EDITOR NOTE: Whilst trying to find a copy of this video online that HASN’T been taken down yet, we looked to DTube, which is “Supposed” to be censorship-free. There was a video listed with 920K views. Yet it’s even now unavailable or removed on DTube! See the attached screenshot(s) showing this to be the case. Censorship of this video is beyond normal!

Also note that this video was massively successful on Facebook, not just Youtube and was also banned everywhere: www.breitbart.com

Youtube Has Removed the Video of the Front Line Doctors calling it FAKE news because it challenges not just the WHO, but Bill Gates, the entire Democratic position against Trump, and the media itself which refuses to allow any contrary view. The freedom of spe4ech does not allow Google, Youtube, CNN, Washington Post to deliberately censor news. This is becoming very abusive and clearly a threat to National Security. I would charge those with sedition and force them to prove that the information in this video is wrong. The latest polls now show that this has been a threat to national security for over 60% of conservatives are afraid to express their true political views. If Russia was doing this, these same media outlets would be demanding war.

It is up to the people to believe or disbelieve this video. This is no different than how the communists controlled the press to create the Communist Revolution in Russia.

Here are more links just in case:



If these fail also, check Breitbart directly for a self-hosted version: www.breitbart.com

Source: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/press/youtube-is-engaged-in-sedition-to-overthrow-the-government

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  1. Thank you very much, for posting this video! These doctors are true to their oaths and work. One of them says “We don’t like seeing our patients die”. Of course not, so very true!

    If there’s one thing bringing calmness and trust back to the people in the streets, it’s doctors standing face to face with them. Telling them about their work, their experiences, the treatment and the results.

    Due to the deliberate creation of slander and fake news, plus calling real news fake and all methods of distraction, division and arguing throwing many of us in a state of bewilderment and confusion, it takes a shift in consciousness and perception, by means of weaning off of those ideas that are already planted in many of us, causing more anxiety on top of what’s already causing it in the first place.

    That’s what these doctors have to endure, and any medical expert in a right mind and ❤. The last part of the video shows us how a woman is fixed on an idea or rather “expectation with demand in tow” mentioning funding for social workers. She’s asking the wrong person and the psychologist talking to her, hearing her repeat the question, is diplomatic by saying “When a situation arises and the damage is done, it stands to reason that something is done about it. Yes, it makes sense”.

    What he does, and that’s what doctors do often, is acknowledging her question, so that she will feel that she’s being heard. But he’s not at all in a position to connect any form of action to her concern. She’s hearing concerned doctors speak and not hearing them speak about what the action IS, which in her mind, should be the funding of social workers.

    She’s asking the wrong question in the wrong timing, causing frustration about the answer given to her by the Indian doctor. She’s a living example of a person in the street, in need of weaning off of fixed ideas. In her case, she’s triggered in a state of emotional charge.

    So often, social workers are compulsive carers, addicted to the existence of victims, so that they can identify with a victim’s condition and make peace with their inner victim in a weird way, continuing victimhood due to the need for more of the same. It’s that loop, where one wants more of the same of what one doesn’t want. It’s why fear is addictive.

  2. Gates, Fauci, Google, facebook, and all other organisations or individuals who impede access to this information from these Doctors and quinine derivatives, are complicit in the deaths of all those who will needlessly die from covid. I also believe that it is called murder. Fauci and Gates have a sociopathic bloodbath on their hands, they knew the truth about HCQ, and yet let thousands perish. They will rot in the dust forever, while the redeemed will walk, and piss on them, they will get justice in the end.

  3. Thank you OUTSTANDING doctors for putting the truth out there! And from my experience, the people you are talking to need to take the red pill (Matrix movie reference of seeing the reality around you) so that they will listen to you! There is a psyop war taking place as identified by credible sources. YOU doctors MAKE a powerful difference with your light, integrity, character, and perseverance as shining examples of victory of the LIght! Shine on, shine on, Dear Ones.


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