Since the outbreak of COVID-19 outside of China, the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken a prominent role in the handling of the pandemic on a global level. The unquestioned power and influence of this organization created by the United Nations lead most governments around the world to shape their policies and pandemic response according to the WHO’s data and guidelines. In other words, nations enabled a global (and non-democratic) entity to dictate decisions that are taken on a national and local level.

The result of this direct pipeline between the WHO and national governments has been profound and far-reaching. Fueled by apocalyptic models and projections, governments were urged to confine their entire population while shutting down their entire economies for several months. The devasting consequences of this global lockdown are still difficult to quantify. However, a prediction made in my article COVID-19 Lockdown: A Global Human Experiment quickly came to fruition: Billions of dollars were funneled from the working class towards the elite.

So why is the WHO giving orders to nations and their democratically elected governments? Is it due to its proven track record and educated advice? Clearly not. Because the organization’s response to the pandemic at its earliest and most critical stages was nothing less than disastrous. Some might argue that it was even deliberate.

On January 14th, the WHO claimed that there was no human-to-human transmission – citing Chinese sources.

On February 4th, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke against travel restrictions on China, saying such measures could cause “fear and stigma”. He added that there “no reason for panic and fear”, he said.

Since most world governments blindly followed the WHO’s recommendations, air travel from China continued for weeks and allowed the spread of the virus across the world. And, when some countries nevertheless moved forward to stop travel from China, the WHO actively lobbied against it.

The WHO directly lobbied against banning travel to countries, including China.

A statement released as late as February 29, argued against travel bans because they “may disrupt businesses, and may have negative social and economic effects on the affected countries”.

“WHO continues to advise against the application of travel or trade restrictions to countries experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks,” the statement said.

“In general, evidence shows that restricting the movement of people and goods during public health emergencies is ineffective in most situations and may divert resources from other interventions.”

Academic research by the University of Southampton has revealed up to 95 percent of deaths would not have happened if the WHO acted earlier.
– SKY News, China used WHO in a bid to open Australia’s borders

The last sentence is particularly damning: 95% of deaths could have been avoided if the WHO did not go against travel bans from China. Considering the fact the WHO actively worked against the single most important measure to stop the spread of the virus, why is it still shaping government policies? Because it is linked to the global elite.

The Power of the WHO

Despite spreading information that was outright false and dangerous, the WHO remains unquestionably influential across the world. On April 18th, the organization showcased its immense power by broadcasting Together At Home, a massive media event that had countless celebrities and powerful people praise the WHO and the elite entities behind it.

The WHO is also heavily invested in controlling the flow of information regarding the virus.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

A headline from The Verdict.

Speaking on CNN’s Reliable Sources, YouTube CEO  Susan Wojcicki stated that the streaming platform would be “removing information that is problematic” and that would include “anything that is medically unsubstantiated”. She added:

“So people saying ‘take vitamin C; take turmeric, we’ll cure you’, those are the examples of things that would be a violation of our policy. Anything that would go against World Health Organisation recommendations would be a violation of our policy.”

Why would YouTube even care if people talked about vitamin C in their videos? Because, since the beginning of the outbreak, the WHO has been suspiciously against any kind of remedy or solution against COVID-19. Every single time a treatment shows promise, the WHO and the media system that caters to it are quick to warn against them and even label it as dangerous.

Why? Because the WHO is banking on a single, universal solution: A Vaccine.

A Vaccine and Nothing Else

To fully understand the mindset behind the WHO, we must look at the funding behind the WHO.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

Two of the five biggest funders of the WHO are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Gavi Alliance. As seen in the article Bill Gates is Calling for a Digital ID to Idenfity Who is Vaccinated, these two organizations are advocating for using vaccines to create a global ID system using some sort of implant. COVID-19 is the perfect occasion for them to make this happen.

To make sure this happens, the world needs to live in fear and without a cure until that vaccine is released.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

One of the many headlines warning against any kind of cure or treatment.

The WHO is also fighting against the most “natural” remedy to a virus: Herd immunity. Indeed, considering the fact that COVID-19 is non-deadly to healthy people, allowing the population to naturally develop antibodies against the virus by just living with it is probably the most natural way to combat it. Some countries such as Sweden defied the WHO’s dogma, refused to confine its population, and is now claiming that herd immunity could be achieved by June. Of course, the WHO is warning against this strategy. Media sources that are completely sold to the WHO’s agenda have been hard at work to shun this age-old concept. Here’s a headline from The Guardian.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

The article can be summed up in two quotes:

“The simple fact is that herd immunity, without a vaccine, is not an easy way forward.”

And the article ends with this aberrant statement.

 “I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I’d rather stay inside for a few more months and still see my parents next year.”

These statements are 100% in line with the WHO’s true agenda: No freedom without a vaccine. In order to justify this line of thinking, the article talks about the “sacrifice of the vulnerable on the altar of the economy”. Not unlike other articles warning against any kind of solution, it goes to extremes by claiming that herd immunity would kill millions of elderly people, without considering the fact that a strategy of targeted quarantines could be used for the most vulnerable while allowing healthy people to remain free.

Here’s another article pushing the same agenda.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

The article argues that the only solution is an all-out police state.

“We won’t get to herd immunity in the near future. A miracle drug is not in sight. The only way to restart the economy, then, is to put a highly effective system in place to test millions of people, trace their movements, and quickly quarantine those who might have been infected.”

This quote leads us to another reason why the WHO and its elite system want COVID anxiety to last as long as possible: The justification of population surveillance.

Using COVID to Enable Big Brother

Here are some magazine covers and headlines that popped up in the past week.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

“Can Big Brother Save Us?” on a French magazine.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

A mind-boggling headline from the Times UK.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

“Quebec prepares its Big Brother for the 2nd wave”. Cell phones could be tracked,

The WHO has been telling the world that the only viable solution is a vaccine. And they say that a vaccine could take months or years to be available. So what happens until they decide that a vaccine is ready? A police state where high tech surveillance, bio-paranoia, and the forced quarantine of selected people at a moment’s notice. Big Brother is now a “savior” as the constant tracking of individuals and the people they come in contact with is portrayed as the only solution to save lives.

Telling fact: Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, who is currently at the forefront of the country’s pandemic response (while fully abiding by the WHO’s guidelines) appeared in bizarre 2010 movie about a pandemic. The movie “OUTBREAK: Anatomy of a Plague” is about the fictional scenario of the resurgence of smallpox in Canada. What she says during the movie is stunning.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

Theresa Tam in the movie “Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague”.

In the movie, Tam talks about measures to be taken if there’s an outbreak of smallpox. She says:

“If there are people who are non-compliant, there are definitely laws and public health powers that can quarantine people in mandatory settings.”

She adds:

“It’s potential you can track people, put bracelets on their arms, have police and other setups to ensure quarantine.”

The narrator of the movie continues:

“Police checkpoints are set up on all the bridges and everyone leaving the city required to show proof of vaccination. Those who refuse to cooperate are taken away to temporary detention centers.”

Since the beginning of the COVID outbreak, the WHO has been steadily guiding the world towards a police state until the release of an approved vaccine. In many ways, the WHO is looking for the entire world to follow the lead of the most advanced high-tech police state in the world: China.

Worldwide China

Through its Orwellian social credit system, its horrific re-education camps, its brutal suppression of dissenting voices, and its constant surveillance of its population, China has been a laboratory for a high-tech new world order. Furthermore, several elite-connected corporations have been aiding China to achieve its aims. Unsurprisingly enough, the WHO has been steadily praising this oppresive regime.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus with the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping.

Here’s an extremely symbolic tweet Ghebreyesus’ official account:

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

At center of the above picture is the hindu deity Shiva, also known as “The Destroyer”. Through destruction, Shiva enables profound transformation. This goes in hand with the elite’s favorite motto: Order Out of Chaos.

Telling fact: There’s also a prominent statue of Shiva at CERN.

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China

A screenshot taken from the CERN website about the unveiling of its Shiva statue in 2004.

In Conclusion

The WHO has been handling this pandemic in a very specific manner. When the virus was solely contained in China, the WHO denounced governments that were looking to restrict travel originating from China. Despite every ounce of common sense, the WHO claimed that restricting travel would not be effective against the spreading of the virus. Once the virus spread across the world, the WHO then pushed for the most the restrictive and destructive confinement policies in human history, causing a massive crash of the economy and a complete reshaping society.

In this unhealthy environment, the WHO strived and went for massive power grabs. The organization is now pushing for the prolonging of these measures and the creation of high-tech police states while waiting for the only cure it will ever approve: A universal vaccine. Considering the fact that Bill Gates is the current top funder of the WHO and that he is also part of ID2020 – which is advocating for using vaccines to create a digital ID using a tattoo or a microchip – we can clearly see what is the true agenda of the WHO: To create a worldwide China.

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  1. This is published by the United People Foundation, part of the initiative of Ronald Bernard.

    The new Declaration of Human Rights

    Article 1.
    All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of sister- and brotherhood.

    Article 2.
    Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this New Declaration of Human Rights, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, understanding of the Creator of heaven and earth (God), political, religious or another opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or another status.

    Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

    Article 3.
    Everyone has the right to a life of dignity, liberty, and unabridged security of person. The right to life and to inviolability begins as soon as the human comes into being in the mother’s womb.

    Article 4.
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    Article 5.
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    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile; not even if these are carried out by order of government bodies, the state, secret agencies, religious organizations, military personnel, or powerful companies.

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    Article 30.
    Nothing in this New Declaration of Human Rights may be interpreted as implying for any State, government body, secret agency, political, religious or military organization, powerful company, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.


  2. That list of “Biggest WHO funders” it list Germany last, it shouldn’t be there at all considering they are still an occupied country! They do as they are told.

    • Hello Jon, could you explain, please, how Germany does as its told? By whom?
      I’ve noticed that there are many initiatives for reform and sharing of information,
      in Germany, in gatherings with those who choose a different path.
      They’re quite active in translating documents and interviews from English to German.
      I live in The Netherlands, and I’m able to speak and read Gerrman as well.

      • Germany is still occupied, which means they do not have the free will of the Germans in matters that makes a nation free. Take freedom of speech for example, if one questions the holocaust you end up in jail. Germany to this day has NATO occupying her. How many United States bases are there? Let’s not go into who plopped their butts back into the bankers executive chairs once they destroyed Germany after the supposed end of WW2.


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