By Sharon Stewart:

JUST BECAUSE we are all lightworkers DOES NOT MEAN that we drop everything in our busy lives to help others.

It means, and this is part of being unconditionally loving as well, that we love ourselves first by respecting ourselves, but we don’t take offense at others’ mistreatment of us. We don’t even call it mistreatment. However, we will deal with it according to the boundaries we have set.
It does not mean we allow others to define HOW AND WHAT WE will do for the lightworker community. That is our choice and it pertains to the personal journey we’re on.
So many codependent lightworkers don’t understand the meaning of being unconditionally loving. They believe it means unconditional giving and that’s not what it means at all. As someone who works day and night at this, I watch very closely how I spend my time and that I’m applying it to forward Ivo’s mandate of awakening lightworkers and Ashtar’s mandate of removing the darksters from this planet. I answer to them, not to people who feel they know how I should be spending my time!
What unconditional love means is that you don’t judge and you don’t take offense at their behaviour. Any behaviour that was an attack or misuse of power, isn’t judged as error or sin, it’s simply accepted in a loving fashion. It’s not even a question of having to forgive someone, there was no offense taken in the first place. Jesus was unconditionally loving. It’s a state and a very high state of being. However it doesn’t mean that it will change the outcome at all – it means you may still get a “no” to your request.
Being unconditionally loving DOES NOT mean you’ll do everything for everyone who asks. This is called being taken advantage of, it’s of low vibration, it shows a lack of boundaries, and it’s fear based. That has to do with allowing others to control you and anyone who is unconditionally loving has a high level of self mastery – so they have good self control.

Being unconditionally loving is something we all work towards. Any area of fear left within the psyche has to be dealt with. In removing fear, you also leave the illusion so many are creating behind. In the meantime, when you forgive fear-based behaviour, you raise in vibration again – back to a loving vibration.

When there is no more fear, then this state of unconditional love will be reached. It’s fear that keeps us from unconditionally loving others.

So many people try to interpret higher states from their lower minds. It doesn’t work. The ego can never understand the mind of the soul.

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  1. Absolutely. I agree totally. The most power thing we can do for others is to be an example of self-respect, healthy boundaries and self-love. And by doing that we free the Light within us to shine, to fill the world to free others to create a better life for themselves.

  2. Great article! Short and sweet, and very pithy.

    There are different populations sharing experiences here in 3D at this time. The unascended surface population is one; the lightworkers (starseeds/wanderers) is another. We are all learning from the shared experience, different lessons for different groups.

    I believe that what is described in this article is exactly one of the great lessons, if not **the** central core lesson, for lightworkers in this particular cycle of life here on Earth.


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