From guest writer starlight432blogspot:

Only being present, without any thoughts whatsoever, can break up the countless mental prisons created within my mind.

Here’s an example of one of countless mental prisons:  I encountered an alternative media website today with an audio clip claiming that in September or October, the military will start going door to door with mandatory vaccinations in blue states at gun point.  The audio clip claimed that political dissidents (I would definitely be regarded as such simply for refusing to get the vaccine, along with other reasons) would be taken to concentration camps (FEMA camps) to be ‘eliminated.’

Ok.  Firstly, I seriously doubt it will ever reach this point, because wasn’t our military supposed to be taking out the cabal anyway?  I’ve seen some evidence suggesting that the cabal are being arrested and/or eliminated, although this process is being dragged out to the point of making it seem virtually endless.  At the very least, the US military would probably never betray US citizens in this way.  My conclusion is that the audio clip is fear mongering to get me to freak out, creating yet another mental prison.

Secondly, if things ever did actually get to this point, life would no longer be worth living anyway, so I’d definitely get my gun out if they busted through my door in my home, and I would try to take some of them out before they shoot me to death.  I might get a couple shots in on my way out.  Whatever.  Life would be 100% meaningless and pointless by that point anyway, so I would ‘go out with a bang’ lol!

Thirdly, whenever this thought process occurs, trying to get me to be afraid of the military coming to kill me in the near future (I live in a blue state), I will interrupt this thought process by stopping all thoughts and being present in the moment.  I could focus on my surroundings, or my physical body – anything that is in the present moment.  I interrupt mental prisons by being present, greatly weakening them.  I then feel much better.  I repeat this process as needed throughout the day.  It’s very difficult for me to be present more than a few seconds anymore, but this is all it takes to interrupt the mental prisons.

There are so many horrible thoughts and possible scenarios that continuously go through my mind.  If I were to give a percentage of the amount of negative thinking I have, it would probably be 90% negative thinking, and 10% positive/neutral thinking.  There is the technique of turning around negative thinking into positive thinking, or choosing to accept or reject my thoughts (this was a suggestion from a very positive occultist online).  I can’t even do this though, because there are too many negative thoughts to keep track of, overwhelming me.  So, the only option left is to interrupt the entire process, and continually reboot my mind through being present.  Each time I reboot my mind, the seemingly endless negativity becomes weaker and weaker.  Currently, this is all I can do.  Perhaps in the future, once the negativity is neutralized to a certain point, I will be able to choose to accept or reject my thoughts.

While on the subject, Eckhart Tolle offers some very useful perspectives regarding negative thinking.

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  1. Starlight, this may be unhelpful to read for you, even when you can agree with the content, it's valuable to keep in mind that all negative scenarios of events that haven't happened but keep rising up in you, are just thoughts, not real, and not becoming real, unless you feed it with your imagination and thoughts, when you find yourself glued to the screen of your visual sensor that isn't controlled by censorship.

    Being annoyed by the witnessing of this inner process is the maintenance of it, you probably are familiar with that loop. The imaginings of worst case scenarios, following them with a tense attention, are energy-draining, which is part of moving in that loop. Tiredness and fear are bad companions.

    What I'm finding as a helpful thought, is making an inner statement "I don't believe what I'm thinking" and I've got a postcard on my wall, saying "You don't have to believe what you're thinking".


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