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  1. Jeez, I have to make another comment. If we think we as a race aren’t learning, look at what this guy knows. Both of these people on this interview. When I was his age decades ago, I was only beginning to ask the most basic questions and it would be many, many years before everything he’s saying would be stuff I know. I couldn’t have done it without the internet information, a lot of books and a lot of guidance from channeled entities. Nor could he.

    Giving us the internet was the biggest mistake these evil entities ever made. It will be the end of them.

  2. We understand when we get that we are being harvested by an alien interdimensional species. It’s been going on for thousands of years at the very least. We are utterly without value except for what can be of monetary worth something to them or can be a source of energy. That’s our miserable emotions…which they cause and then slurp up. They say we do the same thing to animals, but when animals are raised by sane humans they are treated with some respect although they are in fact eaten and used. However, the cruelties of factory farms are THEIR creations. War is their creation. Humans are not inhuman unless they are forced, but I can tell you those doing this ARE NOT HUMAN.
    So at first when I was finding this stuff out, I had a terrible case of WTF disbelief, then cognitive dissonance would be an understatement for what I felt. It turned into fear. Then anger, then outrage. I understand everything said here. Yes the whole system is a lie and one not only meant to use but to psychologically destroy. Only a malignant alien force could even go there. 10 years in, I see it more coolly, I’m not going to let them destroy me, I’m going to do what I can to destroy them. Nothing less will do. The only question ever is how and what ‘s the next step I can take to advance it. I hope others are doing the same.

    • Margaret, I myself do Not doubt the ‘Human Trafficking’ stuff. I do not doubt ‘Human Sacrificing’ just look at how & question why it was recorded in the ‘Bible.’ & Look at old paintings of Northern Indian Tribes Sacrificing ‘The White Man’ & other Tribes they were warring with. They ate the Hearts of Their Conquered all the time. What I have a hard time with is the extent of it & the “Tunnels.” I question that type of elaborate system, more so because it seems you would get flooded out, & or, you would cave in on yourself???

      • It’s gone on throughout history and all of it is related to the dark ones’ influence. People tend to think it’s just primitive ancient practices, but it goes back to the first interdimensional arrival. They’ve got to be removed…leaf, branch, trunk and root. Then we can get back to being human.

    • It’s great to know what you know- then to follow your bliss in a way that destroys
      and removes all under-authorised beings from the living beings of this planet.

      • It’s a difficult walk to not let them get us in the negative emotions they feed on AND use to have us bring more of their destruction into manifestation. That’s why what’s called forgiveness is key. You have to let go of the negative emotional attachment to them..the fear and anger… but do everything you can to destroy them simply because that’s what’s necessary. It sounds contradictory, but it’s simply taking care of business on a couple of levels.
        In no way is forgiveness letting them off the hook and the belief that it is causes no end of self inflicted victimhood.


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