From our friend Lorie Ladd:

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  1. Healing does not come through an intense affirmation of divinity, or by simply pouring out love and the expression of a vague mysticism. It comes through mastering an exact science of contact and impression, plus an understanding of the subtle apparatus of the etheric vehicle. The Soul.
    —Alice Bailey

    I believe that Lori Ladd has mastered pretty much of what she’s presenting as exercise and made herself familiar with higher dimensions and how to recognise or discern who’s who. I’m not saying that this exercise is wrong, for I perceive Lori as genuine, honest.

    As an energy worker and – healer, I don’t recommend “opening up” the crown chakra/7th chakra. Just as we start this exercise and connect with our entire physical body, we can “open up” with a part of our body that feels just right to connect with our guides and family in spirit. It may be the heart to some, it may be the solar plexus or the throat chakra.
    Due to the nature of this connection being energetic, it can be perceived and sensed with the whole body. What’s your natural instrument to connect with spirit-family? Sprites?

    The risk with “opening up” the crown chakra, is that it’s like leaving your front door open of the house and expect to receive kind and positive visitors always. You may end up with a visitor from outer space that has no clue about what life is here on planet Earth, but curious as in how to play its program by entering a host, even when the person involved has no clue. Entities can play games and present themselves as benevolent, saying all the right things to persuade the host, and…. go for the jugular. The procedures used within MK-Ultra aren’t different from those used by astral entities, and thoughtforms that have a life of their own in that realm. I’m not saying that this exercise is misleading, not at all.

    At least, when you choose to “open up” the crown chakra, be sure to balance that action with a proper grounding. The presence in the body is helpful to discern if and when energy enters one’s space that isn’t checked by one’s “East to West Checkpoint Charley” if you get my drift.

    Or when energy enters one’s space that doesn’t serve as proper nutrition/info for that moment. What’s true for you may be a lie to others, but to end with a cheerful note, I believe and suggest that the best attitude in this work is playfulness in curiosity, in the company of clarity of awareness and healthy boundaries.

    Either healthy boundaries are present to start with, or one learns by trial and error. Both ways work, as long as one perseveres with clear intent, without being ruled by expectations too much, and when one finds itself going there, simply let go and choose anew. Beating yourself up causes your guides to roll over the floor with laughter.


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