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I’ve noticed that energy has a way of manifesting through people. When there is aggressive energy that I have within myself, but I don’t act out this aggressive energy and remain physically calm, the aggressive energy finds a way to manifest through someone else. The aggressive energy finds someone else who has less self-control in the moment. Someone else will get into a conflict, allowing the aggressive energy to play itself out.

Anything that goes on within a person, if it has enough emotional strength, but is not acted out, will manifest elsewhere in reality. This is true individually and collectively. There are probably many people who have hidden, dark, taboo desires and urges. These kinds of desires and urges are not acted out though, because these kinds of desires and urges are immoral. Yet, these kinds of desires and urges have to run through to their completion, so they find a way manifest elsewhere through someone else who is more inclined to ignore morality.

Perhaps there are also people who are good-natured and unsuspecting, and out of nowhere, they are possessed to commit atrocities. This reminds me of an episode from Star Trek Voyager, called “Random Thoughts.” The episode is described here:


I very highly recommend watching this episode. In this episode, there is a telepathic society that prosecutes what is known as ‘thought crime,’ where it is illegal to have violent or destructive thoughts because these violent or destructive thoughts manifest as physically violent behavior through unsuspecting victims.

(Sidenote: There is also the emotion of fear to consider. Fear is often used to intimidate populations to go along with totalitarian measures. Often times the fear will be of something that is not that much of a threat but is greatly overblown. This fear perhaps then spreads like a virus, growing exponentially within populations. Or, another country is deemed as a threat, and people collectively believe this to be true, enabling unnecessary wars. The real unseen threat causing the real problems can then infiltrate and destroy the country that’s being manipulated to fight the false enemy.)

Of course, no one can be the ‘thought police.’ People are free to think about, feel about, and fantasize about anything they wish. Yet, should there be some sort of responsibility for those who harbor darkness within? The argument could be made that “Even if I had the dark thoughts and fantasies, I didn’t act them out. This person did! It was their fault for being so weak to not have any self-control!” This is definitely a can of worms!

At the very least, self-work involving healing inner wounds would greatly help the planetary situation, because when someone heals their inner wounds, inner darkness is no longer harbored and entertained, allowing for less physical manifestation of abusive deeds. If people didn’t have so many dark thoughts, desires, and inner hostility, there would be less manifestation of conflict and abuse. This is perhaps what planetary cleansing really entails. Perhaps the removal of implants mentioned by Cobra will be the final removal of the anomaly – the anomaly harbored within.

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  1. I made some changes and additions to this one, but maybe the older version here is more accurate. Definitely was a tough one to write!

  2. Also worth nothing: meditation and inner peace are useful methods to both let the immune system do its work, regenerate or prevent stress-induced damaged to organs like the thymus, and increase calming neurotransmitters like oxytocin and allopregnanolone, with oxytocin known to help regenerate the immune system. Simultaneously it lowers the stressful ones that ablate the immune system, of course. That's also a bit why "love" works. Won't bother with references, a quick search of these terms on pubmed should pull it all up, otherwise use sci-hub. It all naturally fits together.

  3. I like that closing line and barely but remember that episode, very good, will rewatch. I wondered about my thoughts affecting others because pets seem to react sometimes and weird synchronicities everywhere else. Some people think it's the electromagnetic power of the human and animal hearts that does this, which is fairly logical, but it's hard to explain long distance that way since I haven't read all the research.

    I figured the implants could also refer to brain parasites like toxoplasmosis, lyme's and various bacteria and pathogens that cross the blood-brain barrier. These have been wreaking havoc on the population because the combined environmental, food and pharmaceutical pollution, deficiency and insults have lowered everyone's immune systems over the last 100 years, supported by astronomical rates of cancer, and in line with the transhumanists' plan to insert nanobots into our bodies. If you want to know more about this you can read perfecthealthdiet.com since they hit it on the head. Unfortunately it's extremely difficult to remove these, so you have to improve your immune system for the most part, and so it's hard to see how they could be removing these using thoughtpower unless there was some electromagnetic or other effect involved.

    • I looked at the diet from the link you mentioned. I agree, peanuts and beans are problematic. The plan looks good, although I can't do too many vegetables. Very strange digestion.

      Your comments make many great points; thanks! I'm curious about the increase of brain tumors and how this can influence people's feeling and thinking.

      • It sounds like we've had similar problems! I don't vouch for the whole diet, but it's a good starting point and the author was intelligent and helped move the paleosphere in a more science-based direction with more consistent protocols. It's kind of stagnated since 2012 since he and his wife went on toward cancer research. The flaw is he relied too much on epidemiological reasoning in some places, and in my experience diet is more individual than he claims (due to microbiome makeup, not genetics) but for the most part he used consistent concepts that worked. They taught us none of this in school.

  4. Thank you, and another movie portraying the very nature of which you write about, Fallen where an entity is transferred from person to person, only then to find the perfect vessel to orchestrate its potential as low energy manifesting into chaos and mayhem.

    Cast: Denzel Washington
    Role: John Hobbes
    Gregory Hoblit
    Mystery, Action, Thriller, Fantasy, Crime, Drama
    Star Cast:
    James Gandolfini, Embeth Davidtz, Donald Sutherland, John Goodman
    After the execution of serial killer Edgar Reese, whom he helped to catch, Detective John Hobbes and his partner Jonesy are called in to investigate a series of demonic murders very similar to Reese’s. When they come in contact with a woman named Gretta Milano, they discover, a fallen malevolent angel might be behind all the killings.


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