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Sacred geometry patterns are everywhere, and we will find them in nature, in our own lives, and in the entire universe. Think about your own life; what patterns, have you found, whether in the things you pass by every day, or in technology, or anywhere else, that are either symmetrical and balanced or asymmetrical and unbalanced?

Developing a keen interest in patterns is the first step to knowing which ones are inherently good and should be maintained and which ones are bad and should be avoided or broken.

“It is the constant dance between symmetry and asymmetry that leads to the twin processes of life and death and the evolution that emerges as a result,” says Anne Durham, an alternate news writer from

That is where sacred geometry comes in: it gives us the opportunity to contemplate that dance and, in the process, to grow and evolve our own consciousness and become one with the totality of existence.

That said, here are 7 useful ways that an understanding of sacred geometry will help to evolve your consciousness.

1. Knowing what Sacred Geometry is

The first step is to have an intimate understanding of what sacred geometry is. That is definitely where I started when I first stumbled upon the subject while working at BestEssay

Sacred geometry is simply the collection of all the patterns that are found prolifically in the design of everything in the universe and are therefore considered sacred. You will find them a lot in art and architecture, but that’s because the artists and architects were copying the ultimate artist and architect: Mother Nature. In fact, most of the most beautiful works of art and architecture have borrowed heavily from patterns that are originally found in nature.

The belief behind sacred geometry is that things like patterns of proportion, harmonics, and mathematical ratios are also found in phenomena as disparate as light, music, and nature itself. You will find them in our bodies, in plants, and just about everywhere. They are believed to be the sole source of energy and animation in the physical world much as the spirit is believed to be the source of energy and animation in the body.

Sacred geometric patterns are able to captivate us and seduce us in deep ways. Whether we’re looking at a sacred geometric pattern in nature or a work of art, we are so emotionally moved and awed by the geometry that we inevitably attach it to some higher identity, considering it to be of a transcendent nature.

There are many things in these patterns that can be measured, copied, and even defined, making them at once both esoteric and mathematical. It is by seeking to study this world that you will be forced to change and refine your point of view on the world.

2. Knowing about the History of Sacred Geometry

Being able to evolve your consciousness does not just stop at knowing what sacred geometry is; part of it is knowing about the history of this field of study.

A simple essay review of recorded history will show you how prolific sacred geometry has been throughout history. Sacred geometry was independently discovered, studied, and understood by many cultures from all around the world. These included the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Hindus, and even the Christians.

These cultures were able to find different patterns that were not only deep and mystifying but also rather prolific throughout nature, their repetitive natures being rather hard to miss. These cultures went on to study these patterns in depth and soon found out that there seemed to be very clear connections between the elements that could be found on Earth and the patterns in the sky. It was as if the heavens and the earth mirrored each other. This led earlier civilizations to believe that the sacred patterns they had found here on Earth existed all over the universe.

If you are a student of science then this will sound familiar. After all, science has found its own patterns that repeat themselves throughout the universe and that the most basic molecular shapes are so universal that they are responsible for all life in nature.

3. Knowing why Sacred Geometry is Sacred

To be sure, there is a certain sense of spirituality and awakening that comes when anyone beholds a sacred pattern for the first time. They give you a giddy sense of awareness as if you are witnessing the universe unfold before your very eyes. However, due to the fact that different people will interpret these patterns in different ways, depending on their specific beliefs and backgrounds, I won’t assert that they have any particular meaning at the exclusion of all other possible meanings.

The point here is to try them out and find out why they are sacred for you. One thing I thoroughly enjoyed during my school years was geometry because it was all about using simple tools like a compass, a pencil, and some paper to draw beautiful shapes. It was a way to bring something as abstract as a number into the visual world where we could see it in a concrete way.

In fact, there are many examples of abstract notions from mathematics finding their way in the physical world through such things as music or the study of physics. Mathematics has proven itself time and again in its ability to dance in the space between the world of the tangible and that of the intangible; between the world of the physical and that of the non-physical; between the world of the concrete and that of the abstract.

What makes this so interesting is that that space, and that dance, are often reserved for less academic things, such as spirituality or art. That is why it is so fascinating to find mathematical formulas dancing in the same spaces. It is also the reason why this particular geometry is considered sacred. Try getting assignment help on sacred geometry on the internet to help you go deeper into it. Going deep into it and finding out why it is sacred for you with this in mind will help you expand your mind and consciousness to such great proportions that it can never shrink back to where it had been before.

Understanding Specific Concepts in Sacred Geometry

4. Understanding the Golden Ratio

The golden ration goes by many names, such as the Golden Ratio, the Golden Section, the Golden Mean, or simply Phi. This ratio was revered, almost worshipped, by the ancient Greeks as a symbol of the mathematical beauty of the universe.

The Golden Ratio itself is an irrational number, which means it can never be exactly achieved in real life. Everything can only approach it with varying degrees of accuracy. It is, therefore, the embodiment of infinity and perfection. In that sense, it is transcendent.

The Golden Ratio, through the Golden Rectangle, is responsible for one of the most common spirals in nature: the Fibonacci Spiral. The Fibonacci Spiral can be found in lots of different places in nature, including pinecones, flowers, pineapples, shells, and many others.

Humans too use the Fibonacci Spiral and the Golden Rectangle to design beautiful things, such as musical instruments, works of art and architecture, musical chords, and much more. The Golden Ratio can be found in many forms in all of these places and it has been used in things like architecture for thousands of years. Buildings as old as the Greek Parthenon and the Pyramids of Egypt incorporate Phi in numerous ways.

5. Understanding The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is yet another symbol that is found within human cultures, dating as far back as 10,000 years. This symbol consists of 6 overlapping circles that are evenly spaced and contain six-fold symmetry, causing them to look like a hexagonal flower.

You will find the flower of life in the synagogues of Israel, in the Forbidden City of China, in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, in La Mezquita in Spain, in temples all over India, in Japan, in Turkey, and a whole host of other places around the world and across different cultures and epochs in history. 

Leonardo Da Vinci, the very face of the Italian Renaissance, spent a lot of time thinking about the Flower of Life and playing around with it in his designs and works of art. You can find out a lot more about these patterns by reading some of the articles on Australian Writings. Just looking at it is enough to evoke strong emotions and images in your mind, which is probably why people from all over the world have been fascinated by it since antiquity.

6. Understanding the Seed of Life and other Patterns within the Flower of Life

Within the Flower of Life is the Seed of Life, which is just one among many symbols that you will find within the flower of life. These symbols consist of polygons (a polygon is a geometric shape composed of straight sides of equal length).

In the Flower of Life, you will find the cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, and octahedron. Together these 5 solids are known as the platonic solids, named after the Greek Philosopher Plato who studied them in depth. They can be found within the Flower of Life when you connect the centers of different circles within the flower with straight lines.

The most amazing thing about all of the patterns within the Flower of Life is how they can all be found within a single pattern, revealed by nothing more than a few mathematical manipulations. Another interesting point to note is that the Flower of Life contains both curves and straight lines. Many cultures associate circles and curves with the feminine and polygons and straight lines with the masculine. Both can be found in perfect balance within the Flower of Life.

7. Understanding the Spirituality of Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry isn’t just beautiful; it also transmits higher frequencies of awareness and energy. It shows us the very basic mathematical patterns that belie everything we see, and much that we don’t see, in our universe.

This can teach us a lot about our own selves and our journeys through life.  It shows that the patterns we create with our internal consciousness and beliefs are rippled outward into the universe and ultimately manifest themselves as things and experiences in the physical world. The visible is informed by the invisible, and all of life and existence is connected. Sacred geometry is a visual and mathematical metaphor for this concept. It is the interface between concrete and abstract, between physical and non-physical, and between visible and invisible. When we change the mathematical patterns, the relationships between them, and even the physical form change.


As you can see, there is much to be learned about the world and the flux between the symmetrical and the asymmetrical in sacred geometry. Together they inform life, death, and evolution. Likewise, learning about sacred geometry will inform the evolution of your own consciousness and lead you to access higher and higher planes of awareness and existence.

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