Most economies are largely dependent upon a main product or service, oil (Saudi Arabia) Germany (manufacturing) Russia (gas and wheat); the American economy is an eye-watering 55 percent war-related economy. Without conflicts, the United States is Saudi Arabia with oil; an impoverished Third World country.

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Every US president talks peace whilst waging perpetual war because all presidents are “captives of the military-industrial complex which is the underpinning of the US economy,” says Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.

Killed 30 million

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday categorized a series of aggressive American military strikes in Iraq and Syria that killed more than two dozen people as a “defensive action” intended to protect his country’s interests in the Middle East.

222 years at war

“Well, it begins by an understanding that this was a defensive action designed to protect American forces and American citizens in Iraq, and it was aimed also at deterring Iran,” Pompeo told Fox News.

If really fighting for our freedom

In an online interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Etler, a former professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, said, “The continued occupation of Iraq and Syria by US military forces contravenes all international norms and standards.

! John Bolton receives Guardian of Zion award

Both the Syrian government and patriotic forces in the Iraqi government have demanded that the US withdraw its military but to no avail. There is no legitimate reason for the continued US presence in either country.”

US invadxed 14 Islamic countries since 1980

“It is not surprising that the illegal US occupation of both countries has elicited popular resistance. The people of every nation have the inherent right to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity from foreign invasion. Thus, US Secretary of State Pompeo’s assertion that it is acting defensively in attacking forces friendly to the Syrian and Iraqi governments is completely without merit,” he added.

American Presidents Wars

“But, it is standard American practice to cry ‘national defense’ when it engages in offensive wars of aggression. Every US president talks peace and wages war and Trump’s talk about withdrawing US forces from the Middle East is likewise so much blather,” he said.

US World Tour

“All US presidents are captives of the military-industrial complex which is the underpinning of the US economy. Companies like Boeing and Lockheed could not survive without massive US defense spending. They need perpetual wars in order to sell their products and make mega-profits from a corrupt military procurement system,” the analyst said.

US at War

“In a similar fashion, the US media is controlled by a small cabal of large multimedia conglomerates who represent the interests of US corporations and their political servants. It is no accident that the talking heads on network and cable news programs continually interview the same former military leaders, FBI and CIA operatives and former government officials, day in and day out,” he noted.

Lockhhed. I love the Yemen War good for profits

“Politicians also know who their paymasters are. Entering politics is one sure route to power and wealth in the US. Even those who come from humble origins are able to parley their political ambitions into a profitable career if they are savvy enough. Hence, nearly all the Democrat candidates for the US presidency are millionaires and those who are not will soon be with lucrative media contracts,” he said.

US Stands with Israel, well, sort of

“It should be obvious that neither Trump nor any other US politician, no matter their rhetoric, is in a position to challenge the powers that be. Whether or not they may be initially sincere in their admonitions against foreign entanglements is irrelevant, they will all follow the same interventionist policy as it is inherent in the US political economy.

! None of us want war

Only with the dismantling and socio-economic transformation of the military-industrial complex and other capitalist industrial complexes into forces that serve the interests of the American people and the people of the world will the US war policy come to an end,” Etler concluded. Like this story? Share it with a friend. 

US is a threat to Europe


MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 64 book titles with 36 years’ experience.



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  1. I remember reading a few years ago that the Head of the IRS (who found his own taxes to be to difficult to do himself) reminding the public that federal taxes are strictly voluntary. I don’t know if he was fired from his job or not. It would be interesting to find out, but I don’t know the gentleman’s name. What that tells me is ‘strictly voluntary’ continues to be written in the constitutional amendment.

  2. The original Constitution clearly states that only corporations and not the citizens, are to be taxed. And when the Constitutional Amendment that changed all that (during the 1930s) was put into effect, it clearly states that taxation of its citizens is allowed only during war and taxes are STRICTLY VOLUNARY. Since then we have had more than one war, one right after the other and it is the citizens who, in protest, who choose not to pay taxes who go to prison.

    (Do it with a smile and manipulate the words, but never actually let the citizens know what you plan to do. Something that has worked for the dark forces in control for a very long time. It is time we outsmart them because we can read the signs.)

    Because many are dependent upon social security, the solution would be to place social security in a separate account with the stipulation it is NOT to be touched; not connected to any other expenditure and continue to tax for social security only. And then return the trillions of dollars taken from the social security fund and place that account in an interest bearing account. And then, restore the tax only corporations intention of our original Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is through taxation of citizens that destruction begins.

  3. Thanks for that important article that tells it all. As it is summed up at the end: “The United States is the most dangerous country in the world.” May the people finally wake up to the truth that there is no peace president in the U.S.

    • Right on! Thank you for the great information. You have filled in some of the missing pieces of my prior knowledge on the subject.
      Can you explain why so many Americans have been blinded and brainwashed for so long and why we have let it continue for so long, when the American people almost all want peace? I believe that Bernie Sanders would be the first peace president since Kennedy tried to buck the cabal when he stopped the Bay of Pigs attack they were demanding. Hmmm…


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