Image of Mayan Calendar with symbols, colors and glyphs.

by Guest Author Denise Ward,

Return to Natural Cycles

Humans are cyclical creatures. The Gregorian calendar that we use today has taken us out of our natural cycles and trained us to have a distorted view of time. The 13 moon calendar on the other hand, is cyclical, thereby realigning us to our natural cosmic and earthly patterns.

The 13 moon calendar structure is very simple – every week has 7 days, which is the one thing that coincides with the Gregorian; however every month has 28 days duration (4 weeks) and every month starts and ends on the same day of the week for the entire year.  The following year the month goes to the next day of the week and again, each month begins on that day for the rest of the year.  Thus in 2019, all the months begin with Thursday but in the next year, (July 2019) the months all begin on a Friday.  That also makes every day of every month fall on the same day of the week also. What could be simpler!  The consistency frees the mind from the minutiae of having to remember a different number of days every month (28, 29, 30, 31 and in no particular order)

The 13 moon calendar has another sweet feature –  each week of the month is a different color. This color code repeats every month and every year. The first week is red, the second is white, third is blue, and fourth is yellow. This rhythmic pattern aids our memory’s recall. Coupled with its consistency, the calendar acts like a tuning fork to our daily frequencies.  It shifts us back into the “timbre” of nature allowing more space in our mind for important things. Calendars should aid us not confound us.

Day Out of Time

The 13 moon calendar is derived from one of the Mayan calendars and uses Sirius as its focal point. The year begins in midsummer, on July 26th when Sirius is most northern in the sky. The day prior to it –July 25th (is a veritable New Year’s Day in Gregorian-speak) It is called the “Day out of Time”. This day is considered special and has been assigned a different color to the other weeks – green.  This easily differentiates it from every other day in the year because it’s considered a special day, a day for doing whatever you wish, a day of renewal and celebration of life.

Even though this modified version is simple, one can go as deeply into the original Mayan calendar “technosphere” as one desires. 

As an introduction to the 13 moon calendar there are 2 frequencies to be aware of: 12:60 which is the artificial timing frequency based on measured time i.e.: clocks and our current calendar.  And 13:20 frequency which observes a repeating natural frequency of 13 galactic tones and 20 solar seals of the Mayan calendar – the Tzolkin. It is a 4th dimensional synchronic timing frequency and a spiritual approach to recognizing natural living cycles. If we recognize that the matrix is locked into a program of artificial timing to keep us enslaved, the programming can be unlocked by the 13 moon calendar.

Beauty, Simplicity and the Ease of Flow

Or one can simply use the calendar as a chronological map like we use the current calendar. The modified version in the link below allows an easy transition from the Gregorian calendar. Try it out and notice its beauty and simplicity. Notice its geometry.

The 13 moon calendar takes us out of the static of “empire time” and places us into a spectrum of harmony and resonance – of “flow”.

Consider this modified version as a basic model to help us familiarize ourselves with the way time is related to nature. Being basic, it is more likely to be adopted widely which would free more people from the imprisonment of the current calendar.

13 moon pocket 14

Further study into the calendar’s synchronization can be found by visiting the website of the Law of Time:

The 13 moon calendar could be the springboard we need to catapult us into a whole new era of human existence on planet earth, one that is kinder and more in tune with Gaia. Yet it is something that each person is easily able to do. Should a critical mass bring on a consciousness shift to adopt this calendar, we could go a step further and declare an “official” date to memorialize this new synchronization. A date that would tie in nicely to the Gregorian date stamp would be 2020.

To build a more beautiful world, we need new methods from the ways we have been trained to exist, new ways of seeing and of being and nothing is more fundamental than time.

A Future of Natural Time

A “deadline” of July 26th of 2020 would give us a doable timeframe to Prepare for Change. And it could also commemorate the start of a new frequency, a new era. We could make the shift in as gentle and organic a fashion as possible, by using the 13 moon calendar to guide us. Notating it would also allow us – who are prepared for change – to recognize each other and  find others who believe a better world is possible and are eager to put their energies into creating it. The mantra for the 13 moon calendar “Time is Art”. There is no telling where such a simple thing as adopting the 13 moon calendar could take us.

13 Moon Pocket Calendar by Denise Ward and Maria Galenza



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  1. David Saina:

    The day of the week that the month begins on, remains the same all year but changes to the next following day of the week, in the next year. This is moved because of the Day Out Of Time. The original 13 moon calendar calls their weekdays but different names and I thought that is not needed at this point – at this point we need to get the concepts of rhythm into our psyche not the names of the days. Later, we can have more of a flourish. But to use the Mayan day names would be too confusing for those of us who are inculcated in the Gregorian calendar. This calendar adaptation makes it as easy as possible so that we can adopt these timespheres. Thank you for your comment.

  2. When Pope Gregory changed our calendar from 13 months to 12, he removed the one called Ophiuchus, represented as The Serpent or Snake (our all too often ‘stuck’ Kundalini energy at the base of our spines that begins to move up the spine about the time of our 40th birthday. Unfortunately, because we are not educated but successfully programmed by the dark forces to serve their agendas, most do not understand what is happening and their ‘mid-life crises begin, destroying any possible ascension to a higher awareness of who we are – Divine Beings having a physical experience. A problem felt more by men than women because men are easily influenced to focus on their sexuality. Because it has pretty much ruled their lives males believe women were created to serve the male ego. Fortunately, this is not true of all men but many, if not most.

    Ophiuchus was the month between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

  3. After 6 hundred years of burning women at the stake (documented by professor research) to stop Mary Magdalena and Jesus’ sacred bloodline, the Catholic church was forced to admit that without women, the church could not exist; because it is women who provided the bodies for each new generation without which the church would die. Financial and attendance were diminishing. So they decided to declare birth control a ‘sin’ forcing women to become baby machines for the church and sex machines for men. (This same church told men to beat their wives daily.) Because women’s menstruation is every 28 days, changing the calendar served their intentions to remove women from their divine sacred cycles, making birth control harder. So that servant of the dark forces removed the 13th month, making it easier to manipulate the masses (mind, body and soul) to sell their protection racket.

  4. SIM! Finalmente! TUDO está retornando ao seu padrão de Origem! Gratidão pela postagem de formato simples e esclarecedor para entendimento de todos!!! VITÓRIA DA LUZ!!! :))

  5. Dear friends, I believe your “pocket calendar” is incorrect, as it is said that the week begins on Friday, when it begins on Sunday.
    This changes the entire count.
    Best regards,

    • I appreciate your question. It helps us familiarize ourselves with this cyclical calendar more. The 13 moon calendar always begins on the next day of the week to the current. So if this year it begins on a Friday, next year it will begin on a Saturday. This occurs because of the Day Out Of Time which is color coded green, the only day of that color in the year.

  6. Well done Denise and Maria! It is my dearest wish for the 13 Moon time be implemented globally next year, or at least in some way made public. I’ve done several little home workshops but I’m no public speaker. My email address Spectral Dog at … as you know is from here.
    The Dreamspell – as it is called carries the Roerich Peace banner with the three red symbols representing Art, Science and Spirituality.

    hich represents Sirius

    • Margaret I'd love to discuss this. My facebook page is and on mewe:


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