From our friend Lorie Ladd:

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  1. Lorie’s message will resonate with Wayshowers and Lightworkers. I agree with her perspective. Stay focused, intensely, on the goal to 5D. Ignore MSM and naysayers. She’s correct about another “fear pandemic” and she’s right about blowing it off. These are mastery tests for 5D. This is also what Ascension is- not the waiting for the Event.

  2. The dark faction was going to set off the plates near Ca to cause major Earthquake last week that was to destroy the entire west coast but the ICBMs were dismantled by the Light forces and Positive Multi National Forces!

    Humanity Wins!

  3. Yesterday I heard Magenta Pixie say the same thing. She even said that if Biden was elected we would do a boomerang back to the trajectory to the Golden Age. In other words nothing can stop us now.
    There is a lesson in A Course In Miracles that says, “I rest in God.” It further says that holding that as a meditation will do more to heal the world than anything else. If you’re like me, you always want to do something physically to help the world or to stop the evil things that go on. And there’s nothing wrong with that if you hold the peace of God as you do it. It’s hard for me to just sit in peace and rest in God and believe that will do it, AND that’s all that will do it. But, quantum wise, that’s exactly what it takes. It’s our consciousness that has to change, nothing else, and the hardest thing to do in the face of all the darkness is to be at peace in our creator’s arms. But, it’s such a no-brainer. Just remember, we didn’t create this universe and we didn’t make the rules. God’s rules prevail and those are the beingness of peace and love. We just RE-join that, we don’t create it.
    I want to say too, that in 3D, there is always a time lag between a shift of mind and the manifestation into physicality. It’s a sort of drag. So what we “see” isn’t what is actually manifest, so to speak.
    There’s something else too. We are multi-dimensional beings, meaning we exist across dimensions, so all he have to do is shift mental and emotional attention from the frequency of one to the frequency of the other. The fifth dimension is one of love, gratitude, peace, letting go of hatred and fear and if those attitudes are the ones we choose, no matter the circumstances, that’s the dimension we soon experience full on. It’s really just choice.

  4. “Thousands of communists, anarchists, and international NGOs have descended on Athens to celebrate a Greek court’s decision to declare nationalist opposition party, Golden Dawn, a criminal organization.

    The ruling is a historic departure for post-war liberalism, which traditionally frowns upon putting members of parliament in prison for their beliefs. All 18 elected MPs, including Golden Dawn’s leader Nikos Michaloliakos, now face a minimum of 10 years in prison.”

    May the Gods help Golden Dawn, and others like them, survive the persecution against them.

      • Even if you disagree with Golden Dawn’s ethnopolitical beliefs, wouldn’t the Chabad Death Cult, as well as the Khazarian Mafia in general, approve of the paracommunist persecution against the nationalists?


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