We can expect actions now!  Astrology for today.

by Katharina Bless


The Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries, a “Beauty and the Beast” topic is unfolding. Sun, Mercury and Venus are now in Aries, so we can expect actions. Venus and Mercury already moved over Uranus in conjunction and the Sun will in a couple days. If you are on alternative news, you know what I am talking about!

Inner conflicts are activated, the topic of the beast that we don’t want to look at is now right in front of us. The soul is now called to balance that which is not within us and the half and one-and-a-half squares that connect Mars and Mercury/Venus conjunction are like a backhoe digging deep down where we have not been in this lifetime.

Humanity has been brainwashed for decades, better centuries, from a ruling elite into believing something that is fabricated. This was quite easy until the time before internet! How could someone proof that this is not like that, not like the mainstream (which is paid and controlled by the Elite) is telling us? Maybe they told us story about a war, the staged images and wrote a story with it that was published.

Since people were kept busy to survive, not many had a chance to double check facts and sometimes weird feelings that were triggered by certain stories could not be explained. Therefore they were dismissed, we had to survive and pay the bills at the end of the month.

That was orchestrated very ingenious and there is a very long plan behind this. It is all about the end of a cycle and an “illuminated” elite that does not want to loose their power and the forbidden food, the bl00d of children and more….

The energy frequencies have been kept as low as possible with fear induces control, but with the entry into the Photon Belt in the 80’s thing have changed. They blamed it on the climate change… wowowow…. But the awakened ones know better: if we move into an energy of more light, the climate is changing too… of course!

Now every thing is upside down. It feels like a house when you move and the furniture are standing in the wrong place and there is no way to prepare some food or sit down – it’s a chaos. There are the fights now in court, verbal fights and emotional reactions. Anger is coming triggered by words. Loud voices are mostly from the cabal side that are to be ignored. Find peace and quiet time and transmute this hatred energies. They become even more visible now because now is the time to neutralize them! Don’t fight with anger, but be a warrior of light and defend like the masters of martial art.


We are in midst of a war, people don’t die from gunshots and bombs, but from a more subtle psychological and physical warfare with pathogens and something they call a vaxx which is altering the DNA. As Sacha Stone explained, it attacks our 8th chromosome that is connected with empathy and love, the connection to the Divine! If we loose that, the soul detaches from the body and the human body can be used like a living computer. It can be programmed since there is no conscience anymore.

You ask what has this to do with that chart? A lot, you can see the moon in Libra, representing our soul here, all alone on one side of the chart trying to balance all that incoming information, that battle that is raging within and without. The most ignorant person by now had figured out that something is wrong here on earth.

Wrong? Maybe not the right word, but definitely amiss and chaotic. Where is our freedom? The control is restricting more and more of our lives and the economy is crushing the middle class and enriching those who have a lot already.

Current Energies

The reason why this is happening is visible in the energy quality that is now dominating the game. Each time before a real break through can happen, we need to get rid of the old, the habits, the beliefs and regain access to our heart. We have to reconnect with the Divine within and see again. I see you!

Most humans have been so busy with survival that they didn’t see anymore. Now this “busi-ness” has been taken away from many and they start to think about value and quality. I experienced several times in my life that I needed to loose things to be able to move on.

Now it’s about the whole humanity, the call to move on. Now the chaos is perfect. But the last weeks with all the Pisces constellations is over and we are in the energy quality of a new start – of a fight between dark and light. But it is destiny that light will win on this planet …. the question is, on what side you are on.

Both sides are fighting, the warriors of light and the warriors of the dark. But they lost the battle already. In this world chart we see Saturn at IC, the energies of destruction that are necessary at the root and so Jupiter has just moved into Aquarius for the expansion of the human consciousness to their true “home”.

Warriors of Light lestrim.deviantart.com

I would like to say here once again for the new readers, I don’t see Saturn in a one sided negative perspective. Every coin has two sides. The Satanic Cults have used the negative and cruel part for centuries, but every thing will turn around at one point, every night is followed by a new dawn. I see the energies of Saturn here as the destroyer of the old, mercilessly all the old and decayed energies are disposed now.

What is happening is a great healing, a great energy shift and those who are not ready will also be destroyed by Saturn, hence they die to be reincarnated in a place that accommodated their frequency.

Trust your feelings. Get a lot of sunlight, at least half an hour per day so you can recharge your batteries. Make sure you don’t eat all the food that makes you heavy and sick, and trust your Soul. You are here because you chose to be here. Go into meditation and find out what your purpose is in the Here and Now.

The help trines here suggest that you surrender to the Higher Self and let the destruction happen because it must be. Nobody is lost for every. But it does not make sense to let a kid from first grade into high school. It would not understand because it does not yet have the foundation to build on. (This is a metaphor, I am not in agreement with the today’s school systems of brainwash)

Visualize the world you want, spend as much energy as you can in these images of a wonderful world with technologies that support (not suppress) us and where abundance on all levels is for every one. Where the consciousness level is so high that we don’t need laws since every body knows what is right and wrong.

Many blessings,


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