The world is about to undergo an extreme test of our willingness to hand over our individual rights in many areas.  And so like many  theories from the past, this one now apparently is in fact about to be a proven conspiracy.  For those who want to protect themselves and their rights, it is therefore extremely critical that all valuable tools and resources be available and at their fingertips.  The intent of this post is thereby to create a permanent and easily accessible place on our website that provides you with information to help you protect your rights.

Below you will find several resources to links, articles, forms and petitions related to your right to informed consent when it comes to vaccines, implants or tracing.  As we do not possess all knowledge regarding these issues, we encourage you to submit any other information or supporting documents that we can also post and share in this post.  We hope that you can spread the word about this post such that we have this material be available to as many people as possible.

Please be patient with us as we collect and post more information and resources.  We thank all those who have shared their work and material to date.

Victory of the Light!


Vaccine Consent Form

Advance Vaccine Directive Card

How to Decline a Vaccine (with form and article)

Website to Articles and Vaccine Forms

Mandatory Vaccination Petition

Petition Against Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Oppose HR 6666 Petition

Europe Petition Website

Europe Petition Form



Mandatory Vaccinations: Your Rights, Articles, Forms and Petitions

COVID-19 | ‘The People’ vs. the Lockdown

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement


UPDATE: CBS and Cherry Health Give Veritas Conflicting Statements on Staged COVID Testing

Pandemic: The Invention of a Disease Called Fear


Because … Coronavirus – Anything Goes!

More Censorship of Plandemic


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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. This is an excellent article. This is, in my opinion, one of the best posts ever written. Your work is excellent and inspiring. Thank you very much.

  2. There’s a free online database of vaccine deaths if you want to take a look at it. Or you can download the Access MDB file. It appears to be updated every week day. Feel free to make a post about this database to inform people.

    1265 cases where COVID vaccine killed people. This is a database so it can take 1-2 minutes to load the page. Download the data yourself before it gets censored: Inside the zip file is an Access MDB file.

  3. Hello i am John 57 year old from Australia. I am an innocent person being electronically violated by whom i believe is an Intelligence agency here called Asio. This may sound a lil bizare but i am almost sure i am one of many innocent persons that has been struck down by the nano techology and smart dust from chemtrails that has over time lodged under my skin and now made me an antenna for electronic harrasment being hit with radiation for the sole intent to cause cancer and death. WHY ? I dont think i will ever know. I have heard voices 24/7 for the past 6 years and now my body is starting to show symptoms of slowing down. I am out of breath from walking up a flight of stairs, my intestines are burnt from the inside, they play with my heart making it race and then beat so slowly they have zapped my brain among many other things they have done to me. This is impossible to prove its all done from a discreet location and its invisable. My radio frequency reader goes off the charts when under attack. I do have proof of a chemical they sprayed on me while i was sleeping that only shows up under ulra violent light, it was all around my bedroom window and window frame (point of entry) my bed sheets and mattress was covered in it, a florecent yellow color i have yet to have it tested. I phoned police that said they would be around to investigate but then i told them i am almost certain it is Asio they never showed up even after several phone calls and personal visits to the police station. How unusual.

    Wondering if anyone out there knows how to protect myself from these electrical vibrating attacks ? Ive tried emf protective hats, head wear, emf protective fabric, 50 layers of aluminum foil and the only thing that works is to stay walking so the beam cant lock onto you. I now live on minimal sleep and pace the streets to stop from being radiated though eventually falling down from fatigue and being cooked anyway.

    I would be so very grateful if somebody could help by telling me how to either stop this barbaric practice, or block it.

    Thanking you in advance

    John Peterson.

    • This is a baseball hat to protect from EMF radiation. Some people are sensitive to electronics. Let’s see if this link to Amazon will post.

      Search for “emf protection cap”.

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  5. Poison Covid Vaccine labs shut down worldwide , November 1, 2020

  6. New York Gov. Cuomo Put on Notice For Genocide under the Constitution Plus Much Much More !!!

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  13. Hi,
    Just wanted to say if the person is not ill from covid 19 then why should the person take the vaccination ???
    Maybe Trump & the his staff can take the vaccination ???

    • Hi,
      I am certain Trump never said he would mandate this vaccine, he said he would make it available to people who want it.
      As far as I know, Trump and Melania are not Pro vaccine, I have been following them closely these last 4 years.
      Now Joe Biden is another story completely, he is controlled by the globalists and I fear what he may do to start up the wars again and mandate vaccines.
      I wish people could get past their hate for Trump so they could see more clearly.
      Happy Holidays

  14. Hello. Thank you for your post and all the information that you provide.
    Is anyone aware of a group working in EU for the same end?
    Asking for a friend. 🙂 Asking for myself, of course. Thank you, keep those vibrations high.

  15. Precedent !

    Breaking ! Business’s lodge Multi Billion dollar class action lodged against victoria australia Governement , health department and Ministers in their personal Names for scamdemic lockdowns.

    Strong Rumour class actions coming against Fraud Business’s & employees Fraud media & employees , fraud lawenforcement & employees involved in the biggest SCAMDEMIC Ever !

    Pharma stocks going to ZERO !!!

    Business’s Lodge your class action now !!! against the scammers in every country in the World !!!

    Please share far and wide in every country and the world !!!

  16. Merci infiniment Joël pour ce fabuleux éclairage et cette richesse d’informations… Que rajouter de plus ??? Rien ! si ce n’est que cette “fabuleuse pièce de théâtre” dans laquelle nous jouons malgré nous, le meilleur rôle, va bientôt se terminer ? STOP ? RIDEAU ? MERCI à tous les acteurs et au C… D car grâce à toute cette “Orchestration” maintenant NOUS SAVONS ?
    Que la Paix l’amour et l’harmonie règne sur notre si belle Terre ? Soyons Unis ?
    Très belle fin de journée à vous ?

  17. Hemp has a symphony of over 400 compounds such as cannabidiol (CBD), secondary phytocannabinoids, and terpenoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These compounds work synergistically to enhance the beneficial effects of cannabidiol. This is why we believe so strongly in making hemp extracts from whole plants. With this in mind, we also understand that sometimes we just want a promotion. In particular, the increase in CBD. Listening to our consumers, we’ve added CBD Isolate to our product line so you can enhance your full-spectrum cannabis supplement routine whenever you need it.

  18. C’est la peur qui tue,pas le virus. Au tout début le codiv 19 a été présenté comme étant le tueur diabolique…il s’agissait donc de la peur de la mort. Puis vous avons compris que nous pouvions guérir … et la peur n’était plus la mort inévitable mais seulement celle d’ être malade et devoir seulement souffrir des effets des soins prodigués …La différence est de taille et c’est pourquoi les contraintes sanitaires imposées sont de moins en moins suivies car notre vie n’est plus rigoureusement mise en danger. “peur de mourir =NON, mais peur de souffrir = pourquoi pas.

  19. A few thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic.

    Some time ago, I came across a video on the internet in which the author claimed that you can’t get the virus via droplets/that you can’t catch the virus. It made me think.

    I once noticed that our grandmothers/grandfathers don’t have a cold. My over 80-year-old grandmother even being surrounded by people having a cold. didn’t even sneeze once. I wonder why, after all, older people are unlikely to have a stronger immune system than those younger.

    I remember when I was in primary school, when I got a cold I was only taking vitamin C and after up to three days it passed. Now the cold lasts for up to a month and is more severe. There’s no way I had an immune system more developed than I do today. So what has changed since then. How different our grandmothers are from us that they don’t get sick. After all, they say that Covid-19 affects mainly older people, which means that they are not as disease resistant as younger people.

    Answer: you can’t catch the virus by droplet. Our grandmothers (at least in Poland where I come from) did not eat the poisons contained in food, water, air and were not surrounded by electrical devices (phones, computers), there used to be one TV in the house and they still rarely watched because there was nothing to watch.

    Now, what is a virus and what is a disease?

    Viruses (Latin: virus “poison, venom”) – small infectious particles infecting all life forms, unable to replicate outside the host cell.

    Viruses have no cellular structure, no organella, and are not classified as organisms. The simplest viruses are made up of the nucleic acid that makes up their genome and the surrounding protein mantle called capsid. They contain one of two nucleic acids, either RNA (RNA viruses) or DNA (DNA viruses), which contain the information needed to produce the particles.

    Viruses are intracellular absolute parasites – they are completely dependent on living cells acting as their host. They do not have their own metabolic systems (energy production sites or biosynthesis). Some viruses may contain their own enzymes but they do not allow them to self-replicate or use information from their own genome. They use the machinery of the host cell to replicate.

    Is one virus enough to make you sick? In order to get infected with a virus or bacteria, you need them in large numbers, and after all, the virus cannot replicate itself.

    Disease: when do we get sick? When an organ of the body does not function properly. This is due to the large amount of infected cells the organ is made of. With a small number of infected cells the organ can still function. A cell is infected when its natural DNA/RNA that is information carrier, is modified.

    Another observation: Everything that Nature creates is for a reason, everything has a purpose. E.g. bacterias that science says can make us sick like salmonella, E.Coli bacteria, exists naturally in the gut. They become “pathogenic” when they get out of the gut and meet weakened cells. No bacterium or fungus are naturally created to harm a man or another creature. Their main task is to decompose dead organisms. Nature has never created anything that would be harmful. It is impossible for nature to create a virus on a bat’s butt that purpose would be to harm human beings. Everything in the universe is perfectly arranged. Natural viruses don’t exist. What is harmful can only be created artificially. These supposed viruses could be nanotechnology/nanorobots. What’s natural is always good.

    Official Khazarian narrative: SARS-CoV-2 virus comes from animals/bats. I wonder why nature would create a human-killing virus in the butt of a bat? I also wonder how a virus can develop in a hostile environment? Additionally, officially most people are asymptomatic about Covid-19. I wonder how you can, for example, be heart sick with a normal functioning heart?

    But let’s assume there was a miracle and such a virus originated on the bat’s butt. [The bat itself did not get infected with it, because I have not heard of bats sneezing and no one is interested in why animals(alternatively humans) do not get sick, and after all, a cure could be created on that basis.] It got into the human body. It enters the cell and the cell replicates with the DNA/RNA of the virus (one can also wonder how such a virus enters the cell, if it made a hole in it, the cell’s insides would get outside and the cell would die). Now the question is, how does the infected cells in the organ get more and more compared to healthy ones? The body should remove diseased cells before they replicate. Healthy cells also replicate. So why is it that sick cells eventually prevail?

    But let’s assume that a large number of cells have been infected with a virus, e.g. influenza, that is, the cells contain the genetic code of the virus. The virus, as it is known, is a practical DNA/RNA surrounded by a in a protective shell. So now, I wonder how we can throw a virus like this outside by sneezing? The virus comes out of the cells, surrounds itself with a protective sheath and flies out? Bullshit to me. Conclusion: the you can’t get infected with virus by droplet, which is why our grandmothers did not get sick.

    So where do diseases come from?

    Our body/cells/DNA/ RNA are made of basic elements arranged in a specific structure. Black carbon and diamond are the same element only arranged in a different structure.

    Where does the body get the building material from? We deliver it by eating food. If we provide healthy, natural foods that contain all the necessary ingredients then the cell maintains its natural structure and is healthy. If we consume poisoned food, water and air, which is prevalent today, then the cells build their structure from that components, which means they are not natural/healthy. Chemicals/poisons modifies our DNA. Even the properties of the Sun today are distorted by chemtrails and body creams. And the Sun is needed to synthesize elements.

    Second, everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency. High-frequency water, although chemically the same, will have different properties than water whose molecules vibrate at a lower frequency.

    There is an experience: if we place 2 tuning forks (or glasses of water) next to each other and make one of them vibrate, the other one starts to vibrate (unless the second one has a higher frequency of vibration, then it would be resistant to the vibration of the first one). It’s called Acoustic Resonance.

    That’s how our body works. Everything in it vibrates at a certain frequency. It also consists of water and an electromagnetic field.

    Someone once noted that every time new radio technologies were released: radio receiver, 1G,2G,3G,4G,5G, there were always, officially, viral diseases/people had breathing problems.

    So, the second cause of disease are negative vibrations caused by electrical devices, telecommunications networks and even music (Khazarian music industry is not the art, it is weapon to distort our vibrations). As most probably know, today we have an unnatural tuning of 440hz instead of 432hz. All electrical devices are designed to generate negative frequencies.

    In my opinion, all these official viral diseases (Spanish flu, Covid-19) are made-up fables that serve as a cover for the real causes of diseases.

    The way to be healthy is not to wear a mask, vaccinate, etc. but to live in harmony with nature, being in the bosom of nature away from electrical devices, eat healthy/natural, take a sun bath in sufficient quantities, listening to healthy music (Tibetan/crystal bowls, shamanic music), etc.

  20. Gee Devon, You never came across to me as someone who would comply to these silly distancing rules & face mask. I’m disappointed in you.

    • Hello Victoria Valdez, just now, today Sunday, August 16th, I found your comment on mine. You’ve misread it, please read it again? Nowhere in my comment, I’m showing that I’m in favour of social distancing and face masks. Misogynous as you seem to be, I can almost predict what your responses are to the articles and the comments here. Can you step out of your habitual reactions that love the deep groove they’re in? What’s new, eh? Need reading glasses?

    • Victoria, you misread the entire message. However, I m not disappointed in you: That is a defeatist emotion, but trust that when you re-read, the article gives ONE clear message and and exceedingly practical information, everybody iught to have. In MA for example, mass vaccination for undefined children became law recently, and folks are demonstrating from all over MA against Governor Baker’s Mandate ! in Boston. The Mandate was never even offered to the pubic for examination. Totally illegal. So: we must pracice disciplined allegiance, concentration in our vigilance, and loving kindness with heart strings that to do not fray. You and Devon seem to know each other’s (orbits)? Please, both of you, use language that is worthy of the Light that IS orbiting (between you) already. Please, hold each other in that Light. From a new comer on this site.

  21. I have been following this site for a while but am horrified to see a link to a site that SELLS “advance vaccine directive” cards for a huge profit. Informed consent or refusal directives are FREELY available elsewhere. By promoting someone seeking to profit from public fear about possible forced vaccinations (which are still theoretical at this point), you undermine your credibility and make me question your integrity and motives.

    $35 for a single printed card?? That is ridiculous and offensive. Do your own research people, and get the form for FREE!!

    • I see no problem in giving money to people and orgs that work towards protecting people from being poisoned. Look at your bank statement and recognize you keep giving your money to people and stuff that are far less worthy. Just like you saw you can do it for free, so will others. It’s no secret. But many will want to join a collective institution and be protected in such a way. Just like with Unions. They get paid, you know? But the labor laws are the same for the individual and for the union, yet… the game doesn’t really work the same, does it?

  22. Thank you, Derek, for this valuable job and wonderful, how many resources and options we have. Yesterday I was in touch with an elderly Tarot counseler and – teacher. A wise man with much insight…. in the Tarot. In self-isolation, fully believing that a deathly Coronavirus is threatening all of us, stopping all meetings and workshops, he and his wife are now working in the home and their garden, doing all sorts of jobs that were on the list to be done. He said “It’s amazing how large a small world can be”, meaning his home and garden, with the work at hand.

    I smiled because it’s his beautiful way of saying things. When I hinted at the pandemic, as possibly a deliberate attempt to damage the health of humanity and world economy, he said “I’m not into complot theories, I believe that we don’t have much to say when it’s about the larger picture of life”. I didn’t argue with him and felt that not every person needs to be made wiser, by me. Haha.
    I’m beginning to rule the urge to inform and educate people, at random, by leaving things to be just as they are and take part in the dance of supermarket trolleys, cheerfully, which often leads to laughter and smiles anyway.

    Some people are like mice, almost shrieking, jumping away when the 1,5-meter gap seems to close, or they run off making way, which is very funny. Others can be thoughtless, completely shut off from the external world by headphones, elsewhere with their attention.

    In The Netherlands, the plan is to keep the 1,5-meter distancing for a long time, while life begins to return to normal, with terraces open, restaurants and cafes are allowed to have 30 guests at a time, in the venue and in trains and buses, which return to normal schedules, we need to wear facemasks. The dance of trolleys, in supermarkets, keeping 1,5-meter distance, will continue. It’s like wheelchair dancing, at times.

    Many youngsters are now working to help with the management of the dance, and disinfectants for all customers, to clean their trolley and use hand-disinfectant at the entrance of supermarkets.

    With arrows on the floor, the path is made clear for everybody, with queues of people waiting for a trolley. Also in large furniture shops, we need to follow the arrows and aren’t supposed to touch items or leanings of stairs and those stairs which go by themselves, what’s their name. Escalators! On our stairway to heaven…. look… no hands! ??


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