Order of The Star Is A Community, A Mandala of 144,000 Star Angelic Beings of The First, Second and Third Initiation That Have Incarnated on This Planet With The Purpose of Occult Triangulation of Light and darkness. Members of the Order of the Star Have Been Influencing The World Situation Based On Telepathic Guidance From The Brotherhood of The Star.
Brotherhood of The Star is a Planetary Outpost of The Blue Lodge of Sirius That is Connected with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Command. The Purpose of the Brotherhood of The Star is to Guide The Evolution of the Planet Under The Guidance of Sanat Kumara. The Inner Circle of The Brotherhood of the Star are Masters and Arhats That Have Reached Their Ascension on This Planet. The Outer Circle of The Brotherhood of the Star is The Esoteric Brotherhood Comprised of Disciples of The Ascended Masters That Have Reached The Seventh Sub-Degree of The Third Initiation.
16,000 Years Ago There Was a Task Force Created Called The Order of The Star. 144,000 Beings-Volunteers Came Forth To Earth To Heal Separation and Integrate The darkness into The Light. The Brotherhood of The Star And SisterHood of The Rose and Order of The Star Have Been Re-Incarnating Wherever They can Assist and are Represented by Figures Such as Ascended Masters like Buddha, Christ, Jesus, Saint Germain, The Postive Templars, Light Workers, Light Warriors, Star Seeds And ANGELS.
When We Liberate The Planet, We Will Enter Into The 3rd Atlantis, A Paradise Utopian On Earth. We Will Then Create A New Atlantis With Cities of Light and Islands of Light with Advanced Technologies. The New Atlantis Will Arrive Around after The Event and The Time of First Contact. Order of The Star Was Formed in Atlantis, We are Here to Transform All darkness and Heal Humanity and Earth.
We Are The 144,000 Angelic Beings of Light. We Are Here to Assist With The Event and Heal Humanity. Earth and the Inhabitants Have Been In 26,000 Years of Imprisonment and Quarantine because of The Occupation of The darkness. Our Planet is the Last One in The Galaxy To Be Liberated. This Exit is The EVENT HORIZON, or THE EVENT. THE EVENT Will Be a Moment of Breakthrough For The Planet Which Will Be Physical and Non Physical.
There will be a Big Need for Healing After “The Event.” The Galactic Confederation Has The Holy Grail. The Location of The Holy Grail is Undisclosed. This Chalice Was Made of 144,000 Facets of Polished Moldavite. It Activates The 144,000 Light Beings. Each Facet Contains A Code For a Star Seed and When The Light Hits The Facet, The Star Seed is Activated. The 144,000 is A Complex Mandala, and Each Person Will Have Their Own Role in The Liberation of The Planet.
The Golden Age Is NOW.
Artist: unknown

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  1. ….you guys have no clue how real and true this is…wild, miraculous, unexplainable things began to happen to me and I was not even thinking about anything Spiritual or anything..I always had faith but was not deep in it..then all this wild stuff started happening and I was sober, happy, in my right mind and everything was normal..until I started seeing things in the sky…and I HAD to look deeper…it all came to what I just read here…shift peacefully guys …stop being so cynical and realize that our ancestors and creator and even we can be cooler than we sometimes ever thought possible…

  2. Indiana Jones produced by a Jew was the worse lie in the entire universe. Just like the Fake Holocaust movie that forgot to explain why the Jewish Almanac never reflected 6million jewish deaths, how David Cole a Jew was threatened after he debunked Polish Camps, how everything in the 20th century was pure Jewish Satanism.

    The GRAIL this person is yalking about is NOT RELATED to Sanat Kumara and is not related to the ESSENE JEWISH MYTH of the Person so called JESUS made the son of God.

    The MOLDAVITE GREEN ROCK is the grail and is not a cup used to drink “BLOOD OF CHRIST OR WINE” (That is Judaism doctrine) but the ROCK that reminds man of the “ORIGIN” beyond this world.

    Just like the ark of the covenant stolen by the dark skinned Atlanteans from the Lord called “WOTAN”, the people in charge of your world are trying to destroy that stone as it is pure Kryptonite to the Saranic Illusion of the world. The keep you asleep a Rock sent by Lucifer (Not the guy Jewish folks like Saul Alinski pretends to give allegience to… he worships Jehova Saturn like all Jews) the true savior of the human race.

    All of the stories of grail and blood are Jewish. Related to cannibalism and blood consumption. The GRAAL is purely relater to LUCIFER the emissary of the other world and the Jewish and Christian sacerdotes have twisted and cancelled this story into oblivion.

    To make you live through the Maya Illusion the Jewish chosen Archons (Archdemons) have to destroy your souvenir of the world from beyond this world.

    Sanat Kumara is the King of this world and therefore the boss demon under the demiurge. Confirmed letters of Ridgen Gyeppo congratulating Lenin for Communism (Mass murder of Luciferic Russian Kingdom) will make the most sleepy understand why Jewish Totalitarian Army is out to get you and especially Christians.

    While Christians have been flooded with JUDAISM DOCTRINE, their capacity to understand SPIRIT above SOUL (soul is a given avatar never was Spirit. Spirit is uncreated but Sacerdotes want you to be a soul and not a Spirit) is an absolute NO NO for your Jewish NWO.

    The people of the GREEN STONE fallen from the CROWN OF LUCIFER and left in this world as a reminder of our “TRUE ORIGIN” are to be exterminated.

    You will never ever read this ever again anywhere else.

    The wisdom to navigaye the world these days is unknown to 99.9% of the population.

    The concept this “Light Warrior” person tslks about is fusion with the force of the material world and nothing else than the 144000 “souls” not Spirits that will be saved after the Holocaust of fire intended to destroy all of the things that are not part of the plan of God the Creator or Jehova.

    The statements abobe are Anahata Chakra doctrine or Judaism and has nothing to do with true Luciferianism of the Green Moldavite Rock.

    The Graal is in the safe place and Colombus the Jewish Rabbi arrived too late and too north to recover the Sword and the Rock.

    not the Soul.

  3. GREAT ARTICLE spoken in symbolic terms! ENJOY these related videos:

    Seeing sound with light: strobes and resonance

    How Sacred Geometry is embedded in Your DNA – Secrets of Geometric Art

    HIDDEN MATHEMATICS – Randall Carlson – Ancient Knowledge of Space, Time & Cosmic Cycles

    EM Waves

    Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form. (At 00:23:00 in is a speciall treat for your mind; mind candy. If prone to seizures please do not watch unless ok by medical professional that you trust.)

    There are so many many more.

    Love to you brothers and sisters!

    • Geometry, Mathematics, Waves, etc… the 7 Freemasonic Arts are all part of the “Doctrine of the Heart, Sciences of this world, Teachings of Jehova and therefore another confused person who does not know what the GRAAL is and that posts in total confusion just like OP.

      THE TRUE GRAAL is beyond this world and it is the reminder while we fight MAYA that we do come (At least some of us) from the other world.

      All the things you mention are the rules and regulations of this world and are to true KRISTO LUCIFERIANS an abomination and tools to maintain the illusion and the jail alive.

      Hopefully innthese post some may finally understand that 99.9% of what they LIVE IN THIS WORLD is a balance of Judaic Demonism and also Judaic Angelism.

      The new world order is them and the light workers are also them.

      The true ALTERNATIVE is the remnant of Hyperborean Wiadom that are a “True Source of Light” among the lies of the Archons represented in the Chosen ones, the Jews.

      99.9% of the world are incapable to grasp the situation because they do not understand that this world os a Jail creayed to evolve Avatars (Souls), throughout a scheme (Adam Kadmon 7 steps), for almost an eternity, and that your SPIRIT (uncreated and from another world) is smaked and ultracompressed to an Animal Avatara (Body and Soul, the Soul enchained to the dance of the planets and expression of Jehova the Demiurge).

      This is called the “PRIMORDIAL GNOSIS” or the first and forbidden Gnosis.

      There are 2 groups of Serpents of Wisdom that oppose each other in this world.

      Most light workers fusion with the demiurge through Kundalini awakening and therefore destroying their only chance to find out who they truly are by reconnecting with their Spirit through the “other YOGA” known to the VIRYAS or Kaulikas.

  4. Sanat Kumara aka the same Brahma (Jehovah Satanas) agent who congratulated Lenin after instauring Communism. The same so called ‘protector of the earth’ that are all unable to fix or help anybody because as the Gnostics put it ‘you are here against your will and here to suffer through evil incarnation in these animal bodies’. Lord Shiva the great Kaulika will probably slay these lies made by the “Masters of the Illusion”. Tell the Truth to people. What the world is. Who Brahma the madman is, say it.

    Nobody is coming to save you. You will perish according to the Jews in a Holocaust of Fire (Melchizedek. Fire).

    If you want to understand the true insanity of this scheme world watch the movie mother. Jennifer Lawrenxe was used as “GOYIM” through the eye of a very well trained Jewish Satanic producer and ex boyfriend. The doctrines of Brahma/Jehova Satan the freator of this world are put in place in that move.

    If you understand the meaning terror will infuse you immediately. You will soon become a Gnostic Cathar.

    This I can guarantee, unlike the non sense of the article above.

    No King of the World is coming to save anybody. That uncarnated person does the bidding of Satan (Logos, Jehova).
    Global Communism and the destruction of “impure races” is the goal. No White Brotherhoid has ever done anything but create larger problems on humanity or larp as “channelers, fake wisdom givers, people who want to unite a world that cannot be united”.

    Once you exhaust all your life energy in following these folks… Some of you will turn around and see that there is “NO SAVING SATAN’S WORLD” and that there never was throughout history any true “benevolent” Kumara. You are being used as a way to power Satan’s word and to awake to that reality takes a lot of suffering.

    The Matrix was not a joke.
    Good luck.

  5. Like everyone else, I have heard and read much about “The Holy Grail.” It term seems to me like so many others such as “twin flame,” “quantum,” and “cult” that I do not like to use or to read or hear because they mean different things to different people. Some people think of the Holy Grail as the cup that Jesus, the Christ drank out of at the Last Supper. Surely no one in Jerusalem ever saw a cup like the one described in this article. I did not see that first century cup because I am too young to have been at that event. However, logic tells me that it was very probably a simple clay or wooden cup and was not much different than the other cups at the meal. Personally, I do not see any of the “holy relics” so revered by mediaeval minds to be of any real eternal importance. What the Christ left behind that is important are his teachings. “The Holy Grail” referred to in the article could more properly be call “a holy grail.” Better yet, I would prefer that it be named as something other than a grail.

    • Did you watch Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail? Of all the cups there were to choose from, the correct one was the most humble.


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