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Star children are divided into three categories: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow. If you are a star child, regardless of which category you fall into, star children are known to embody the energy of grace, purity, truth and wisdom. They know that all life on Earth is sacred and should be respected, and they seek to rebuild the Earth by spreading compassion. Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow have a lot in common, but they are also different personalities that stand on their own.

Indigo Childrenchild

The Indigo are known as the creators of the path for the new world. They are often born with the spirit of a warrior and feel drawn to ending old systems that no longer serve people. They may be labeled as bratty or stuck up, but they are here to re-create the fundamental ideas of government, education and the legal system where integrity is lacking.

A strong sense of determination and a bit of a temper are both qualities of an Indigo child. They refuse to be manipulated and they are able to see through lies and facades. Some Indigo children are diagnosed with ADHD due to their sensitive nature and ability to exist at a higher, more fast-paced level.

Crystal Childrenboy and butterflies

Crystal children are seen as the contrast to Indigo children. After the Indigo’s have established new ways of life, the Crystal’s appear to bring harmony to the new world. They are more blissful and even-tempered than Indigo’s, and they set an example for others. Crystal children follow the cleared path into a safer, more secure world.

Many of them hold innate spiritual gifts that are often misunderstood, causing some to be diagnosed with severe autism. Crystal children operate at a much higher frequency that doesn’t require verbal communication. Many of them have delayed speech patterns and don’t begin speaking until the age of three or four. The mind of a Crystal child is much deeper than others can see. They are incredibly intuitive, and we can only understand their level of communication when we are in complete alignment.

Rainbow Childrenchild 2

Rainbow children are the highest example of our true potential. They embody true divinity, and their goal is to serve others. Rainbow children are extremely giving, fearless, and they have no trouble expressing their emotions. They are able to recover quickly from negative energy.

Rainbow children are the rarest type of star child, and their abilities are not well-known, but they will come to light when the world needs it most. The purpose of Rainbow children is to complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and Crystal children have made. They are the final piece of the puzzle.

Indigo children are here to break down the ideas of traditional thinking. Crystal children then build their foundation in the new world, and Rainbow children will continue to build to eventually create an entirely new way of existing. Existing in alignment with the Earth is the number one characteristic of a star child.

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  1. Let's not forget how precious our children and animals are, living in this time of great change 💎🧡

    The Carpenters Lyrics
    “Bless The Beasts And The Children”

    Bless the beasts and the children
    For in this world they have no voice
    They have no choice

    Bless the beasts and the children
    For the world can never be
    The world they see

    Light their way when the darkness surrounds them
    And give them love, let it shine all around them

    Bless the beasts and the children
    Give them shelter from the storm
    Keep them safe, keep them warm

    Light their way when the darkness surrounds them
    And give them love, let it shine all around them

    Bless the beasts and the children
    Give them shelter from the storm
    Keep them safe, keep them warm

    (the children)
    (the children)
    (the children)

  2. I’m glad you posted, Devon, that you are an adult Indigo because most articles always talk of children thinking that only younger people are born into these categories. I, too, am an Indigo and was born “ a while ago” 😊.

  3. Thank you for explaining the nature of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. When I was born, a baby boomer, I came into the world due to fireworks noise after 12 o'clock in the night, NewYear's Day. It's what I told my classmates, jokingly, with a serious face. And that every year, at 12 o'clock in the night, fireworks were cracking all for me, a celebration. Hurray, for Devon! Happy Birthday!

    As far as I can know, I'm mostly an Indigo, certainly with a warrior nature, paving the way by using my jester-skills to pierce through balloons of self-importance, and falsehoods, pretense and lies.
    There's also something of a Crystal child within, I guess, for as as young girl, I could see through the facade of people.

    My mother had a hard time, as a preacher's wife, trying to control her oldest daughter, and keep the applecart from toppling over, for I described to the person I observed what I KNEW intuitively. Straight faced, and spot on. Causing fury and bewilderment in the person, who suddenly seemed dressed in fiery red. The headmaster of primary school, told my mother, when she took me to my first day in school "Watch out for that one, she's one of a kind"

    A bit of walking on a thin rope, and detective work Sherlock Holmes' style, isn't unknown to me. I've caused implosions of make-belief and corruption, in groups, be it communes, or spiritual practitioners, and businesses where I've worked as an employee. All done while anonymous, using diplomacy in a martial art manner, sort of.

    I have a way with words, and that has changed somewhat. From childhood, with talk like an arrow in a straight line to the target, to efforts to create a two-way communication, on equal grounds. If I must, when the situation calls for it, I'm a straight arrow, very very clear. As the oldest daughter of nine siblings, I was a bossy one as well.

    My sense of humour has grown much, since I've spent almost 5 years in Britain. Those mad Englishmen and silly ladies are exceptional in their wit.The ir sense of humour is the measure by which they show how they understand their own madness and contradictions in life perfectly.

    The best joke is, that they don't make jokes, exposing madness and mistakes, in each other's face, for that's NOT DONE. Directness from person to person is highly disqualified. Witnessing buspassengers in Britain, chatting, throwing humorous remarks to and fro through the bus, was true entertainment for me. Also, they cheer each other up, by that behaviour., leaving the bus with a smile, ready for the day. The government and town-council are most favoured targets. While they show submission, almost in a slavish manner, in daily practice, weird!

    Imagine this Indigo child bumping against the British inhibition. How I've learned by contrast! It's exhausting, you know? And yet, there are English lords and ladies, fully switched on. Enough said, about the island on the other side of the North Sea Channel. This Capricorn is patiently stepping on its way to a destination that is usually surprising to siblilngs, friends and foes. Not that I recall making enemies. Usually, I'm known as bright, kind, thoughtful, generous and creative. There's some mystery as well, causing slight awkwardness in those who know me. I hope to live past the 100 😊


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