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  1. To Ashtar,
    it has come to my attention that the high council in the highest realms are very detached
    from 3d and also 5d experiences,yet you judge and advise us.
    According to the Galactic Codex and its none intervention policy you do not intervene unless more than 50% of earth’s population wants this. (being unified)
    You just told me most of us are of one desire when it comes to that.
    Yet you do not intervene! (you refrained up to now)!
    on december 31st of our time line there was a meeting between Alcyone council and the
    stil in 5d federation about intervention. (you let it come this far)!
    According to your own Galactic Codex you may now intervene … SO DO IT THEN !!!

    Below here my earlier conclusion,written to the Taygetans to pass on to this meeting.

    – Even though I dislike the federation(!) I do see why they recognise the secret societies as
    earth’s representatives. This because the secret societies descend from the groups to whom
    in ancient times the secret knowledge and symbols,called the “kabbalah” were revealed.
    “Kabbalah” means ,that what has been received,which is exactly what it is.

    – Times however have moved on and we have now moved into the photon belt and a new era and
    things cannot remain as they have been. Call it natural development.
    There are also prophecies that state that humanity is to move into a golden age of freedom
    and prospertity.

    – The federation,or at least its lower echelon chooses to over look this and it acting against
    the above in favour of there friends whos time of rule is now up, and there with may well,
    in acting as biased as they do be in violation themselves and stand to be corrected.

    – That most of humanity has not woken up yet is because of mind control and dumbing them down
    against which they have no defense and is therefor … NOT HUMANITIES FAULT.(!)

    – By dumbing the people down they prevent them to even develop so much as a free will and
    does not even know it exists.
    The galactic law cannot have been meant to this effect for sure,as if they follow down this
    road mankind here will never be given a chance.
    … and disconnected from reality in their high perspective as the higher part of the
    federation is … they must surely be able to see that,at least,even if being detached.

    – Humanity has wickedly been trapped and the higher federation must have enough sense of
    3d and 5d justice to intervene here.
    If they cannot or want not there is little point of having them.

    – At the moment the higher part of the federation is behaving like an unfit kindergarten
    teacher that is happy to let bigger and stronger kids beat up the weaker and smaller ones
    and take their candy … under the moto … “it is you own fault,you are not awake”!
    There with shying away from their responsibilities by unfairly blaming the victim.

    – To finish I will state that if parents would behave as the higher federation does, those
    parents would have their children taken away.

    – I hope this message reaches them as they read the internet.

    • There are times and moments that I feel exactly the way you do Carlavagnen. Why inundate the awakened with endless messages of awakening and hope when all they need do is show up in the skies and let us, the ground crew, do the explanation and holding of the frequency for the rest of us? Real crappy this whole thing indeed!

  2. This Ashtar crap has been going on since 1974 and still nothing has happened or changed. I don’t even know why anyone even bothers to put this out or to listen. It provides no substance or direction.

    Not useful….

  3. These words sound encouraging but Ashtar does not channel at this time. Members of the RM & portal have verified it, but contact with them in 2021 may happen.

  4. This sounds like listening to Q, repeats over & over & yet displays no evidence. Where is this “Light”?? its awfully gray outside, as usual from Chem-Trailing.

  5. #draintheswamp

    Hilary Clinton, Putin, Dr Burke’s Dead and many many more Gone !

    scroll to the bottom of website below and watch 2021 video below left titled Happy New

    Year 2021.

    Happy New Year 2021 !

    • Agreed. Complete BS. We are NOT unified at all. A whole bunch of people actually voted for Biden, a Chinese traitor and believe the lying media that he won, when in fact he lost historically. Millions think it is perfectly reasonable to wear a mask, when it’s ridiculous and think locking people down and up if they don’t comply is perfectly fine. I have no idea what the hell this psyop is talking about, but it’s not this planet. Bullets are the only thing that will remove those in power who are evil and it is beyond time we started. I am fully ready to start shooting people and I see the New World Order being rolled out. So until these lying idiots fly down and literally kill those in power, it’s all BS and this is a pathetic website.


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