By Greg von Haesler


The thing most people are afraid of is love.

The thing people need most, is love.

Telling people you love them can change everything.

It can turn an enemy into an ally.

It is a proper form of communication.

From the perspective that we are all one, and loving myself, I love everyone around me. Everything else is a miscommunication, a denial, or an ignorance. No matter how you look at it. I love everyone. Even if they hate me for it, or want to fight me for it. Trust me, they’re trying.

And no, you’re not a creep or a weirdo or a a pervert for telling people you love them. When you mean it from the bottom of your heart it means that we’re all family. It means that we are all in this together. It means that your happiness is intrinsically tied to mine. As is your well being. We are symbiotic.

Telling people you love them denounces all the dark. It changes the world. Saying “I love you” is even more compelling, because it puts YOU on the line, even more courageous.

How many times have you said that to someone and they simply said “You too”? They are afraid. Intensify your love and light, and never falter . It all comes back to you.


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  1. Its not what you tell them, although it can help, but how you make them feel. I love you does NOT mean I own you. I love you means I am feeling love. Period. We either give loving energies to people or we manipulate and steal energies from them. Not what you say but what you do. We are here to master ourselves and our energies. Control and manipulation is not love.

  2. Greetings Family of Light . Telling Others and Our Self I Love You Changes Everything . We Are Truly IN The World But Not Of The World . Consider writing Love on your Electrical Fuse Box in your home , The water inlet line to home , your water jug , when coming home after shopping write Love on everything you consume or use . It will change the molecules at the atomic level . Very Powerful . Enjoy


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