Big tech companies, which are almost all controlled by Zionist, insist that WiFi is perfectly safe for the goyim, but do not want their own children in Israel exposed to it.

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  1. Took sometime but Yes the 5g is here as well now officially and towers with antennas on the sides of majors roads and on shopping centers with some facilities that I haven’t seen in Berlin .still not a lot on building of residentials like on every 3 buiilding in Berlin that had At leaSt on me extreme bad effect but it’s kind of new so who knows still in the making
    I guess some effect is by setallite but the worse part for me is the frequencies sounds .and the new volium add to already loud noises like car motors and air condition motors for instance and the low ones that even shake the earth hmm :((
    I guess most people still don’t hear it or perceive it but its for sure has an effect on the physical and mental I experience it on people neR me it’s a lot of stress

    . And in the desert where I visited latly it’s full with electric towers ( in Berlin they put it between buildings – fucked up as well )

    why so many huge electric passig towers in the dessert ? and some other really strane phenomenal I witnessed in this desert trip and documents that I don’t wish to discuss publicly
    But yes although I know many people who are responsible of developing this technology ( who I stopped talking to after discovering they take part ) and I was sure it will be only transmitted trough sets lite or maybe it will be skipped and go directly to the 6g . Or even not be at all It is here now and we’re having fu n with it as well

    Don’t forget the article that was published here ffew months ago About Bibi promising with a smile that the Israeli children will get a chip first and they will beep just like cars when they get close to another person – I saw the original video in Hebrew on YouTube cut from tbe news here ..

  2. That’s good news….. I hope? Published in Nov. 2018, hmmm. It’s still a puzzle how Israel is a major player in digital technology, in particular 5G, and how Israel bans WiFi in schools. Is there any logic to this? Is the logic maybe this, that the population of Israel should have a chance to move with the time as fast as the speed of…. 5G and that at the same time, the population should be secured in making babies, and not lose its fertility?

    All the scheming and fake promises of prosperity and wellbeing, flies out of the window, now that for many human beings the basic living conditions are becoming problematic.
    The positive side of the present pandemic, is that it helps to erase a false sense of reality.

    In this link you’ll find Robert David Steele’s Public Intelligence Blog

    The content is dated March 2019
    TMR Special Note:
    The following two excerpts from 2 separate emails from two Israelis have been sent to TMR concerning this post.

    “The city “holon” is the FIRST smart city in the world. all of the schools and gardens is FULL of wifi, LEDs lights are filling the streets and the race here in israel to 5G is FULL ON! Israel government it lying to its people and harming us daily without our knowledge” — Asaf

    I would like to correct this pack of lies if I may – Israel has FULL ON 5G DEPLOYMENT GOING ON WHILE WE SPEAK
    Please see this video: Flickering LED Street Lights on Major Israeli Highway Goes On For Hours (Video) — Ahava 528


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