Wait till you hear this what’s been going on in our country and around the world. Gates, CDC, WHO…This went viral.



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  1. I Still Adhere to The Fact That If This Was Truly a Pandemic They Would Have Cremated Every Body As Soon As Possible, Period. So what’s really going on?? Maybe the Elite got poisoned??

    • Viruses don’t like dead bodies. There’s no work to do for them, see?
      Your conclusions often seem to overrule the use of common sense.

      • IF that were true then why does the funeral homes that take these bodies in have to suit up like there going to the moon??? This is a Fact, I have a friend that owns such. Dead bodies in of itself is a breeding ground for disease, period. & IF this was truly a Pandemic They would be playing it Safe. They went out of their way to divide ‘The Living Dead’ with their face mask & rubber gloves, why not play it safe & cremate. Don’t try & answer that, this is just common sense. You Devon can go & volunteer & help dispose of these bodies or help drive around with them in a fridge truck. I believe you left a comment on that ‘Refrigerator Trucks’ article agreeing with me just last week.

  2. This report seems to show how we’ve come to the core of the Coronavirus flu treatment causing many deaths by the use of ventilators. The way this virus affects the lung function is highly unusual, different from how pneumonia symptoms are showing up.

    Here’s a significant part of the report present in the link above:

    “Silent hypoxia progressing rapidly to respiratory failure explains cases of Covid-19 patients dying suddenly after not feeling short of breath. (It appears that most Covid-19 patients experience relatively mild symptoms and get over the illness in a week or two without treatment.)

    A major reason this pandemic is straining our health system is the alarming severity of lung injury patients have when they arrive in emergency rooms. Covid-19 overwhelmingly kills through the lungs. And because so many patients are not going to the hospital until their pneumonia is already well advanced, many wind up on ventilators, causing shortages of the machines. And once on ventilators, many die.

    Avoiding the use of a ventilator is a huge win for both patient and the health care system. The resources needed for patients on ventilators are staggering. Vented patients require multiple sedatives so that they don’t buck the vent or accidentally remove their breathing tubes; they need intravenous and arterial lines, IV medicines, and IV pumps. In addition to a tube in the trachea, they have tubes in their stomach and bladder. Teams of people are required to move each patient, turning them on their stomach and then their back, twice a day to improve lung function.

    There is a way we could identify more patients who have COVID pneumonia sooner and treat them more effectively — and it would not require waiting for a coronavirus test at a hospital or doctor’s office. It requires detecting silent hypoxia early through a common medical device that can be purchased without a prescription at most pharmacies: a pulse oximeter”.

  3. This is information is so important .Dr.Buttar explains it so very well .For all the naysayers in this world,yes there is a conspiracy ,it is a conspiracy of silence by the very organizations , the media ,to keep this information from us .
    We are faced with a cabal of criminals ,determined to cull the population of the world .
    It has been shown that when people have enough to eat , have a roof over their heads,have some aspirations of their children having a good education , the number of child births per family goes down .That is another subject though but thanks again for this very good video .

      • No, Neither. Just Not Indoctrinated. Besides “They” admit that they control Hollywood & the Media, that should make it easy for you.

        • Oh la la, here we’ve got another person who doesn’t like to be told. It’s hard to see one’s own program of indoctrination when one is the designer of it at the same time. Are you British, or indoctrinated by the British who have filled their heads with what seems to be clogged cream, Victoria Valdez?

          I know, I know, as we say in Holland “quickly climbing on the wardrobe”.
          I need to tell myself to climb down. Now, ha!

          • Your comment does not match what Audrey Mak had said to me. “Told” what?? I only pointed out a fact. Your rambling on of accusations of indoctrination program is clearly your own. You know I’m not British. & What happened to your decision to ignore my comments??

      • Let’s start with the Washington Post bought in June 1933 by Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer. 1st thing Post becomes pro-Franklin Roosevelt & anti- Germany & fired editor for refusing to endorse U.S. intervention into WW2. This paper is still owned by the same Family Katherine Meyer Graham.

        • I think you’ll find the WaPo, is now owned by Jeff Bezos, though my memory may not be perfect, given the amount of data and information in recent years, about Money, Currency, Health, Medical Systems, CDC, WHO, Bill Gates, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warbugs, Banks, China, Geo-Politics.
          “Who controls the Central Banks?”
          “Who Controls the UN?”
          “Who Controls the MSM?”
          “Who Controls the Security Services and Military Intelligence?”
          “Who controls the Internet, and the mega tech behemoths that decide what you can see and what you shouldn’t?”
          “Who controls research and the education system?”
          “Who controls the Medical System?

          This is about POWER and CONTROL… and the RFID chip he talks about, has been developed using ‘nano-technology’ (at the atomic scale) to be injected during vaccination.

          • Yes, that is correct Washington Compost is was bought by Jeff Bezos in 2013. Who controls your list, my Best educated guess would be The Pope/Vatican/UN Holy Sea & Westminster/The Queen.

  4. In this country here in the uk 91% of the idiots have voted to stay in lockdown the frustration and total brain dead people are truly staggering! I’m trying to inform people but they think your crazy when you say anything.

    • Hello Lindzi, I understand your frustration, yes. It’s difficult when people don’t like to be told, feeling as if they’re stupid in the eyes of the one who informs them of something they don’t know about. The emotional resilience is extremely weak, in general, in Britain.
      There’s a conclusion rising in me, but I might be wrong, that the drinking habit through several generations has caused damage to the brains of British citizens. There’s an absence of presence often, with a large number living as if on automatic pilot. Peculiar!
      Is that your experience as well?

  5. Thank you so much, mr. Buttar, for telling us thr truth so extensively. As for the relation between the “virus” and the vaccination, I have always felt that the vaccination must have been the, or one of the causes, so I started searching the net to find out more about Italy. What I found was the following: In October 2019 they started a big campain on T.V. to have all the elderly people vaccinated. Later that month they began vaccinating people in South Italy. Three persons died within 24 hours and another 16 people a few days later. They stopped the program and a European Commission examined the case and draw their conclusion in the beginning of December that there was no correlation.
    In December the campaign started in North Italy. The campaign was very successful and a great amount of elderly people was vaccinated in January. Immediately after that people started dyinf of “the corona virus”.
    I myself believe there must be a correlation between 5G, vaccination and “the coronavirus”.
    I studied penal law in The Netherland but have been out of this field for many years.
    I hope more brave scientists like you will do research in these importants fields and speak out in this difficult time where theTruth is hard to find.

    Thank you again,


    • First thing went through my mind about Italy was Rome, what’s in Rome, The Vatican & The Holy Sea. There is always that possibility of “staged events”

    • Hello Christina,

      can you please be so kind and share the sources relating to the vaccination issues in Italy you’re talking about? I’d like to see that myself.

      Thank you,

      • Hello Miguel,

        Unfortunately, I can`t find the source of my information any more. As I never had any intention of writing about this subject, I did not write down the source. The whole subject caught my attention when I read that Russia would send doctors and medication to Italy to help fight the coronavirus. Will they find the relation with the two vaccination programs exerted just before, one against the influenza with a vaccine existing of a strange mixture of x and y, and the other against meningitis? This all again without source in the same short article which appeared when I opened my tablet. This arose my curiosity, so I started searching google and without difficulty I found what I wrote above. I only took some notes for myself. The vaccine was Fluad, a flu vaccine made by Swiss Novartis. After the campaign in December four million dosis were distributed afterwards. The last information was of an article published around the 22 of January. I remember thinking then that the epidemic had not started by then. I have been looking all day to find the source, but only found tha the same problem with deaths after vaccination with the flu vaccine of Novartis had also occured in 2014. I suppose the information has been taken off google.

        Friendly regards,


    • Hallo Christina, ik spreek je aan in het Hollands, want ik denk dat je Hollandse bent van geboorte. Ook door je studie van Nederlands strafrecht. Je verslag van wat er in Italie heeft plaats gevonden is heel waardevol, vind ik. Veelzeggend. Ik had geen idee van die vaccinatie programma’s daar en hoe dat is verlopen. Was de vaccinatie tegen de griep?

      Ik wilde je laten weten dat er momenteel een rechtszaak loopt in Holland, tegen activering van 5G, aangezwengeld door Jordy Zwarts, die de Bond Overheidszaken heeft opgericht. Hij heeft eerst met success een rechtszaak gewonnen waarin hij de vrijheid van keuze heeft bedongen voor iedere Nederlander, om wel of niet een zorgverzekering af te sluiten.

      Totdat het recht om zelf je eigen ziektekosten te betalen werd geaccepteerd, kwamen Hollandse burgers in het gevang, om zo hun zorgverzekering premie te kunnen betalen, wanneer ze het geld er niet voor hadden. Voor families met kinderen is de premie flink hoog. Ikzelf betaal maandelijks 117 euro en dan kies ik voor 650 eigen risico. Ik heb geen gezondheidsklachten en ik weet veel van natuurlijke geneeskunde, dus dat eigen risico kon ik redelijk hoog houden, zodat de premie lager is per maand.

      Met die zorgverzekering overwinning, is Jordy Zwarts nu een 2e rechtszaak begonnen, rondom de activering van 5G. Kijk maar eens op de site, er zijn velen die de campagne tegen 5G steunen en ik ben lid van de Bond Overheidszaken geworden. Alle werk is op vrijwillige basis, binnen die bond. Een deel van de provincie Utrecht heeft nee gezegd tegen 5G en zal daar vrij van blijven. Steeds meer kritische stemmen komen op, ook in andere landen.

      En sinds kort is er eerherstel voor de vrije keuze van vaccinaties. Wellicht heb je het rapport al gelezen van Rober Kennedy, de resultaten van zijn campagne tegen vaccinaties, Het is te vinden op een van de PFC pagina’s hier. Als je wilt, je kunt me rechtstreeks benaderen via [email protected]

      Nogmaals dank voor je diepere kijk in wat er speelde in Italie m.b.t. de pandemie!

    • I picked up on that link about five months ago. My thinking went: “The vaccines must have something in them other than the ‘cure’. What’s with all that Mercury in them? Why not use conventional medicine? Why are so many famous people pushing vaccines? There has to be Nano technology in those vaccines. But also “Why the sudden out of control push for 5G tech rightnow? Do we really need it like oxygen right now? 5G must have the ability to trigger the Nanotech within the vaccines to do God knows what. Otherwise why are these two agenda’s being pushed so hard right now?”

  6. Rashid is on fire, he’s just saying it as it is. I pray for him to stay safe.
    After opening the can of worms with a loud “plop”. I’ve sent this video
    to an MP candidate in Britain. His wife’s a friend of mine and she works
    in a care home for the elderly and manages visits to those living alone.
    They’re both forces of nature and radiate enormous charisma.
    Now, they’re both offered a chance to show mettle, if they dare to.
    After watching this video.

  7. Great! This is what we need right now. I think I’ve found an answer to the long-lingering question about what it is that caused so much illness, declared as a pandemic, while virologists announce that a virus is a result of illness and not a cause.

    These are valuable and powerful statements by this doctor. He’s right to be furious, pissed off. I understand that this doctor puts himself completely in the line of arrows now.
    We need more of this, really, it’s time to put an end to this charade.

    It’s typical that when I share this information with some of my British acquaintances, that I’m met with silence. I’m expecting that to be honest, but I can’t resist placing it under their noses. That British Island needs a proper shake-up, rubbing the sand out of its eyes.

    I wish I could do it myself, for the complacency over there is unbelievable. With a display of impractical scenarios that reminds me of Monty Python sketches. I wish that John Cleese could stand in BoJo’s shoes and put an end to this madness, cutting the crap.


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