By guest writer C. Harrison-Smith:

From Beyond aggravation: Constipation is an American epidemic, by Haider Warraich.


“Even though Larry (not his real name) had widespread cancer, no one was prepared for his sudden death.

I certainly didn’t see it coming so abruptly. It shocked the nurses who had spent day and night in his room, trying to do everything they could to give him a moment of comfort. His sister, the only person who ever came into see him during those painful final weeks in the hospital, was stunned when I called to let her know he had died. Most of all though, it was Larry who wasn’t ready. I could see it in his eyes soon after he woke up one morning with crushing pain in his belly.

What surprised us all was not that he died, but how he died. While Larry’s death certificate may have listed his cause of death as a perforated colon, which injected bacteria into his bloodstream, he really died of constipation.”

Haider Warraich has let out a little known fact and he exposes a dangerous epidemic.

Not only has constipation become an American epidemic, if this nation were to suffer a catastrophe that prevented us from obtaining laxatives and stool softeners, a large percent of us would become serious ill without treatment and perhaps the first wave of casualties.

Just think, if a national emergency were declared and no more medications or supplies could reach us. Death by constipation would be the first major waves of casualties.

Why is it so important to those who control our food system and medical system, that we be kept in a continuous state of constipation? Could this be why?

“The colon and brain are constantly communicating with each other on conscious and subconscious levels, alerting the body about the passage of stool.”

Now the passage of stool is not the ONLY things that the colon and brain are constantly communicating with each other about because the 3 lower chakras coil up the body perpendicular to the spine and colon. A recent study from the National Institutes of Health shows that psychological disorders occur at a much higher rate in individuals who experience constipation.

So, if a national emergency occurs. No meds and no supplies. The people with constipation experience psychological disorders the most.

Even if there were no national emergency, people with constipation experience psychological disorders at a higher rate than those who don’t, according to Warraich. I disagree with his assertion, “Instead of drinking more fluids and getting more fiber from food or supplements, a better constipation-fighting strategy is to retrain the colon so it unlearns its bad habits.” What happened to wisdom? Instead of drinking more fluids and getting more fiber? Is he kidding?

But his article presents some eye opening statistics and is worth the quick read.

How can we possibly solve the complex and difficult problems we have in this world if our brains are clogged by the toxins from constipation?

In the movie “Finding Forrester”, Sean Connery’s character uses the phrase “constipated thinking” when critiquing Rob Brown’s work.

Is it possible that much of the chaos and division is perpetuated by the ruling class’ control over our food and medicine that keeps us all stuck in constipated thinking?

Why didn’t Haider Warraich’s article mention coffee enemas or colonics as a solution to severe constipation?

Does the establishment just want us to die slowly so that they can manage us and still feed off us?

Do they need us, but just not at our best?

Is it that they need beings who are as miserable as they are?

Never forget, the key to good health is in a healthy colon.


You can see the original article here:    constipation-bowels-colon

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  1. When I was 30 years old, I was not so healthy and constipated all the time.
    I made coffeclismas, a few a day and the n after that made fresh carrot juice mixed with 2 sticks of celery and one red raw beet. And it was marvellous, the coffeecakes out the toxins and this juice was so healthy.

    Nowadays I can’t get any clismabags empty to put the coffee in any more, and I really need this. Now as I can not by an empty bag, they are all filled with medication stuff which is so bad for you, and now I have to go to the hospital from time to time and stay there for a few days, drinking that awful stuff.
    The old method worked perfectly, it’s a bit of work, but it worked perfect. So if somebody could help me with a clismabag where I can put coffee in, I would be very grateful.
    But if you have all the attributes, try it, it really works without doing any harm.
    Was just in the hospital again, couldn’t go to the toilet, nothing worked for 52 days.
    It is dangerous (constipation), I know!

  2. Yes! Most people are starving to death because they are not eating foods that contain ‘life force’ from live plants. (Fast foods are slow poisons!) When they eat and drink artificial stimulators they lose touch with what their bodies really needs. What we eat has a powerful affect upon how we feel, about ourselves and our world. And we are taught to look to authority figures for the answers that are within us. We corrupt ourselves and pay the price.

    Because our health comes from our digestive system, vaccines injected directly into the blood system cause us to become sick but we lose the connection to how and when it began because we believe what we were told, not what we know. How sad people go to doctors for attention where they are betrayed.

  3. Bonjour,
    Pour ce genre de problème, il faut boire un verre de jus de choucroute lacto- fermenté et 30 mn après un yaourt nature avec du son d’avoine, le tout, jusqu’à ce que ça aille mieux. Pour le cancer ; plus de sucre et absorber 1 cuillère à café de bicarbonate de soude naturel dans un verre d’eau pure additionné d’un jus de citron prèssé.


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