Article By Angela S. Flint

February 21, 2021

The following is my – interpretation – of information found in recent research on transhumanism.  I encourage people to do their own research.

Transhumanist Plans to Develop Humans


It’s free to beam yourself with your mindfile Beme Recording to a commercial satellite provider into deep space, at the speed of light, where you could be reconstructed by E.Ts.

Source:  Spacecast on

But hold on, let’s backup.


Parallyzed?  We can help by connecting you to electrodes.

Want to be a mind reader?  Look at our A.I. game.

Need safety at a dangerous site?   We have a military robot dog, Spot, to check dangerous sites.

How to safely build walking bridges.  We have Drones to build walking bridges.

Have Alzheimer’s?  We can give you memories.


“…have the codes… have the ability to form new long term memories…there are several parts of the brain that are ready for this…surgical procedures to reach this…,” says Dr. Theodore Berger, bio medical engineer and developer of neuro prosthesis technology, and a USC Professor as published by 2045 Initiative.

“We need evolution over a very long time before we find

solutions particularly to how to be a better human being.  And I’d like to be able to have an avatar that allows me to create those optimal values…,” says Berger continued.


What if Berger’s “optimal values” are like the person here  describing how the “God Gene” can be vaccinated to stop specific behavior?

What happens if your body becomes a controlled robot where you’re not in control of yourself; and, soul removed with final destination in singular, hive mind, cyborg hell.

“Avatar Project Milestones.  Avatar A 2015 – 2020  A robotic copy of a human body remotely controlled via BCI…,” as quoted here


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Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX

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Take a Peek

“Avatar” project aims for human immortality by 2045

“Advancements in Nanotechnology-Based Smart Dust

HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA: Transhumanism, AI, Chemtrails, Smart Dust, & Morgellons

CHEMTRAILS or Geoengineering; Patents for spraying the atmosphere: Extensive List of Patents

Bill Gates Announces Plans To Use ‘Chemtrails’ to ‘Solve Global Warming’

Next Historic Chemtrails Lawsuit Filed In Canada


Suggestions on How to Detox from What is Called Chemtrails



Dawn of (fill in the blank)

The dawn of a new day.  A new day.  Where have I heard that before?  Jordan Maxwell-Order out of chaos

“…a new era dawns.”


Transexual to Transgender to Transhuman


“…four lawyers, all transsexual identifying, have been the main generators of a project to deconstruct sex within the law, on a global scale and to have it replaced with medical identities representing how they feel about their bodies. Martine Rothblatt has gone much further in this deconstruction process,” as stated here From Transsexual to Transgender to Transhuman Part I.

“Once we open the door to accepting vast changes to human biology, that undermine the very definition of what it means to be human as a sexually dimorphic species, we have opened up a Pandora’s box for melding humans with technology and AI…There is a queer line of development from transgender to transhuman,” stated at Transgender – Technology – Capitalism.


U.S. Transhumanist Party

The U.S. Transhumanist Party apparently supports vaccines, in a request to “President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., HHS, FDA, and Congress” in an article by Dan Elton, “A Polite List of Requests to the FDA” located here US Transhumanist Party – Official Website – US Transhumanist Party – PUTTING SCIENCE, HEALTH, & TECHNOLOGY AT THE FOREFRONT OF AMERICAN POLITICS.

“Over 300,000 Americans have already died needlessly and preventably from COVID-19…” as stated at

I guess robots don’t die, they don’t live, so they don’t die.

Some symbols that represent transhumanists from Free Transhumanist Symbols – US Transhumanist Party – Official Website are the following:


Terasem Movement Foundation

“Our  mission is to promote the geoethical (world ethical) use of nanotechnology for human life extension. We conduct educational programs and support scientific research and development in the areas of cryogenics, biotechnology, and cyber consciousness,” as stated at About the Terasem Movement Foundation Inc.



People can sign up for the LifeNaut BioFile Project  (apparently free of charge).  LifeNaut says they have a Bio File Program to store your cells alive.  And,

“After you have been declared legally biologically passed, future technology may be able to grow you a new body via ectogenesis and your mindfile may be able to be downloaded into it, enabling you to live on indefinitely,” as stated at


As quoted from,

Beme Recordings: Description: Using available technology for capturing ‘bemes’.

A beme is the smallest unit of a person’s consciouness or uniqueness.

Current Beme recordings are being made using hi definition video and audio technology with a trained interviewer.

In the future Beme Interview technololgy will be integrated within” 

Apparently it’s free to broadcast your mindfile Beme Recording to a commercial satellite provider into deep space at the speed of light where you could bereconstructed by E.Ts.

Source:  Spacecast on

I will not be signing up to become an avatar  to upload for download using Create a Mind File.


What if

Is this request, to upload data of ourselves, to make as many human avatars as possible in the event corrupt beings need to flee Earth; and, transfer slave labor to a matrix on a different planet; or, resurrect such on Earth?  It’s just a question.


Bina48 is said to be, “ just an illustration of the concept that one day we may be able to back your mind up to a computer,” as stated at Interview with a Robot.

Bina48 was said to be created as “a love story between Martine Rothblatt and her partner, Bina and how they thought about how they could continue to love each other and use technology to carry their love forward. Bina48 began as an idea within our uploading experiment at the Terasem Movement Foundation in the LifeNaut Project. We asked the question: ‘can we upload enough information about a human body’s mind—their memories, their attitude, their beliefs, their values—and transfer that to a computer, and animate that information with artificial intelligence?,’” as stated at Interview with a Robot.



I prefer connection with Divine Creator/Sacred Source/Magenta/God over transhumanism; and, keep my light of eternal life (soul), sovereignty, fitted with cosmic wings.





Aquarius Technologies, founded in 2003 by Harald Kautz

How Sacred Geometry is embedded in Your DNA – Secrets of Geometric Art

Holographic Medical Pods (Med Beds) The End of Cancer, Illness, Disease


“I’m not doing this,” image is available on several products here:

‘Reject Transhumanism AI Singularity human evolution humanity 2.0 t-shirt’ Art Board Print by Watery



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  1. hurrdurr we don’t know anything about our own species; we just like to say we evolved from monkeys at some point. Hey let’s evolve into machines like npcs hurrdurr.

    not everyone’s into mecha, maybe if you gave the idea we could evolve into wolves or lions you’d get the furfags on the transhumanism team too. Or literally anything else that isn’t homosapien. Then people really *will* identify as apache helicopters lmfao.

    Why is everyone so anti-human anyway? Everyone is taking this identity bs way too seriously like their puberty phase got stuck well into their adult years and being so dystrophic about it. The insecurity is strong in these ones! And the self-identifying ‘demons'(or w/e bs they claim to be lol) are manipulating it and using it to destroy everyone’s sense of self. -sigh- I’m so tired of this pronoun bs too, like Idgaf what you call yourself and neither does the next mentally challenged identity-prone person. Idek what you look like but nah, call me she/her. I can’t deal with the amount of people that think this shit is even relevant it’s f****** funny and sad at the same gd time.

  2. What a crock of BS. Go messing with the human Genome and see what happens. Scientists, if you can call them that, just never know when to stop trying to play God. More than two thirds of the planet is still living in abject poverty and all these idiots want to do is deconstruct us and turn us into the Borg hive mind. If they can connect us to their AI then they can remove our personalities and use us as free labour ie. slaves.No thanks

  3. Point of view : We Humans haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of developing
    to experience our full potential as amazing incredible beings that we are even now…

    Which path shall we choose ? ………………………………..

    For the time being a some technology can be interesting helpful and fun…

  4. (Update) Why Civilians Have Mostly No Power in the United States

    March 07, 2021

    Suppose a group of a few thousand civilians decided to take justice into their own hands and storm google headquarters, along with cnn headquarters and all the other mainstream media outlets (big tech) at gunpoint. Here is what would happen:

    The cabal would use their own militias to step in and overthrow the civilian uprising. Big tech would then of course be returned to the cabal, and every mainstream news outlet would make broadcasts stating that white nationalist neo-nazi Q cultists/Trump cultists instigated terrorist attacks on the United States. Thus, the attempted overthrow of big tech by civilians would result in the dramatic acceleration of communism in the United States.

    The only way civilians could overthrow big tech would be to have several million participants. With several million armed civilians participating, the cabal would be overwhelmed, lacking the resources to restore their power over the mainstream media. This number will never even come close to being reached though, because such a large uprising would be shut down by social media before coming even close to gaining enough momentum.

    This is why I conclude that civilians have mostly no power. Civilians can do this though:


    Peaceful disobedience (examples: Refusing to wear a mask in public and refusing to get the vaccine).

    Filing lawsuits against OSHA (if that’s possible) and similar organizations/individuals who are actively oppressing the rights of the people.

    Speaking out on alternative social media.


    There may be other ways civilians can oppose communism that I haven’t thought of, but an armed civilian takeover would backfire, resulting in the dramatic enhancement of the communist takeover of the United States. The only way to overthrow big tech is to have legal authorization to do so, with the military carrying out the legally authorized orders.

    Very important sidenote: I currently do not feel that Trump was against the communist takeover of the United States, because Trump gave significant financial support to Israel during his term, which means that he was working with the Rothschilds and so forth. My current finding is that the Jewish people are being oppressed by elite zionist families. It is these same elite zionist families that have been behind both China’s and the United State’s multiple global war crimes throughout modern history. It is in both the United State’s and China’s best interest to realize that they have both been manipulated by elite zionist families. These elite zionist families are probably the source of the communist takeover of China, and the in-progress communist takeover of the United States.


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