By Isaac Davis,

Earlier this we reported on a major protest in Berlin against Covid-19 mandates, which many feel are infringing upon basic civil rights. Mainstream media reports had the number of participants pegged at around 20,000, while independent sources said the number was easily over one million, potentially up to 1.3 million.

Furthermore, the mainstream media news coverage of the event went out of the way to demonize and pigeonhole all of the participants as ‘far-right’ extremists and such, effectively demonizing them. Photos and first-hand accounts of the event show people from all walks of life, however, coming together to end the lockdown, the Draconian mandates, and get back to work.

Several more protests have been planned; however, Berlin just decided to ban protests and events which speak out against the CV-19 measures.

In further developments, organizers canceled plans for a large concert with Bryan Adams in Duesseldorf on Sept. 4, while in Berlin authorities banned several protests planned for the weekend against coronavirus pandemic measures.

Officials said that those protesting would likely have breached rules on social distancing designed to stop the spread of the virus. Germany has seen an upswing in new confirmed cases in recent weeks, and the government is considering whether to impose fresh restrictions again.

Authorities in the capital cited a rally against COVID-19 restrictions on Aug. 1 during which participants ignored mask-wearing and distancing rules and other conditions imposed on the protest. [Source]

Andreas Geisel, the Berlin interior senator commented on the banning of such protests, and is quoted by Reuters:

About 20,000 people, including libertarians, constitutional loyalists, far-right supporters and anti-vaccination activists, marched in Berlin on Aug. 1.

Geisel said the organizers of that protest had deliberately broken rules they had previously agreed with police, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

“Such behaviour is not acceptable. The state cannot be given the runaround,” he said, adding he did not want Berlin to be a stage for conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists.” [Source]

Again, a leading politician suggests that being opposed to lockdowns and severe Covid measures is not only a political issue, but one only championed by ‘extremists.’ Such rhetoric is incredibly dangerous in a world that is sliding faster than ever into global tyranny.




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  1. Of course they ban . You’re not allowed to say a word in Germany other wise you’re stopes somehow .

    IT was actually extreme hard for me to find a flight and bring my dog with ( Leaving her was no option ) but I managed to leave Berlin beginning of August because they ( whoever they Are ) were really after me although I was working alone and didn’t even have a massive influence or massive audeince . I got slowly but surly isolated to a point no one who knew me were in contact anymore My dog and me were attacked and harassed on a Dally bases and even few times

    I was living there 8 years an no one ever payed attention to me on the streets but suddenly . Everyone were complaining about something I did People on the street shouted I’m a shit hole without me doing anything insulting me as if I’m trash and I have 9 years of academic education i have no clue how many were involved but it sure did feel as if I’m part of some virtual game ( 5g related frequencies grid maybe ) or maybe i was massively drugged in a temporary flat I lived in ( trough ventilation that brought bad smelling black dusty air instead if out and got threatened when I asked to ripare it ) and all just because I was talking freely in public university medical. text book stuff about epidemic and virus trying to educated people everywhere I went as I noticed they all want to do the right thing but don’t have the right information and as I have it from first source I felt the need even obligation to do so but was bullied hurt and punished . There are more medicalls professional even retired microbiologist professors who for sure know what they talk about who are banned censored mocked and disrespected nowadays in Germany basically the only party who talks sense there these days are the AfD that means the NAzy party !! And I as Jewish relate to their agenda today that’s really extremely funny
    And fucked up
    I’m now back in the land of milk and honey so it’s described funny the protest in Berlin became massive as i left i also heard about small demos actually from friends but ok at least something is waking up there and that makes me happy I would suggest a love parade . I was surprised this didn’t happen in Berlin in March already the 3rd day of the lockdown , was sure Berliner’s would not tolerate this or shut up as they normally role their eyes to everything and parties music parades is what Berlin good at Ur instead all co operated following orders
    ,and for sure there is nothing more instantly effective and most uplifting than people uniting through music and dance to bring the vibes high i know that from personal experience did that for years clubbing before getting ill . So better late than never I guess hope Berlin will not shut up .
    Here there are also weekly protests I’m still trying to recover from the Berlin winderful experience and the massive damage that it brought me
    So don’t take part
    All my accounts are now still hacked and can’t find someone to help me with that as I always need to deal with some kind of emergency instead i wonder why I can’t even get now the my old google account including YouTube but before this account was hit I uploaded these videos

    please pay attention thst I definitely and for sure don’t look like this ! It’s some kind of cloud work / filter on the phone camera or twisted lens that makes me look like a freaky twisted horror witch to try make me panic about my appearance while I was isolated and repeal others who can’t see me in real life but this is part of my story my voice is authentic though

    As I’m also an experiences artist with Uni degree in art and musician and not only medical professional i would like to curate and make an exhibition from the photos and videos I took during this time as evidence a very authentic thst will be with strong message. I hope I’ll find a suitable platform even on line . Maybe this platform would like to host it ? Feim something of a blog I will upload it all ? 🙂
    I did try to contact your platform a few times privately also as volunteering did not receive an answer so I wonder if you got the messages ( the bug doesn’t make it easy as confirmed with some people problems with digital communication) I will not be surprised if you didn’t .that is why I write it here . My comments as I see do get published so maybe you would like to contact me via the email Address I left here if your interested ?
    Thanks much love and blessings . We stay strong for victory of the light .

  2. fake news from MSM, million and much more if you count the people who couldn’t enter Berlin after been blocked in the highway by euro-military thanks, NOT the German flag on the thanks, the blue EU flag. People who couldn’t arrive by train as the traffic have bee stooped and also with reduction of flight from out the rest of Europe. The elite is afraid that this great Awakening starting in Berlin and never can be afterwards. The storm is here and now, big changes are coming, the D.S is on the run and can’t hide anymore.


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