From our friend Lorie Ladd:

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  1. Lori I felt exactly the same as you but suddenly on New Years Eve. I felt very heavy like a lead weight and extremely tired and frankly was like that for nearly 3 days. On New years Even I kept wakening and it was always some minutes past eleven I could not get rid of that night. It was a shock because I felt excited just before that and looking forward to the future I was not depressed. But then I simply could not move my body was aching and I was so exhausted . Like something heavy was pinning me down – I looked very bad and felt even worse . But suddenly this afternoon today 2nd January 2021. I managed to get up and start doing and even throwing stuff out. Yes Lori I can let anything go. Thank you for the talk you are a really sweet lady.

  2. Right on. It does require more rest but worth the information that came with it. I too felt overwhelmed by the energies of love and belonging as I was receiving information. When the messages ended – more than one message – the energies in the room changed. And then, the messages and powerful energies began again. It would appear The Forces of Light are concerned about our ability to handle the higher energies so they gave space between them.
    Above all else, a sense of winning over the dark forces and with it a sense of great protection from those who bring the Light, along with a reminder to remain alert to further attempts by the dark forces to maintain control of humanity and possible attempted attacks on the Lightworkers, not that they would succeed. I have to think the dark forces are more concerned with their ever increasing vulnerability and losses than anything else.

    We will see what 2021 brings as more and more people begin to wake-up to what has controlled them for centuries. I’m noticing a change in the media’s perspective, giving me hope that they beginning to leave the dark forces’ nest of absolute control and dictation. Once individuals understand that they no longer have to fear the dark forces’ control and threats, freeing themselves will be easier for them. Many chose the wrong side for money and fear for their families. They saw no other option.

    Freeing ourselves from the financial, emotional and psychic control of the dark forces will allow us to begin the cleaning up of the Earth and our bodies – emotional, mental and psychic bodies. With the freedom from absolute energy control by the dark forces, transmuting toxic chemicals, etc and sending healing, cleansing energies into the Earth, air water, fire etc. will be nothing short of soul-satisfying and much, much easier than we believe it would be. Our individual skills, abilities and talents will return to do the job!!!! Heart-based intensions are powerful.

    Many books to write about this time in history. Each with a different perspective according to role the individual played.

    Victory of the Light


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