Which other country has had 400% economic growth in the last 12 years?

By Ian56,


Evo Morales fled the country after a U.S. engineered Fascist Military Coup. The U.S. bribed Bolivia’s Army chiefs with $1m each and the senior police chiefs with $500,000 each.

There were no election irregularities.

This is a complete fabrication by the Neocon / Neoliberal Fascist US funded OAS, in order to prepare the ground for the Fascist Military Coup which occurred on November 10.

No Evidence That Bolivian Election Results Were Affected by Irregularities or Fraud, Statistical Analysis Shows

Results of the vote counts from rural areas were slower coming in, than for urban areas. This is absolutely normal and universal. Evo Morales gets a higher percentage of votes from poorer rural areas than he does from richer urban areas. So it is not surprising that his percentage of the vote was going up as the percentage of votes counted reached 70% plus.

None of the above is ever mentioned in Western Corporate Disinfo Media, who are all supporting the illegal Fascist Military Coup that has put extreme racists into power in Bolivia who are already persecuting and murdering the indigenous people who make up 70% of the population, shutting down the Free Press and rounding up and jailing opposition (Morales supporting) politicians and journalists.

My prediction one day after the US engineered Fascist Military Coup in Bolivia.
Watch the video of Morales’ VP and senior government colleague being paraded in front of a Kangaroo Court by members of the Coup Regime:

This is what the US government and media calls “Restoring Democracy”.

The fraudulent claims by the OAS and Western sourced propaganda were used to trigger violent protests against the Morales government. Morales refused (or was unable) to use force to put down the violent US and Plutocrat backed protests.

Morales made the catastrophic mistake of putting people into senior positions of power in the Army and Police, who had spent time in Washington DC (and were thus able to be recruited by the CIA) and the infamous School of the America’s (now renamed WHINSEC) at Fort Benning, Georgia – the training ground for right wing Military Dictators, Death Squads and Torturers since the 1980’s.

Morales legitimately won the election held on October 20.
The final result was Morales 47.1% and Carlos Mesa 36.5%.
This fulfilled Bolivia’s election rules to not require a second run off election (winner has to get more than 40% of the vote and be more than 10% ahead of the second place challenger).

After the result was fraudulently challenged by the OAS and there were violent protests on the street, Morales offered to hold a second run off election anyway, to placate the protesters.

This was rejected by the Coup plotters and the US.
The US and the Plutocrats knew they couldn’t win in a legitimate and fair election – they would lose by around 10% of the vote.
The only way they could oust Morales was by some kind of anti democracy Coup D’Etat – which they were already busily engaged in planning and engineering even before October’s election.

Morales’s calls on the Bolivian army and the police to protect his government fell on deaf ears. Police units almost immediately abandoned their posts, including protecting government buildings. They joined the fascist-led marches against the Morales government. When the head of the army called for Morales to resign the coup was completed. As with the U.S. coup effort in Venezuela, reports are emerging that various generals and police officials were secretly offered U.S. bribes to defect. The price of a Bolivian general, according to these reports, was said to be $1 million, while lower racking police officials were said to be had for $100,000 – both sums a mere pittance to be paid by CIA officials via a briefcase stuffed with bills printed by the Federal Reserve or U.S. Treasury for such occasions! But the heads of Bolivia’s police and military are no strangers to political intrigue. Defecting commander-in-chief of Bolivia’s police, Vladimir Yuri Calderon, served as military attaché at Bolivia’s embassy in Washington, D.C. until December 2018. Defecting Williams Kaliman, who heads Bolivia’s armed forces, held the same position between 2013 and 2016.

The above is extracted from “Bolivia: Anatomy of a Coup

It is now thought the real reason for Ivanka Trump’s strange visit to Jujuy in Northern Argentina, September 5, was to arrange or make the payments to bribe Bolivia’s Army & Police Chiefs with $1m and $500,000 each for the Fascist Military Coup on November 10.

Read this entire twitter thread

The US government has been plotting to overthrow Morales, to install a right wing Neoliberal Corporatist government more favorable to their interests, in Bolivia for some time.

Each of his 7 major predictions has come true. But his 8th prediction could be his most controversial, by far…. Read More

Bolivia has the largest reserves of Lithium in the world.
These reserves have yet to be developed.
Morales was negotiating deals with China and Germany to use these reserves to manufacture electric car batteries in Bolivia for export, instead of just exporting the raw material.
This would have created thousands of jobs in Bolivia, lifted many more people out of poverty, and grown Bolivia’s economy.

Using Bolivia’s Lithium reserves to manufacture car batteries instead of exporting the raw material to American car companies was unacceptable to the U.S. government.
The U.S. government wants to keep Latin America poor so it can more easily control it.
The same reason European Colonialists have wanted to keep Africa poor since they started colonising it, 200 or more years ago.
And the Spanish and Portuguese colonised South and Latin America 500 years ago.

The new US installed Regime in Bolivia will now impose somewhat similar conditions to that imposed on South America by the Conquistadors and Jesuits 500 years ago.
They will persecute, impoverish and enslave the indigenous population which makes up 70% of Bolivia’s current population, for the benefit of people of White European extraction.
The self declared “Interim President” of Bolivia, Jeanine Anez is an extreme self confessed racist and “Christian” Fundamentalist, who has called the indigenous people and their culture “Satanic”.

Morales supporting “Opposition” politicians and journalists are already being rounded up and jailed for “sedition”.
The Morales supporting Free Press is being shut down.
Morales has been accused of being “a terrorist”. He is now in exile in Mexico who have given him political asylum.

The new Regime is NOT a democracy.
Having come to power in a Military Coup they will not give up power easily, otherwise they will be the ones legitimately being locked up for Treason and Sedition for overthrowing the legitimate government of Evo Morales by force, with the aid of a Foreign Power (the U.S.).

The elections now scheduled for early 2020 will be heavily rigged.
Politicians from Morales’ MAS Party will be prevented from running, what is left of the opposition will be prevented from effectively campaigning (limited media exposure, limited ads, limited rallies etc.), large sections of Morales supporters will be prevented from voting, and the vote counting will be as fraudulent as necessary to install a member of the Fascist Coup as next “President”.

Morales wasn’t really a Socialist as portrayed in the Western media.
He was more of a pragmatic capitalist who encouraged economic investment (including foreign investment) and private enterprise to grow Bolivia’s economy.
Morales did nationalise Bolivia’s natural resources, such as its sizeable Natural Gas reserves to benefit ordinary Bolivians instead of benefitting US and Canadian multinationals.
He also set up social safety nets for the poor.

Morales definitely wasn’t a Neoliberal – the system of Corporatism and Endemic Corruption in place in the US, the EU, and US backed countries in South and Central America.
Neoliberalism transfers wealth and power to the very rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor – Morales did the exact opposite, see below.

Morales had the best economic record of any country in South America since he became President in 2006.
All of the benefits of rapid economic growth went to the lower 90% of the population and hardly anything at all to the top 10% wealthy Bolivians of European extraction who owned and controlled the country before he became President and who have now been restored to power by the US engineered Fascist Military Coup.

Morales lifted huge numbers of Bolivians out of the poverty they had suffered under the wealthy Plutocrat class for centuries before he became President.
He reduced the illiteracy rate to near zero.
The living standards of ordinary Bolivians were greatly improved.

Evo Morales economic record since being first elected in Jan 2006:
– GDP rose from $10 billion to $40 billion
– Extreme poverty dropped from 38% to 15%
– Unemployment declined from 8% to 4%
– The minimum wage increased from $60 to $310.

Which other country has had 400% economic growth in the last 12 years?
Not too many.

Bolivia’s minimum wage.
These numbers are in Bolivian Bolivianos – divide by 6.9 for current US dollar equivalents.

Morales also angered the U.S. government by closing the US military base in Bolivia early in his Presidency, supporting the Palestinians instead of the Israelis, and for making a very famous speech at the UN in 2018, sitting two seats down from Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo at the UN Security Council.
If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend watching it:

Evo Morales speaks the Truth at the UN in September 2018.
“U.S. doesn’t uphold democracy. It finances Coups & backs Dictators.
It threatens military intervention in democratic countries.
U.S. could not care less about human rights or justice.”

Evo Morales record as President:

The new US installed Coup Regime in Bolivia was very quick to reverse Morales’ Foreign Policy –
shutting down ties and cooperation with Venezuela, Cuba, and China; and reopening diplomatic ties with Israel.


Source: https://www.investmentwatchblog.com

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  1. You know the dark forces are clever. Should they be questioned, they understand that the interest in electric cars would trigger the right kind of public response for them to justify their arrogant behavior. So they tell the public that the lithium they are going after is for car batteries. With a little research, the real reason behind their actions are known because it just doesn’t add up. It is only a few individuals who will take the time to do the research. Individuals like yourself. Thank you all that you do.

  2. Lithium: There are many companies mining lithium in U.S. including mines in Nevada. It turns out that lithium is found where there is little or no vegetation, which makes Nevada a perfect source. (Lithium Corporation, Lithium Nevada Corporation, Piedmont Mining Corporation, to list a few in the U.S.)

    What concerns me is that lithium is not only used for batteries, but is a toxic medication for emotionally unstable patients, including many of our young people who are going through the throws of their hormone changes. And the TOXIC SIDE AFFECTS LIST IS LONG, not just a few, but many, many side affects!

    Those who were responsible for the economic destruction of Bolivia – payed for with our tax dollars by the way – obviously wants to steal, not pay for lithium, so it can be sold cheap to make toxic medicines to shut down the awareness of our young people or anyone else, to further their agenda of absolute control of Humanity. I would not be surprised to learn that vaccines also contain lithium and the reason it is being forced on the public. One more reason to avoid vaccines and drugs. Along with rape and war, toxic medicines are high on the dark forces’ agendas.

    Interesting, lithium is not listed as a high source of electrical conduction, as is the natural mineral source of aluminum, sodium and silica (without silica you cannot assimulate calcium) so I ask you why is lithium used in batteries when the naturally occurring aluminum – not the industrial tailings source of aluminum – is not being used. Diatomaceous Earth is everywhere and the mineral aluminum and silica in this clay should be a perfect conductor of electricity.

    Used as a medication, it destroys sodium in the body (and probably other minerals as well) so the electrical synapsis does not occur. Would it not do the same in the battery, destroy the electrical conduction of the metal? For this reason, I believe medication is among the greatest interest for those who mine lithium.


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