By Kyle Hunt,

And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark— the name of the beast or the number of its name. Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666…” Revelation 13:16-18

I am not a Christian. In fact, I am completely against the Christian religion, though I still do have a soft spot for some well-meaning Christians who simply do not understand the nature of their religion. So why am I posting a Bible verse and talking about the “mark of the beast”? Well, it certainly appears some people are using the Bible as an end-times playbook, and the “mark of the beast” is quickly becoming a reality.

On March 26, 2020 patent WO/2020/060606 was published. It is a Microsoft patent for cryptocurrency technology that is connected to the movements of a person’s body. The first inventor listed is a jew named Dustin Abramson, who is a software engineer working with AI. Here is a link to the patent and here is the archive of it in case the original is taken down. And here is a screenshot:

Mining cryptocurrency has never been easier! Get a sensor implanted in your body (so you don’t lose it or anything) and then do whatever the AI server tells you to do, and if you do it right, you will get some digital shekels!

It will be like 1984, but even better!

Seriously though, this could definitely be a way to get people to willingly be implanted with a Microsoft chip. It’s like fitbit meets bitcoin – FitBitcoin!

We know Bill Gates has been planning for implantable chips for quite some time with the nefarious ID2020, and it’s now 2020.

What is that crucifix-like thing on the wall?

ID2020 is brought to you by people who want to inject you with neurotoxins, control all of your data, and monopolize your mind.

Lots of people had already been speculating that Bill Gates would usher into through hell’s gates with the mark of the beast due to the ID2020 program and his push for digital “immunity” certificates.

Gates has made it pretty clear that his intention is to get everyone vaccinated and chipped. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s right out in the open for everyone to see.

Why would they make it so obvious for us? In my opinion, the 060606 patent number was in no way accidental. The judeo-Masonic shapers of reality love to do this kind of thing. Some people refer to it as “revelation of the method.”

When the ruling cabal makes it perfectly clear what they are planning to do to us, even coming out with an explicit 666 mark of the beast, they seem to believe we give them permission to do so by not stopping them. Perhaps they think this shields them from karmic repercussions or something of the sort.

It could also be that they are so confident in their plans succeeding that they just like to rub our noses in it and laugh at how we are powerless to stop them.

There is also an element of “predictive programming” that could be at play, wherein the mind manipulators show us future events in “fiction” so as to condition our responses when the “real” events take place.

Whatever the case may be, I do not give a damn about how these psychopaths justify their actions. I only care about ensuring that their time calling the shots, shaping the destiny of the world for many millennia, comes to a swift end.

There is really no alternative for us. Either we do everything possible to stop their agendas, or our friends and families, and all of humanity, will be dead or enslaved in a worldwide prison run by jews.



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    • Read revelation13 in the Holy Bible. Can you not see how the events can unfold.

      God provides free will so you get to choose who you worship. Everyone has something.

      Jesus spent more time talking about Hell then heaven.

    • Yeah… Nothing happened & here we are. I disagree with the Big Bang. God spoke: “Let there be light.” There’s your “Big Bang.” CERNs little experiment of clashing atoms together to find vibrating strings… ie: Super String Theory… that’s God’s voice that is still vibrating throughout all reality. First components of the uni-verse (one-sentence): hydrogen… close… water (scientists are always behind). See Gen. 1:2. Everything is created from water. David Russell Humphreys predicted exact magnetic patterns of the gas giants based off of them being created from water & NASAs scientists looked like retards. He was right on every planet he predicted when their 2 satellite probes went by. The Bible is right & science only place rises what we already knew for over 4K years. If you want to try with the universe being 14B years old, I suggest you try 6K +\- a few hundred years. If you wish to persist, consider asking yourself why a few hundred years ago that they said the universe was 70,000 years old, & every few decades, scientists keep changing the age. They can’t make up their minds! The Bible is the same. God never changes (Malachi 3:6, etc.). But why are they seeing galaxies further than 14B of light years away? You have a problem. I suppose they’ll change the age of the universe to older, again🤔. But wait! God said He stretched out the universe…! … in probably a dozen places in the Bible. Well! That would mean Je stretched out the light, too. But you wouldn’t understand that. But if you wanna say there’s no God, I suggest that you try again. Your Eternity will depend on it. Try proving it doesn’t exist. We live in 4-dimensions. When I last read Brian Greene’s: Elegant Universe & a few Michau Kaku books: Visions, Hyperspace, Beyond Einstein,… not mention dabbling in Stephen Hawking for some light reading, they all agree that there’s at least 7 other dimensions out there. I suggest to you that this is outside of the realm of time & Eternity awaits. Unless your like my friend who is a big Slayer fan, then Hell awaits. Please reconsider asking Jesus Christ to come in to your heart & show you the Truth. 1Cor. 15:1-4, Romans 3:10, 3:23, 6:23, 10:9-13, 1Thes. 4:14 & my personal favorite: 1John 1:9.

  1. God is not the author of confusion. He tells history in advance. God is outside of time therefore He knows what will happen before it happens. He warns us of the evil that is coming, almost here now, so we are prepared to deal with it. The best way to deal with what is coming is to be gone from it by accepting God’s plan of salvation to escape the evil. Jesus provided a way out, it is up to people to make use of it.

  2. Like everything, this technology can be used to either benefit or negatively impact society.

    The good use of something like this would be especially handy during our corona virus pandemic.
    You could track infected people and those they come in contact with, making testing and isolation more effective.
    You could trace people nearby a crime scene at the time of the crime.

    Here’s a no-shocker. Your movement is already being traced if your cell phone’s GPS is turned on. In a recent homicide case in California, with appropriate court orders, a man’s cell phone was identified as being near the scene and time of the crime. Of course he simply turned out to be an innocent jogger by, but the principal applies.

    Imagine how many crimes can be prevented with a permanent chip implant. Criminals would be very restricted in their movement and activity.

    • Many people don’t want to be tested or tracked for a virus they don’t care about. Do you want to be force isolated and under house arrest just because you tested positive for the common cold with a test that isn’t even reliable? (Remember, covid has a 99% survival rate.) It’s a matter of freedom and privacy.

      • Please note the sarcasm here:
        That makes too much sense. We gotta test! Get those swabs up our noses with the EO that’ll cause brain cancer. Love that stuff!


    • I knew this was what all this coronovirus thing was about all this free money and everything was leading up to the mark of the beast when they stopped us from being able to attend church if we wanted it should be left up to us I saw nothing wrong with a preacher meeting outside to do a church surmon if they let people go to walmart but not church and now talking about mark on the beast they say its a womans body if she wants to have a abortion but its not our right if we dont want to be vacinated we it sounds to me like a whole lot of somebodys are violateing our human rights what about these laws i dont want this vacination if I die here on earth thats fine because is only human life I just dont want to codem my soul to hell for eternity so Im ready to fight anyone we have to people lets stand together this is for our future and our familys to come I beg of everyone of you to stand together …

      • I also thought OUR GOVERNMENT was going WAY OVERBOARD TO TO CLOSE DOWN OUR EXISTENCE. We the people have to stand up to the extrelmely rich thinking they can MANDATE our lives. I will refuse to take the vacination and warn everyone else of all the dangers. Like you say—Who does Bill Gates think he is that he has so much power. No one ever put him in control of our country. Bill Gates and wife, George Soris, The Clintons, and the Obamas are all components of this. They are on the boards of the companies behind it and I think it is time we take back our rights. I will fight for the lives of my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

      • We finally fight for our rights, not to be forced to any or other sh**** comes up with our leaders… This people they lied about everything… Let's be united and stand together for the truth and lies of the vaccine or any injection..
        Now we say NO to any injection no matter what they do… We fight the fight of our ancestors.. Our father please help us… We know you hear us. My voice speaks on behalf of people of the universe…. We're the pillar of the world needs… Not to sold our soul to the devil things…. Baba baba baba hears us ????

    • HOWEVER he is ‘elite’ and VERY wealthy (and most likely dim/lib) obviously he THINKS he knows those who can make this happen sorry to say …. #PRAYPRAYPRAYFORAMERICA

    • That seems like the common approach but these snakes are not common. I don't think evil is the word but a very unique species that you don't see on the streets everyday. Maybe once in a lifetime.

  4. Full Disclosure :From Security Clearance No 2 in the world Confirmed : The Truth re Roswell UFO incident.we are not alone : Event (s) that changed the world | part 1 – April 27, 2020

    Security Clearance of Disclosure 40 plus higher than any president or prime minister in the world Fact

    Please share far and wide

  5. So let us do something about this. Let us create a beautiful new earth timeline. We as little individuals in this timeline haven’t the power to get these dark ones away from us. Together as one we can. Lets visualize it happening. Now.

  6. 6 Foot distance between us, social distancing protocol, seen the video in action which led me to believe it was for our safety all right, to make it easy for them to pick up the criminals.

    • Hello Victoria Valdez, there’s almost no comment of yours, where you don’t add a slight or not so light element of dramatic negative charge to a subject that is taken out of context by you. The way Dr. Rashid explains the role of 6 feet distance is what he remembers from his years serving his country as a soldier, that those comrades who were in combat actively, could be monitored better, securing clear communication as well.

      The 6 feet distance between those who are obliged to obey, isn’t serving a search for criminals, it’s simply serving the tracking of each individual, which is hard to discern when people are gathered in crowds close together. That’s all there is to it, just as Dr. Rashid described it. In your comment here, you’re giving that a twist, and that’s saying something about your attitude. To me, you seem to be fooling yourself, by playing a “Lady of the Light” as a cover-up of who you really are.

      Please, enjoy your game but let’s be open about it and call it by its real name. I know, that statement is a contradictio in terminus. I’ll never pretend to be “enlightened”, or an “awakened person” Saying that about myself is preposterous, especially in the cloud. I’m a Mother Superior, a pain in the ass, a jester, at times. Are you the Queen of the Night?

  7. I just want to point out Revelation 3:9

    Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV)

    9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    There are still real and decent Hebrew Jews.
    Great article, thank you!

  8. It’s staring us in our face, isn’t it? And now it may be true, what this doctor annex ex-soldier Rashid, in a recent post here, explained about the social-distancing protocol, the 6-foot distance between us, serving the satellite-tracking of each of our whereabouts and targeting as well when we’re vaccinated and the tattoo-id or – markers under our skin shows proof of it being so. The microchip under our skin is another tracking device, next to our smartphone battery.

    And yet, I’m not in fear of this scenario, this transhumanism agenda turning us into minions of AI in the same way as all these monstrous creatures came out of the hell holes and mines of horrors, below Sauron’s tower and all-seeing eye, in The Lord of the Rings.

    I can’t help finding this certainty within me, that nothing of this shall come to pass. NO THING! Maybe I’ll live in another timeline than those willingly accepting this slavery?
    That Bible text is a true revelation of a sinister plan, not a certainty of our fate, and I wonder how many who read the Bible, expect that text to be relevant in our present time.

    • it is said to fulfill the prophecy,,,,,that is not the same as the prophecy is chiseled
      in stone,,,we a re co-creators,,,we have something they do not,,,is it a challenge for
      us to create a new brighter reality in a new matrix ???,,,is this a trigger to move up into a higher dimension to leave this darkness behind ???,,,are we not here to create this new matrix we call “new earth” ?????
      i say,,,IT IS TIME

      • Hello elga konietzny. I didn’t mean to suggest that anything is chiseled in stone, I merely asked myself how many people realize the relevance of that text in Revelations in our present time, in relation to vaccinations and a chip under the skin.

        I’ve witnessed Christian people in my youth, living in their own world, keeping themselves on a distance from new inventions and television, saying that it was potentially the work of the devil. What I’m saying, is that often these religious groups don’t inform themselves on what’s in the making behind closed doors.

        I mean, the vaccination program with the mark of the beast involved now.
        Many Christian people seem to wait for Jesus Christ to descend on a cloud.
        The second coming of Christ, in a literal sense. To me it’s the awakening of Chirst Consciousness in the heart, what that second coming is about.

        To me, prophecies are potential outcomes, expressed in a period where certain conditions on planet Earth seemed to show how the future would look like, similar to the predictability of a fruit ripening on a fruit tree, in the eyes of a prophet. I do acknowledge those words about the mark of the beast, in that last chapter of the Bible. Thank you for your comment, I see myself as a co-creator with joyful spunk.

        • The Bible says he would return on a cloud. Either you believe or you don’t. But that’s what it says which is why Christians who believe the Bible properly interpreted believe He will return on a cloud, it is pretty much explicitly stated in Acts 1.

      • The Bible is not a guidebook for salvation. It was compiled around the 4-6th centuries after Christ for conquest. The teachings of the Christ are enough (such as loving God and your neighbor as yourself) for your moral upbringing.

        Produce your(s) proof of the living Logos, as you say, as it is such an extraordinary claim.

        • The book of Daniel was written in 605 BC when Daniel and his three captive friends were taken by King Nebuchadnezzar to live as wise men/ eunuchs in his court. God gave Daniel the meaning of a dream given to the king as recorded in Daniel chapter 2. This foretold the whole history of our world through to the end time and second coming of Jesus as King of Kings to put an end of this world with sin. In Qumran Israel in 1947, a Bedouin shepherd boy found the Dead Sea scrolls hidden in 12 caves which had been hidden since at least 70 AD. All of these ancient manuscripts of the Bible also included copies of the book of Daniel. For more information please watch The Forgotten Dream by Anchor Point Films on You Tube. “Surely the Lord God will do NOTHING but He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets. “Amos3:7.


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