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Writing a mindful and meditative-style journal, perhaps in the form of a gratitude journal (where you regularly detail all of the reasons you have to be thankful, as well as all those who you have to be thankful to and for) has become a well-established ritual on the path to discovering a sense of inner peace that can greatly assist in overcoming adversity and mental struggles. Whatever the style of journal you decide to undertake, and whatever your reasons for doing it, here are ten tips to follow to ease the process.

Make time for it

We all lead busy lives, and making time for anything can be tough, but making time for something truly rewarding and good for us is essential. Writing a mindful and meditative-style journal certainly falls into that category. So, factor in a little time for it every day.

“It doesn’t have to be the same time and place (this could too easily start to become a chore) but at the same time research suggests that it can take us up to 21 days to truly develop a new habit, which this needs to become,” recommends Stacey Nugent, a health blogger at Dissertation Help and OXEssays.

Don’t put it off

As part of the journey to forming a new habit, don’t put it off. Don’t procrastinate. Instead, pick up a pen and write about why you are procrastinating, which in itself will work in your favor.

Elaborate, and you will really delve into your feelings

If you are struggling to find the words, just start elaborating on what you are doing and why, and you will soon discover that the words come rushing out of you. And in such a task, your words are really representative of your emotions, which is why this whole process works so well. Letting out your emotions is a good for you, so open up that tap and let your words gush forth.

Don’t just go through the motions

Never do this because you feel you have to. If that is what is happening, then simply stop, it’s not working. Or change something. Try factoring in these tips here as a good starting point for change.

Vary your content

As well as varying the experiences and feelings that you write about, try to mix up the content too by including images and photos, or draw little pictures which summarize your feelings. Not only are they a great way of expressing yourself, when the time comes to look back on your journal, they will help you remember the way you felt at that time, as well as bring a smile to your face due to your creativity.

Don’t set targets

This is not about targets.

“Life is too full of objectives and targets, so including them here in such as activity would defeat the purpose of why you are doing this. Write as little or as much as you like, and don’t set out in order to achieve something, just enjoy the day-to-day journey instead,” advises Ray Slater, a writer at Best Writing Services and Assignment Writing.

Enjoy the experience

Once again, this should be an enjoyable activity. Part of mindfulness is cutting out the activities that you don’t enjoy, that bring negative emotions. IF this becomes such an exercise, then why are you doing this? Whatever you do in terms of your journal, make it a fun and enjoyable experience that is cathartic and valuable to your wellbeing. That is the point.

Don’t be negative

Of course it would be counter-intuitive to include negative thoughts in such an undertaking, but is does happen that we focus on negative events, somehow thinking that we are in fact looking for the positive in an otherwise bad situation. But the fact is negative events breed negative feelings, so try as hard as you can to keep those entirely out of your journal writing. This is about positivity and good energy.

Be honest

This is not a place to hide your emotions or pretend to be something you are not. This is a place to be completely comfortable with who you are, what you like and what you think.

Don’t give up

And this just speaks for itself. Anything worthwhile needs to be stuck at. And you will find this is a worthwhile activity.


Aimee Laurence, an established and well-regarded health editor at Top assignment writing services TAS and Student Writing Services, is an authority on establishing a healthy mind and body. You can also find Aimee tutoring at the Coursework help service portal.



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