By Robert David Steele,

I interviewed Judge Anna von Reitz and she revealed how the Queen and the Vatican own the U.S. Government, how the Federal Reserve owes the American people much money, the IRS having been located in Puerto Rico, how Trump could end the mess and and so much more. A truly incredible interview. Please share this and especially if you know a Sheriff, Deputy or any other law enforcement person who needs to know this information.

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    • omg!!! Lee Wanta is this really you, you’re still alive!!! I read much about you a few years ago and with all this reset to Gold back dollar stuff we are hearing about, I often think about you and wondered where you were, if you were around to witness this come to fruition. My heart is smiling and I know we are in good hands. ?
      I can’t find on a quick search what President Ronald Reagan’s (pet) code name for you was….
      I did find information I look forward to sharing with people about your influence how it connects to Ronald Reagan who President Trump holds in high regard. Sadly I’m not as sharp as I once was, my mind is burned out with all the shocking research into pizzagate and the Q movement revelations over the past 4 years, but I look forward to looking in to where you are in all of this as best I can. I’ll start with checking out the links you’ve posted.
      My search did find this detailed article about your past role that apparently may not be so ‘in the past’.
      Following The Money Backwards Leads To President Reagan,Russian Rubles And Ambassador Leo Wanta

      I really am pleased to come across you!
      Warmest Regards
      Trudy Gunn

  2. Both Anna and David perpetuate the illusion and the false narrative of the control system. Go to:


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