Trust the Plan – by Light Warrior Anon

Whatever you do this day after your feast,
where we gave thanks, prayed for blessings increased,
Remember those who could not be with you,
who love you so much and find distancing cruel.
We will stay connected while politicians play.
And we will be stronger and close again one day.

Now, take a deep breath cause you don’t have Covid.
And know things are “habbening’ to get it all sorted.

Criminals busted and they will be tried.
Politicians too since we know that they lied.
We will stand triumphant when justice is served,
and start reaping the benefits of freedom deserved.

Don’t ruin your holidays with worry this year.
The dark wants you sad and living in fear.
They seek to control you since when you’re not thinking
you’re a deer in the headlights, just standing there blinking.

What they don’t understand is that God’s on our side.
And he sent us ‘angles’ to help and to guide.

A lot we have seen has all been a show.
Much work has been done and still much you don’t know.
Secret plans were devised, many years in the making,
then quietly launched with our heroes forsaking
the glory they’d reap as they worked while we slept,
saving children from the dark where they had been kept.

They captured the evil, with some slayed on site.
Some were arrested from their beds in the night.
Many were asked to “change sides and comply”
And those who did not may soon have to die.

By what state of mind and lack of good reason
would prompt a sane person to harm or to treason?

The puppets are lost, now confused; master’s gone
Attorney’s will litigate since the plan went all wrong.
Caught in the act of great fraud, how they cheated.
To steal an election and his greatness achiev’ed.

This agenda they planned for, years in advance.
Premeditated felony so, they haven’t a chance.
And if they call you a crazy conspiracy theorist,
Tell them law is on our side, and now they are on OUR list.

Many now quake asking, “how could this happen”?!?!
They must not have known
that Trump had
The Kraken!

Happy Holidays!