The 8-8 Stargate is a cosmic portal of tremendous power that opened on July 26th (the first day of the Egyptian calendar) and closes August 12th.

Its energy transfer to Earth peaks on August 8th when Sirius rises in the east and is visible on the horizon just before the sun rises. On the 8-8 Earth aligns with both Sirius and our Sun, a very powerful alignment charged with the Heart of the Lion.

Leo governs the heart and the solar plexus so the 8-8 Stargate gives us an extraordinary opportunity to amplify and maximize our Spiritual Light and Inner Power!

We will be doing a Global Meditation at the peak moment of this incredible Ascension Portal. At 8:08 am your local time begin the Lions Gate guided meditation (link below) followed by a brief Flower of Life Meditation immediately afterwards to stabilize the Earth Grids and global situation (link below).

Important Highlights of the 8-8 Lions Gate Portal

  • Tune into the Higher Mind, Higher Heart, Higher Wisdom
  • Opportunity to harness a limitless supply of Power, Infinity and Immortality
  • We can use it to Jump Timelines since the 8-8 Lions Gate is a TIME PORTAL
  • It supercharges our Consciousness
  • Allows us to Reconnect with the Feminine Divine and the Mysteries of the Goddess
  • The Empowerment Gateway – Fully Step Into Your Personal Power
  • Connect with the Great Central Sun and Shine With the Light Of A Thousand Suns
  • Discharges powerful ascension light codes and is an Accelerated Ascension Portal used by the ancients


TIME August 8th, 2020 8:08am your local time (it is recommended to use the guided audio below for this meditation)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. See a large Violet Flame enveloping your body and your home. Ask St. Germain to amplify this flame 1,000 times its normal strength and transmute any darkness both during and after the meditation.

3. Turn off all identification with linear time and expand your energy field out – first to a 100 mile radius, then to global level, galactic level and finally universal level where you merge with the divine light of omni-presence.

4. Envision a large pillar of extremely bright blue Light emanating from Sirius and inside of this pillar are myriads of shimmering golden stars. See this pillar of dazzling light stream down into your body and anchor into the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar active throughout this cosmic journey. Call in your I Am presence, your oversoul, positive Star Beings from Sirius and any other light beings you work with.

5. Concentrate on opening your 3rd Eye Chakra / Pineal Gland. You will see a swirling violet light and what may appear as a patch of blue sky as the portal opens and becomes wider. This is the built-in travel mechanism you will use to get to the higher dimension and the 5D Earth Grid.

6. See yourself leaping off the old 3D Matrix Grid……..see it collapsing and disintegrating. Watch every last vestige of darkness being vaporized beneath your feet as you travel upwards at warp speed. You can see the new fifth dimensional crystalline Earth Grid shimmering like a jewel in the sky! As you gently land on the surface of this dazzling new world make this decree “I have successfully transferred my Consciousness to the crystalline 5D Earth Grid and from this moment on, THIS is the world I live in and experience on every level!!!

7. You have entered the realm of the Goddess (our Divine Mother). Feel her tenderness filling your heart and her gentle embrace soothing your spirit. Feel the Goddess supporting you and granting the deepest desires of your heart. Feel the ecstasy of her love lifting you up and giving you wings to FLY!

8. Now spend a few minutes seeing our New 5D World completely built and thriving – in its most glorious form! Envision the New Cities of Light in grand detail and the various advanced healing and replication technologies being accessible to all. See the flourishing of creative arts all around the planet.

Take a stroll in your city or community and marvel at all of the beauty surrounding you – paint in as much detail as your wild imagination can conjure. Envision using all your newly restored superpowers and metaphysical abilities. Take a few minutes to explore 5D Earth and Create the Life Of Your Dreams!

9. Finally, go into the silence for a few minutes to receive important spiritual downloads from the Sirius Star System that you need at this time.


Follow this meditation by the Flower of Life Meditation: (Instructions and Guided Audio in Different Languages at Link)

The 8-8 is a day when we can more securely anchor our consciousness onto the Positive Ascension Timeline and Leap off the 3D Matrix Timeline altogether, so we don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Although our Triple Eclipse meditations averted many worse scenarios, there will be some very volatile astrological alignments starting mid-August which could stir up anger in the collective, so let’s participate in this Meditation to continue stabilizing the global situation and ensure the best smoothest outcome over the coming weeks and months!

Even though 8-8 is called “The Lions Gate” and seems to carry strong masculine overtones, it is actually a “Stargate of the Goddess” that streams in divine feminine energy which restores harmony and balance on our planet.

The Goddess is the feminine aspect of Source Creator and her presence was greatly suppressed on Earth many millennia ago, so this portal can help us revive her presence and reconnect with her loving healing energy.

Since we are in the final showdown between Light and Dark here on Earth, goddess energy has never been more needed than it is right now! So we will want to strongly connect with the Goddess / Feminine Divine throughout this entire cosmic window and especially on August 8th to bring stability to the global situation and ensure peace will reign in our domain!!

The veil between the material and spiritual realms are very thin on 8-8 so it will be much easier to connect with the Goddess, Source Creator and angelic beings on that day.

Just as our physical sun is considered to be the giver of life, Sirius has long been viewed as our spiritual life-giver as it illuminates the inner planes of existence.

SIRIUS is the brightest star in our night sky. It is twice as large in mass as our sun and 26 times more luminous – quite a magnificent star indeed!

Because it is such a brilliant luminary, Sirius is considered to be a broadcasting station of spiritual wisdom. These light transmissions that are now flooding the Earth are packed full of the codes of Spiritual Mastery, Evolution and Ascension.

These diamond light codes originating from the Great Central Sun can activate our DNA, strengthen our Aura (our personal energy field), prime our Pineal Gland and fuel our Quantum Leaping abilities!!

Sirius is often referred to as the “Dog” star because it is found in the Canis Major constellation which is where we get the word “canine” from. One of the oldest gods of Egypt was Anubis and he is portrayed as having the head of a jackal.

A major component of the sacred knowledge that was given to the Atlanteans by the far more evolved Cosmic Central Race, was connecting with and embodying the goddess presence which in turn brought peace, harmony and stability to the whole of society. This is why the goddess was so revered in many ancient cultures and why temples were erected in her honor.


In addition to the power of the astrological alignments during the Lions Gate, we also have the added mathematical manifestation power embedded in the numbers 88.

8 is the number of Abundance, Wealth and Personal Success. The two equal circles stacked atop each other signify balance – 8 brings balance between the spiritual and material realms.

The infinity symbol is the number 8 lying on its side so the power of infinite potential lies within the 8!

88 is a universal code tied to our grandest dreams. When we express and share our innate gifts we align with the higher divine expression of ourselves and the Universe will support us every step of the way!

The 8 is a very fair number – it will dole back out to you in equal measure what you have sent out to others. If you have made many deposits in the spiritual bank of the higher realms for years, you can expect a very large payout soon (with interest).

Those who honor the light and follow the sacred path of love are about to be greatly rewarded. But the same 8-8 passage will spell disaster for those who operate on the tenets of darkness and oppression, such as those who created and run the Matrix. They will not fare so well during this extra potent Lions Gate.

So let’s harness the immense manifestation power of this Stargate by quantum leaping through the 8-8 Portal, as within the #8 lie ALL POSSIBILITIES……To Infinity!!!

On this day, we can confidently take a total leap of faith, bounce off of this starlit trampoline and land among the stars of our New Reality, the grandest reality we can envision!

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  1. The simplicity of a father-daughter relationship by sharing the harmonies of music. The father has played the piano for her from when she was a baby and through the 5 years after. Look what happens, how she communicates in freedom of expression. No more is needed to communicate with our higher aspects, expressed in a natural way. The love between a father and daughter, without all sorts of spiritual pomp and circumstance.

    Find the integrity of the 8:8 with the symbol of infinity O><O the value of life-review with events of the past observed in clarity of non-judgement and responsibility. Take heart ❤

    You can disarm a lion by tickling its "armpits".

  2. Its often the energy before an event or date that is more powerful. For one reason, we are not blocking the energies and messages with pre-conceived ideas of what will happen. And yesterday and today have brought some very clear awareness and connections to my world. I would not be at all surprised if this has been happening to many who support anchoring the Light and 5th dimension New Earth

    The energy itself is in a powerful motion that may seem to end on the expected event or day. Probably the best thing we can do is breathe the energy in to anchor it to the Earth. Remaining grounded has been a challenge for myself and many. Not only are we working with the clearing of past negative experiences, but our bodies are changing to support more and more Light, therefore it is very important we remain free of medical drugs and vaccines because they stop the transmuting energies we are going through because they shut down the pineal gland in particular. Used as grounding anchors for the 5th dimension, fortunately, for most of us, this is not the first planet on which this has happened of which we have been part of, but this is certainly the most challenging situation and will go down in history as exceptional to say the least. But with all of the help we have been receiving, how can we not succeed.

    Stopping the dark forces control of the Planet Earth will free much of our Universe. Not only will the dark forces be stopped, but ‘dissolved back to Source from which they were created originally with Light and Love. They are the perfect example of what NOT to do. Making wrong choices they used their energies for destruction and absolute control of others – which in my book the one great SIN which means ‘void’ or without love, wisdom, self-mastery, etc..

    • The guided audio may also be listened to as an mp3 file here:


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