From Elena Danaan:

I was feeling nervous that day as I knew this would be an important moment. Valiant Thor had agreed to give a live interview through social medias, as part of the weekly channelling sessions I perform with Elisa. We usually have conversations with Thor Han, Annax or Myrah, but this time we arranged to do things a little bit differently: by holographic transmission. This method was elaborated by Thor Han to interview beings I can’t connect to directly, for many different reasons. It consists in a pyramidal device made of crystal and metal, that transmits my live holographic image and voice. I am relayed to this device throughout telepathic contact with Thor Han, via my implant. This method is not a channelling and allows me to keep my eyes open and move slightly, as for instance writing notes. When the moment came, Thor Han made contact with me. Valiant Thor was with him, and also Ardaana, the supervisor of the station. They had a pre-meeting to set the rules about was would be allowed to be disclosed, what could be said or not. Val was sat beside Thor Han and when the device was switched on, my hologram appeared and Val said with a large smile: “Hello Elena!” I liquefied. Thor Han laughed discretely and I realised I needed to calm down. Then it was time.This was happening… it started, and the world was listening…

You can watch the video here: Valiant Thor


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  1. Please enlighten me as to the president’s light and kindness. It is very well hidden and he does a great job at showing us otherwise.
    I fail to see or recognize his godly deeds.

    • You must be completely unaware of what is taking place in the US and world if you cannot see what is the corruption that only DJT has been willing to take on. He has to wake up many people by being as blunt and direct as possible because so many have been deluded by nice sounding words from most politicians that are only lies and deception. Hopefully, once you awaken you’ll be able to see Pres. T for who he really is. And you will be glad, believe me.

    • You are watching all of his talks through the mainstream. Shut out the noise, meaning, stop listening to or reading mainstream news sources and listen to his words on the whitehouse website or past speeches seeing as he has been stifled by the media now. If you are being sarcastic and have no room for new thoughts, you will soon be made aware of the corruption in our government and involvement with PRC. Daring the swamp is messy work😊

  2. People channel their own deep psyche, which tells them what they want to hear. We then put a face on it, anthropomorphism. I do it too, under the idea that my deeper self is more open to subtle flows of information, i.e., electrical networks that our senses don’t see.
    Like animals can pick up on earth electrical fields as tension charge is building in grantide magma flows, underground electrical rivers that connect to the Sun, which in turn connects to larger areas in a connected plasma universe.

    Animals can sense earthquakes coming. Same way we sense “vibes.” To a certain extent we should trust our feelings as raw data. Then the mind must weigh that.

    Some ppl have good intuition; others look for confirmation bias.

    Channel then, but know you are making comic book superheroes up in your mind. In this sense ETs are simply organized information past our senses, and may well have personalities.

    Everything is electrical flow, every decision you make, who or what you are attracted to or repulsed by. Man,Know Thyself.

  3. Beware of “channelled” information,and bear in mind that all ET’s have their own agendas,which do not necessarily coincide with earther agendas for the best outcome…
    Earth history is FULL of ET deception and interference,so be advised,and do some research before buying into this information.

    • Savor – Thank you. A needed message. We have found in our work that over 90% of all channeling is corrupted. There’s a free e-book about this problem here

      Blessing a Victory to the Divine Human! Denny Hunt


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