Poetry Offering from Kenneth David Peaker:


the shimmer


we shall not cease from exploration

and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started

and know the place for the first time

  1. s. eliot



it caught my eye, noticing this fiction not so.  this thing of love and of fallow and a bee’s kiss

a reflection of a shimmer in a night-dream stark and pale.  a vision of a kind not conceivably


but still it flirts and beckons in you.  you the fledgling tortoise darting to watery moons eager

running to a spirit.  to courage besting waves and depth and danger and sands golden brown


and relationships and laughter and a truth i never saw.  but until then, not too much the wiser

maybe its a war for beauty,  in the spiritual realm.  in the symbols you believe; indulgent naïve


maybe its an Insight of untold might yet to be acknowledged.  maybe its truth, better illumed

maybe its the Holder of this space and a hard to imagine harder.  a future; a path; a shimmer

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  1. Thank you for this beauty of a post!
    The title of this post reminded me of an encounter with a kind of "shimmer" just like shown in the illustration of this post. Very beautiful, also the illustration. There's a touching upon some existence that is just around the corner, with this poetry. We can only move in a round about way, tasting, gently groping in the dark, and feel our way to what's….. just around the corner?

    There are rare moments, when I find myself in a street, or in a square in town, or in a park, in clear daylight, with people and sounds of people around me, when I'm physically present from top to toe, strongly aware of it, with roots planted firmly.

    In such a moment, there's this fleeting impression of a shimmer, as if there's a transparent wall on some distance from my body, which reminds me of the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster, that scene where she finds herself in a world with a transparent wall that she touches, and it moves like if it's a giant soap-bubble.

    That shimmering wall-sensation feels like a different experience of the same world I'm physically present in, due to a new way of perception, of inner being, of atonement. And it's light, on the other side, in away that feels clean, and pristine. Pure. Both realities exist in the same moment, and the sensation lasts a few seconds. I'm wise enough to not go hunting for it. To me, it's simply a sign of transitioning. I know that otherworldliness isn't a thing to be afraid of, or something to run after 😉


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