in 1941 and printed in the U.S. when the U.S. was officially neutral in the second world war.
    The catch phrase on the title page: “The book that Hitler fears”.
    On the inside cover: “Of the thousands of anti-Nazi books published within the last few years, ”Germany must perish”…is the only volume which struck fear into the hearts and souls of the Nazis. This book so completely unnerved Dr. Goebbels that he denounced it on every front page in Germany and over the entire german radio network. AND- Adolf Hitler’s own newspaper, in a frenzied and crazed statement concerning the book declared it was not Kaufman but President Roosevelt who actually wrote GERMANY MUST PERISH.
    Chapter 1. begins: “ Today’s war is not a war against Adolf Hitler. Nor a war against the Nazis. It is a war of peoples against peoples; of civilized peoples envisioning Light, against uncivilized barbarians who cherish darkness.
    Page 86: “There remains now but to determine the best way, the most practical and expeditious manner in which the ultimate penalty must be levied upon the german nation. Quite naturally massacre and wholesale execution must be ruled out. In addition to being impractical when applied to a population of some seventy million, such methods are inconsistent with the moral obligations and ethical practices of civilization. There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism-and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method, known to science as Eugenic Sterilization, is at once practical, humane and thorough. Sterilization has become a byword of science and the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits: the degenerates, the insane, and the hereditary criminal.”
    Page 90 gives 9 points of the complete suggested process of eliminating the Germans.
    Point 9 is sterilization.
    At the end of the book is a proposed map of how the german territories would be divided among the other bordering European nations.
    Odd then, in a german book published in January 1944 titled: “Wofür Kämpfen wir” (What are we fighting for”, published by “Herausgegeben von Personal – Amt des Heeres” and gives no author, it lists points 3 through 8 from Kaufman’s book on pages 62 through 64 and includes a copy of the proposed map of Europe as suggested by Mr. Kaufman. Odd that point 9, sterilization of the german people, is not mentioned in that german book “wofür kämpfen wir”. Why? So as not to frighten the german people too much?
    On the back of the book “Germany must perish” is a small but impressive list of accolades:
    “A sensational idea!” –TIME magazine (from an issue in September 1941)
    “A provocative theory-interestingly presented”- Washington (D.C.) Post
    “A plan for permanent peace among civilized nations!” – New York Times
    “frankly presents the dread backround of the nazi soul” _ Philadelphia Record

  4. What we have here is an apologist for Marxist/Socialist ideology trying to mitigate the horrors that both of those ideological policies wrought and continues to reach out from the moldy grave it resides in except for the crypt keepers who use tenure in so called schools of higher propoganda. Allies? You mean the Soviet Marxist side….

  5. Its to bad humanity cant resolve our issues more peacefully we have to send our fathers brothers sisters and sons off to die for virtually a disagreement in ideaoligy. No matter where we populate weather its the moon or mars humans will always be destructive and war like and territorial. Maybe we should resolve our issues via spades tennis or wrestling theres a thought worst thing anyone gets is a injured ego….. Red. 82nd abn div 1st 504th para inf reg.

  6. In the aftermath of WWII imagine for a moment how many Allied soldiers would have died had Germany won the war. It would be much more than 11 million no doubt and it would still be going on to this day.

  7. Is it possible that the western allies committed some atrocities, anger, fed this, quite possible. German soldiers were also exported to Canada to work on farms. Many stayed to become citizens after the war. Germans killed many Russians this is a fact. Do not forget how many Russian communist killed germans in the fight to regain their country. They the Russians, killed many germans for retribution
    Wrong no doubt, do not forget the millions of Ukrainians starved to death by the Russians. They were stealing their wheat and food in the early 30s’ to feed their people. The Russians, were not innocent, maybe even guiltier than the Nazis.

  8. We seen how the Versailles treaty was a major cause leading to the start of WW2. It was an unnecessary action that got under the skin of the German people. This piece of history may be the new ”Versailles treaty”. With the rise of both nationalism and racism becoming popular movements again this is not a far fetched idea. Knowing Germany’s history through the ages they will wake up again.

  9. American Death camps are s neo-Nazi myth, one which no one was an IQ above room temperature should fall for. For heaven’s sake, the American leader in Europe, Eisenhower, was a German American. Quite a few members of his staff war of German descent. The British royal family what’s of German extraction. The Nazis waged racial war especially in the East. German minorities and surrounding countries were used as an excuse for expansion of the revanchist and irredentist Nazi regime. The result was a very dirty ethnic cleansing of Germans in the east. This was a couple need by raping other punishments, as a result of the rape and mass murder by Nazis of Slavic peoples. But nothing of the kind occurred in the West.

    • Wake up Ron…Eisenhower was no Boy Scout. Much of what he allowed and endorsed with regard to the treatment of post-war German military and civilian populations is very unpleasant to discover and process. American hands have committed some pretty serious and inhuman acts from the very beginning of our country. As Churchill said: “American democracy is the worst political system ever…except for all the rest.” Thank God we have had some very good people in our government who have tried to live up to the promise of our Declaration of Independence. Of course we have fallen woefully short time and again but we do try to fulfill it’s promise.

    • Ouch, are you serious?
      First, Eisenhower was a Swedish Jew, he hated Germans.
      This is hi West Point year book.
      “God , I hate the Germans,” Eisenhower wrote to his wife.
      There are hundreds of reports about the German POWs camps.
      The Morgenthau Plan was the complete elimination of German culture, much more Germans died AFTER the war.
      The Nazis were brutal, this was war but they never committed crimes near as bad as the allies did.
      You need to study history a little, you got it all wrong.

  10. This is fake news if there ever was. I don’t believe a word of it, but even if any of it is true, the German people got what they deserved. The terrifying parallel with today, is Donald Trump and his army of apes are quite capable of committing the same type of genocide towards all Hispanics and everyone who fits under the migrant category. The parallels between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler are many and terrifying. Everybody just watch what’s going on, and be prepared for Civil War in this country. It can happen here!

    • What a woefully idiotic comparison of a monster like Hitler and President Trump trying to enforce American law. So if you disagree with this law do you support total strangers coming to your front door, demanding to move in while also demanding food, clothing, medical care, and a financial stipend just because “you owe them”? That is what is going on at our southern border.

      • Hitler was a monster? the animal loving, brought his country from the brink(like Trumped tried) and created a bunch of pro-worker policies we adopted in the US and Europe-Hitler?

    • Wash your fucking mouth out with soap you son of a bitch! We are talking about human beings who were victims of psychopathic maniac elites! I’m sick to my stomach with all these wars and lies that these (((elites))) feed us!
      It’s the Jews stupid. Read The protocols of the learned elders of Zion, also communist manifesto, it’s all in these documents what these mother fucking jews want to do to us goyim and they have been very successful thus far!!!!

    • Some of the comments here are remarkable. There are no rules to war. Hmmmm. So why were they then ridiculed if there were no rules. If we killed them because of thier actions, do we not justify them by doing so? After all, there no rules right?

    • 20 million Russian civilians and military died due to German war crimes.Civilian population centers were targets of Germans.Over 6 million Jews and millions of other undesirables were murdered in the concentration camps. Untold millions were murdered in thousands of death camps in Eastern Europe. They started the idea of Total War.They got to reap the worldwind of revenge. Who cares what happened to the defeated aggressors.

      • you do know that there were NOT 6 million jews in all of Europe at the time, right? And that even the Red Cross has admitted the 6 million number is wrong?
        No matter how long and how loud the lies of WW2 and the holohoax are repeated, they will NEVER be true.

    • There are butchers in all societies who their leaders justify their actions just goes to show we are still animales without pity a sad race of ignorant vicious greedy careless human existance all for power sick society

    • War is a killing contest between competing nationals and the killing is done on all, both military and citizenry. To win one must be more efficient and brutal than the other. Both sides lose until on quits, then there is a “winner” who then implements their political system. Winners write the history and condemn the losers. In reality the losers are the ones more compassionate and less brutal, traits which led to their ultimate defeat. War is hell, and their is no substitute for victory.

  11. There is another book that should be read as well called “Other Losses”. It documents what the Allies did after the second world war to the German prisoners of war. However some of the people that commented previously there is no point in reading it judging from their mind set.

  12. Germany started this radical ideology of a master race, killed over 6 million jews because they were believed to be inferior. Nowadays the progressive movement is denying the holocaust even happened in US school systems, so then I’m supposed to cry in my soup over the after war treatment of the German dogs civilian or military? They all knew what was going on and their 1000 year reign came to a screeching halt. They got what they deserved.

    • So it makes me wonder who approved of printing this rubbish here on Google news? The propaganda machine at work. This is such a BS story.

    • Nope, sorry, you will find it is certain members of the Jewish community who did come up with that. It’s in the Talmud. That is why they(you?)call us ‘goyim’.. it means cattle. Like I said, you can scream your lies as long and as loud as you want.. but you cannot suppress the truth forever.

      • You obviously don't speak Hebrew. Goyim means nation. The goyim were the people of the nations. And the Jews were also goyim. They are the oer la goyim. Meaning light to the nations. Lastly, there's a hell of a difference between the secular and the faithful in EVERY goyim. Both good and evil as it was created.

  13. War is hell. No doubt Russia killed many Germans in retribution. German started this war and when they lost they paid in spades. German SS troops were well known for their bestiality to allies and civilians ie Einsatsgruppen who were merciless. Much revenge was taken against Germany.

    • This is fake news if there ever was. I don’t believe a word of it, but even if any of it is true, the German people got what they deserved. The terrifying parallel with today, is Donald Trump and his army of apes are quite capable of committing the same type of genocide towards all Hispanics and everyone who fits under the migrant category. The parallels between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler are many and terrifying. Everybody just watch what’s going on, and be prepared for Civil War in this country. It can happen here!

  14. I’m sorry I’m angry that you should put down the us troops that witnessed the horror they did as panther ground foot soldiers and tiger and easy Co! Don’t do this stupid shit! They were common Men lead by the wrong leader my grandfather would tell me? I said Grandpa after watching band of Brothers mini series They’re all Krauts to me!!!!!

  15. This would be a true because allied forces never was a merciful as we heard their campaign was revengeful rather than Saviour

  16. God’s answer: “This is His commandment that we believe on the name of His son Jesus Christ and love one another (1 John 3:23).”

  17. This is about as false a story as I have ever read. Does anyone wonder how one writer discovered the murder of 11 million people? He must be some reporter. I guess the Berlin Airlift was fiction. Nazis as victims. Priceless

    • That’s right, this is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard regarding the aftermath of the war. Just because some unscrupulous individuals wrote some books and filled them with lies in their effort to change history, because they aren’t happy with the way things turned out. If something like that happened we wouldn’t be hearing about it from a few books because everyone would have been talking about it. We know for example that the Russians were often cruel in their treatment of prisoners, but to claim the United States military was involved in the wholesale extermination of German prisoners is Ludacris.

      • Dear David Pierce, my father was a WWII Veteran, he fought the Japanese for 2 yrs under General MacArthur in the The 158th Infantry Regiment (“Bushmasters”). His regiment fought Island hopping from the Philippines all the the way to Okinawa, Japan. He had severe PTSD until the day of his death 4 yrs ago. He shared with me that in his 2 yrs of service the US military NEVER took prisoners, he confessed that the US Army killed every Japanese on sight, that included all women, all children, elderly and the infirm. It was a war of total annihilation. The Japanese did used the “kamikaze” & “suicide” approach when nearing captured because they all knew their only other choice was to be tortured, raped and slaughter by the Americans. Do you really believe the US military had a more “compassionate” approach with the Western “German” enemy side? This is true history narrated by the ones fighting the actual war and not the edited lies written by the victors…

  18. Hitler picked his fronts to fight on. He is responsible for the deaths of millions before, during, and after the war. The Soviets and Chinese make Hitler look like a nice guy. Historically a books are written by the Victor’s. Is there more to be concerned about the answer is yes. No our Facists are the Climate Change Nazis+

    • Im 55. When i went to school i was never taught Hitler came to new york USA and a ticker tape parade was held for him. No one told me Hitler spent time with our President and our government. It wasnt told to me after he left our government did as he did by ising our birth certificates to use them as loans for 1.5 million and ssi was created. Youd ever think our own government woukd follow another

  19. That this book quotes Other Losses as a source says everything you need to know about this book. Total crap!
    Other Losses has been so thoroughly debunked, that no intelligent person accepts its premiss as valid.
    This book is in the same vein.

  20. So what they asked for it. Why do you think our other wars since were arguably un successful. To win you have to kill them all. You cant be fair you cant be compassionate. You have to destroy their means of production this means innocents

  21. The master race wanted total war. The leader wanted a war of annihilation in the East. Then scorched earth policy upon retreat. There you go.

  22. Actually, the premise for this story is totally false. Are you sure the information wasn’t supplied by KellyAnne Conway or her side kick Sanders?

  23. This was a terrible history that have known about for decades and has been buried for to long. The numbers can be disputed, but they are of such a magnitude that argueing about them not important. 1, 5, or 11 million, it happened. Own your history so it doesnt happen again.

  24. Well I am of German descent but my family didn’t come over to America until 1884 so we participated in the American Military as far as whether Americans mistreated German soldiers there’s probably some isolated cases the fact that the Soviets murdered Millions wouldn’t surprise me they murdered millions that our own people too, Stalin was a brutal mass murderer

  25. So what? Now they are victim’s not other nations massmurdered by them? All what they get,-they earned by them self’s. They still did not pay enough or not at all for what they did !!!!

      • Then COWARD big tough boy Derek can go to Germany and MAKE THEM PAY. What do you have in store little snivelling snotbubble? Mass shooting, plant a bomb in the middle of a crowded street? Poison the water supply? Go and do it. Don’t just hide behind your big tough words. DO IT! The world is waiting Derek. Oh Derrrrrek we’re waaaaaiting .

        • 11 million, Nazi’s couldn’t hide just the 6 million Jews, or the millions of its own people that were sick, disabled, gypsy,etc, not blonde blue eyes, now how did the allies in the west hide 11 million in a shorter time, na don’t buy it sorry!

    • Darek, The German People are Not guilty of Any of the Crimes. It All has been Propaganda from Day One so we would enter into the War to save a Failing Empire, Britain & to keep Germany down, as They were “The Rising Star.” The United States was still suffering from the Great Depression, caused by the Federal Reserves, deliberately.

      • Germany did not start WW2 or WW1. The fact is American’s should have chosen to stay out of war in Europe. In fact most were against both wars. But as always…history is written by the victors. Read “The bad war”.

      • Very Good ,Victoria You Nailed it. I've Read most Comments on here and think Wow they sure got 20 Minute High School Version of Germany and WWII.
        British Monarchy Empire Wanted Germany Destroyed because they were Economic and Military Threat to British.
        I've done a lot of Research on British Empire and let me tell you 300 years of Atrocities they Committed to People that lived in the Territories British Occupied make the Nazis look like Girl Scouts.
        When WWII was over Roosevelt did more Damage to British than Hitler and Reason why Churchill was Shit canned Month after War ended by British Elites found out Churchill made Agreements to Roosevelt's Demands to get Involved and Back the British which after War U.S. Currency became World Trading Capital before War was British Pound. Plus British Empire had to give up their Territories.
        British Declared War on Germany because they Invaded Poland also did Russians.
        Churchill Agreed with Stalin and Roosevelt that Stalin should have East Germany Eastern Europe and Poland. So much for sticking up for Poland Lol British gave up Poland and Couldn't care less they used them to start War with Germany.
        "If it wasn't for Roosevelt's Lend Lease Act Russians Could Not have Defeated Germans"
        Joseph Stalin 51% Of Goods Made in USA went to Russia. Most of you Arm Chair Experts don't know that Reason why Russia was able to defeat Germans. After War Stalin showed his Gratitude to Americans by Saying FU and Threaten Nuclear War against West. Hmm Interesting . I'm going to stop here I have so much to say true Facts about the War some Very Personal some of you would think that's a Shame and some would say Who Cares there Germans they deserved it and all of you didn't even fight in the War had Half Ass Education about WWII. I was born in USA 1st Gen American German in my Family I've Heard legit stories what went on in Germany and USA not this Here Say Victors side BS.

  26. I lived in Germany for 6 years and spoke to many German WWII vets. There is no doubt the Soviets were responsible for millions of deaths of POWs and civilians. Displacement of ethnic Germans from the East resulted in deaths and overburdening supplies of humanitarian aid to Germany and all of Europe. We keep POWs in US until they could be fed in Germany. Never did a German vet tell me we mistreated or starved them.

  27. Anybody that thinks the numbers are exaggerated are sadly mistaken. The Czechs murdered Czech citizens of German descent including children. Jews ran Auschwitz with Germans in it with a payback in mind. Huge numbers of Germany received retaliation throughout Eastern Europe civilian and military. Almost every woman in Berlin was raped. My WW2 buddy used to tell me that Americans were not above this. The Soviets kept German prisoners of war untill the mid fifties until their numbers were decimated. Did the Germans do worse? Without a doubt. But we were supposed to be taking the high road. We really didn’t. The reason most of the German war criminals had their prison time massively reduced was because American troops executed the German SS on sight. Out own war crimes, which were unaccounted for, were taken into account.

    • You know to me war is war and all governments of the world cricket in the USA is no different on the hill in Washington DC we have liars cheats crooks everything you can think of and they could care less about you and me. Russia needs to do what they needed to do. They attacked us and they got what they deserved so don’t give me that shit about you’re sorry or you feel sorry for them including us. Look at The US government they sent us off to me at all and that was a crock of shit. Korea was the same way and so many others. And you think my heart is hard that’s not even the half of it. Because I am one of those Vietnam vets.

  28. I think you have your info a little wrong. 11 million Germans were relocated, most of which lived in new Soviet controlled area. The death toll ranges around 500,000 to around 2.5 million. But the latest figures suggest it was around 700,000. Don’t get me wrong it is still horrible that , that many died.

  29. Absolutely wrong what about the Marshall plan and the Berlin airlift .now the Russians holding German troops in prison camps maybe.

    • What’s the matter? Can’t handle the truth that we committed atrocities comparable to the Nazi regime. My great uncles killed all SS and Hitler Youth they encountered after the Germans had surrendered, all were unarmed. Did the same to Wehrmacht as well.

      • Frankly, I’m horrified by some of the comments. True or not, saying the death of millions of both soldiers and civilians by supposed “righteous” allied forces, is justified is just complete and utter crap. Again, these statistics could be true or hyperbolic, but saying they “got what they deserved” is just outright awful. Shame to my fellow Americans in this comment section for saying such awful things. Atrocities were committed on both sides. We should remember what happened and seek to learn from it so that it never happens again.

    • To the spoils go the victor in every war.. Yes the alliance committed war crimes when they won.. the Axis powers committed war crimes when they were winning.. I see a theme Here don’t lose…

  30. Auf den Rheinwiesen starben 20 Millionen Deutsche. Soldaten, Frauen, Männer und Kinder. Komplette Familien wurden dort zur Vernichtung hingebracht.

    • Preposterous figures.Many well researched books have been written about immediate post 2nd World War Europe(eg Savage Continent by Keith Lowe) which analyse the institutionalized revenge slaughter that took place,much of it against former Nazi Germany,but rarerly involved the Western Allies.This assertion would suggest then that infact 18 million Germans died during or just after the War.The Soviets could afford those losses,the Germans most certainly not


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