“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the progress that we can feel humanity making at this time. This is not an easy time for you all to be there on Earth. In fact, it is a very challenging time, as you get closer and closer with each passing moment to your ascension. You are getting there, but you have to shed all of the heaviness that you have accumulated along the way. Now, part of how you do that is through replaying old scenarios, circumstances that have shaped you, that have created the traumas that you carry within you.

Right now, on your world, as you witness people going to extremes, feeling very polarized against another side, you are replaying Atlantis, and you are replaying the Orion Wars. You had there on your planet a very polarized society in spite of the fact that the Atlanteans were so advanced spiritually and technologically. You have there on Earth right now a lot of advanced technology and a lot of highly-evolved humans, and you have a little of everything in between. And what we mean by that is you have all sorts of different experiences. You are much more diverse as a global community than you were in Atlantis.

That diversity connects you to all sorts of other star systems, out there in the galaxy. Now, we Arcturians were not involved in the Orion Wars, but there were several star systems that were, and they all have energy and DNA within the human population there. You are replaying to a much smaller extent the type of society that was in the Orion system and that led to the Orion Wars. So what are you going to be able to do about all of that? First of all, you have to notice when you’re being triggered. If something or someone is triggering you, you have to do more than just go to a rally, or write a post on social media. You have to do more than just vote, or raise money for awareness of something.

You have to deal with your trauma. You have to face your emotions. And we know we have said this before, but we will say it again. A lot of the predictions that you are seeing on the Internet right now are about what already happened. People are unable to tell the difference between the past and the future in their visions. They think they are seeing the one future that you are all headed for, when in actuality, they are only seeing one version of the past. And it’s the version of the past that they and others like them need to re-experience.

So let yourselves be triggered, but then go beyond that initial reaction, and go process those emotions. Go feel what you need to feel. Get to the heart of the matter so that you can create a better reality, a better future, a better version of this society that seems so polarized and oppressed. But in reality, what you are living is nothing in comparison to what you have already lived, what you have already experienced, and what you have come to Earth to resolve, to clear once and for all, so that you can let go of the heaviness of your trauma and ascend, becoming your whole, full self, your higher self. That’s what you are doing there on Earth, and that’s what this time for humanity is all about.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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  1. MASTER OF ENERGY: During the latter days of Atlantis before the second great flood (the first in Lemuria), the Atlantean King and his son, Thoth, later known by the same name in Egypt, crossed the Atlantic Ocean with an army of armed men. The technology during Atlantis was greater than today and their air ships were enormous. So large in fact, they carried an entire army of men and their horses.

    The reason for invading another country was never revealed to the reader but can be assumed that the king intended to add to his wealth and power through war and theft – a practice of many of the empires that followed that continues today. Atlantis was already on its spiritual decline. To the former Atlanteans – before our fall in consciousness – the idea of invading another country would not have been considered for we understood that we are all one – brothers and sisters – and to harm anyone reverberates in our own spiritual energies, lowering our vibrations and those we intended to harm. This continues to be true today, but understood by few.
    “We landed to unload men and horses. With the sea to our right, we rode the sands of the shore until we reached a gated community, where a single man stood to warn us.”

    “Stop where you are,” he said.

    “Because we saw no real threat from a single individual, we moved closer. And again we were warned.”

    “When the army did not stop, this powerful Master, by voice command and one swift and masterful motion of hands and body removed the life-force from an entire army of soldiers. His second command, directly behind his first, return to the soldiers what had been their own energies, stopping their hearts and severing the silver cords that connected them to their bodes. Had we arrived with honorable intentions, they would not have been harmed. It was their own energies that had killed our soldiers who died instantly which was kinder than our own ill-conceived evil intentions to rape and kill those in our path.”

    “Still on their horses, the Spirits of our soldiers hovered above their bodies as they tried to understand what had just happened to them.”

    “Shocked beyond mortal recovery my father (the king) and I watched as our soldier’s bodies were again animated by this single individual of unquestioned power, as an entire army of men, in zombie-like motion, dismounted from their horses and walked to the ocean to drown their already dead bodies.”

    “My father, the King of Atlantis, and I returned home defeated, to warn our fellow countrymen of any further invasion, for we had witnessed a power too great for the lowered consciousness to which we had fallen.”

    What happened to the Master and the citizens of the community he loved and protected? With the quickening of their electrical synapses, those who were ready ascended with the Master to the Higher Schools of Learning, but those who had projected the dark energy of hatred and jealousy of what they could not understand and had not mastered, did not ascend with the Master. it was their dark energies that had attracted the invading army to their shores.

    Jealousy is a terrible thing and many will hate instead of learning from the successes of others. You think this strange? No longer able to recognize truth when they hear it, jealousy and fear of another’s spiritual accomplishments is what motivates religious zealots and cruel religious fanatics who in the name of their god use violence against those who disagree.

    The king and his son? The karma from the deaths of thousands of men, whom they had called into action to serve the king’s ambitions, shaped their lives and the lives that followed. A turning point to Thoth’s spiritual education,, he is today Master and Teacher who continues to stress the perils of creating karma for oneself – in service to the agendas of another or your own.

    Why am I sharing this with you? The powers displayed by the Master of Energy is what the dark forces fear that we, sons and daughters of the God/dess, are restoring to our understanding and abilities. We can, with clear intentions, destroy any and all that the dark forces are creating to control the world. The dark forces’ vulnerability is great and they know it. Therefore, in serve to their egos, they seek absolute control of Humanity.

  2. This is a lot of bull. What is causing our trauma is a pack of evil elites who hate our guts trying to kill us and doing everything they can to bully and destroy us. If they want a fight they will get it and I hope they all rot in hell.

    • Hello rachel469, I don’t know you and your life story, but can you imagine that you and I, with millions of other human souls, have lived our lives in different times, on different locations? In other words, do you include the concept of re-incarnation in your reality?

      When one lives with memories or acknowledgement of such a concept, there’s logic to it that I may have made choices of all sorts in former lifetimes and experienced a huge variety of conditions in life, many minor and major events, emotions and thought-patterns, all leaving an imprint, more or less, in my soul.

      In that paradigm, being a perpetrator or a victim bears equal weight for the Egyptian Goddess Maat, weighing our heart in one scale and a feather in the other scale of the balance. And I also believe that it’s our own conscience, with the affinity in our heart for ourselves, that guides us on our visit to the desert of our lives, for a life review. Be it in a living body or after leaving it behind.

      I believe we’re geared for moments or hours of truth, seeing ourselves in the mirror, like the one in Hogwarts School of Wizardry, when Harry Potter sat in front of it and witnessed his parents looking at him with great affection. Albus Dumbledore found Harry in that room and said “You and others who sit in front of this mirror, will see their true desire. Many have pined away sitting in front of it”.

      One of Dumbledore’s famous quotes is “It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live”. And so, to me, it doesn’t do to dwell on who has made us miserable and forget to be the creator of one’s own reality. By feeling victimized.

    • YES you are right rachel469 !!!

      I do not know you but I love you. It is time for THE TRUTH.
      We were in war since we came to ERTH.
      Now is time to end this war with total destroy all evil entities once for ever !
      And we will do it. It is called victory of light.

      Do not believe any manipulated words, Like this “arc. council”.


  3. This info originally came from Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton as IS listed on the website. They credited Daniel (but you did not). I just wanted everyone who resonates with this particular info to know the origin. Danial has a new 9D Arcturian Council message nearly everyday if you subscribe to his emails (free). His info & wording is so unique I immediately knew that this message was his just by reading it. I originally suspected that this article was plagiarized. But joyfully I see Era Of Light rightfully credited Daniel. Victory of the Light!

  4. Truth! Thank you! Many of us are dealing with the experiences of betrayal and manipulation and find it difficult to trust others and it might make us feel not loving. An illusion, we have simply learned from our many experiences. And what might appear to them another as not being loving is in truth wisdom and understanding of the many traps of life. When we give individuals time to show us what they have made of themselves and their intentions, this takes the pressure off and allows us to be ourselves. Because individuals hate people they can’t manipulate, its important to not take their reactions personally.

  5. Great message, for many years, I’ve spoken about the awakening of the trauma related to the Atlantean time period, caused by the triggers showing up in fast forward motion. Then and now. So that we’re able to make the distinction between “then and now”.

    I’m pretty much aware when triggers awaken my past lives’ patterns, imprints and trauma, which is a blessing. I’ve literally experienced 2 realities at the same time, once upon a long time ago and it reminded me of two slides, superimposed over each other when the slideshow goes in disarray. Some of you may remember the days of slideshows on a white rolled out screen, a “treat” for the visitors who came over for a birthday party.

    I don’t have to identify with images of old programs, they can show up as a by-product of my reality, so that I’m able to observe, in those moments of what’s expressed in German: “Aha erlebnis” which means, a dawning, or surprising moment with insight and understanding.

    Since many of us may have lived in the Atlantean time period, we’re reliving that past, in a way, in sync with the intense drama and turning topsy turvy of many things, inside and out.
    It shows to me, how time moves in cyclical ways, where you can imagine a coil spiralling up (or down) where each time you move in that motion, a vertical connection occurs as well, between the individual circles that form the spiral or coil

    Similar to a vibrational match, like when one string on a guitar is plucked and the same note is produced on a string of a second guitar. Resonance within the cyclical motion of our existence, which is in essence how triggers work on an energetic level. Is this too abstract?

    I call this re-connecting with our past a form of Spring Cleaning. Just like we Dutchies were in the habit of cleaning the whole house in springtime, in the ’50s and ’60s, taking the carpets and curtains out, on the washing lines, moving all the furniture, empty the cupboards and wardrobes, using the dustcloth in many nooks and crannies, throwing away the unnecessary items, filling the basket with rags, with the windows cleaned at last.
    Spik en Span, we called it when it was done.

    Which washing program do I choose? Daily wash? Delicate? Cotton? Short program? What washing powder do I choose? And whitener? Fabric softener? Soda crystals? ????


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