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Two Opposing Spiritual Views

(Although I didn’t plan on mentioning myself in this post, I will be mentioning some of my own experiences to provide examples.)

Certain factions of the cabal are possibly this way:

Intense suffering is seen to activate superhuman abilities, including psychic abilities. Intense suffering is a tool for reaching altered states. The darker they go, the more powerful the abilities they access. In an old video there was an occultist talking about the black sun, and how the cabal would go into the black sun to access the light. The imagery was of the upright tree of life with the light above, then the inverted tree of life beneath, and then the light existing below the inverted tree.

It’s important to note that ancient warrior tribes had rites of initiation which often entailed great suffering. The reason some occultists put hooks in their backs hanging from the ceiling is to make themselves go out of their bodies. There are many other forms of torture which are used for this purpose.

I myself have had experiences with torture by accident. One such instance was when I ate a dish of food that was spicy beyond anything anyone should ever eat. My stomach later was in so much pain that my soul began to separate from my body. First the body releases endorphins for making the pain go away, and then there is an energy that can be felt in the body as a strong tingling. The suffering has to reach a sufficient level for this separation of body and soul to occur.

In addition to physical torture, sexual torture is also used. The cabal combine physical and sexual torture against children to make them go out of their bodies to a place that feels safe. This is done so specific programming can be placed into the consciousnesses of the children, in addition to unlocking special abilities. Many stars were perhaps tortured as children to unlock special acting and singing abilities.

It can be seen as a birthing process. When the suffering reaches a certain threshold, hidden aspects deep within come forth.

Although I do not condone these unspeakable acts to unlock the untold secrets of consciousness and hidden abilities, I myself have experienced physical and psychological torture. This was not done by anyone else against me. I was foolish enough to fall upon torturing myself by accident with health protocols that went terribly wrong. There is a previous post called “One Of My Experiences With Torture” that goes into this a bit.

Torture is a very unbalanced path to accessing the light, but certain factions of cabal may embrace the light. The light may not be all they seek, but the light is not shunned, unlike many other factions of the cabal who at their core hate any and all light. The cabal are very complicated because there are so many different types. I’m curious if the “Gnostic Illuminati” mentioned by Benjamin Fulford seek Gnosis through intense suffering.

The flip side to torture is that consciousness can be severely damaged, whereas, the mind can fracture to such a degree to cause madness. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is not 100% true. When I underwent accidental self-torture, I began to have symptoms of schizophrenia. I would close my eyes and see and hear bizarre things beyond my ability to describe. Fortunately in my case, this was not permanent. Sarah Adams, who is a super soldier, stated that there were those who did not survive or went insane from training programs which involved torture.

Where am I going with all of this? The light forces state that suffering is not a valid path to ascension. Suffering was never intended as a necessary part of evolution, according to the Galactic Codex. Yet, there are those in the spiritual community who disagree. The spiritual community has these two opposing views regarding suffering:

1. Without dark there can be no light. Suffering is a great teacher for enlightenment.

2. Suffering is unnecessary for enlightenment and only serves the purposes of the negative forces.

Perhaps when the clearing reaches completion there will be a resolution to these two opposing viewpoints, offering much needed clarity and solutions for those who embrace suffering as a primary evolutionary path. I myself intellectually agree with the 2nd viewpoint, but underneath my intellectual understanding, deeper parts of me may resonate with the 1st viewpoint as a result of accidentally torturing myself on more than one occasion. Others may be similar, wanting to agree with the 2nd viewpoint, but have had very difficult lives and operate in accordance with the 1st viewpoint.

As a final thought, these two opposing views may be another underlying reason why lightworkers at times get into disagreements with one another.

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  1. Truth is, to grow out of ego, (earns day by day socialize fun, romance, is self excitement only, delusion, — to look at one's own daydreams. So on.) grows above sex, and everyday life is so fun. Sciences, so on, become the funnest, to earn fully. Contented, happy. …..psychopaths grow down below sex. They get off on defying God. Walking misery.


    Absolute nonsense by this person obviously she (sounds like a woman writing / thinking) has no clue about what she is talking about.

    This is why the "perhaps", the questions, the lack of wisdom in this writing…

    What you call Cabal, They, is not Black Sun Worshippers rather Satanists. As strange as it may be according to "our understanding" they are THE SAME AS YOU and on the side of what we call Synarchy. They work for MATTER or for the Demiurge. They are centered in protecting and making earth function rather than "freeing themselves" from this place, a horror in the making.

    The light warriors and all entities like you who seek to merge with JEHOVAH are ONE SIDE OF JEHOVAH SATANAS and includes the people of The White Brotherhood, Theosophists, Jews (Orthodox), Freemasons, most religions if not all, Gold Hat Tibetans (The Dalai Lama practices Homosexuality and other rites on Children as reported correctly by the expeditions to Lhassa / Schafer), Christians, etc…

    The other side is the darker side and THE OTHER SIDE OF JEHOVAH SATANAS and includes folks who have merged with SATAN. They are you ritialists taken from ancient Babylonian, Jews again (Reform, Assuras), Italian Maggia, Saturnali traditions, etc.

    These 2 DUAL FORCES seem to be opposed but they are the same while opposite.

    They oppose themselves at times but in the end they BOTH EQUALLY PROTECT the masquerade or the illusion that we belong to this word. They protect the Demiurge and his creation.

    These forces were portrayed in Star Wars and the Darkside was offcourse made bad or evil… later we see this "false" battle for power in the Mahabaratha, were the DEVAS (Light Warriors – Masculine) face the ASSURAS (Dark Warriors – Feminine).

    These forces are both in all of us. They are forces / drive but not yet your LEFT or RIGHT hand path choices.

    Other influences are your date of birth, the planets moon and sun, sex/gender, blood type, education, financial power, social interactions, use of astrology, senses, pineal gland calcification, capacity to social magic, intel, capacity of advanced ellicitation, etc.

    Comes in the real 3RD FORCE and those are the representatives of the BLACK SUN wich is above all other planets and beyond. This force is usually rare in the world and is not a path that is known as it represents those who are ALIEN TO THIS WORLD.

    It represents pure Spirit (absolute Darkness) situated beyond this world. Light warriors wether Jehovitic/Vedic/New Age or the opposite Satanic/Saturni will usually hide and flip this knowledge upside down as it is "the true and only forbidden religion" inside this world.

    The Nazis, Cathars, Albanians, Armenians, Greeks, Catalans, Pyreneans, some Spaniards, some Roman Families, Iranians, Egyptians, Turks, Mongols, Japanese are usually versed in these [GREEN] traditions.

    Green is usually the color chosen for this force as it represents the stone fallen from Lucifer's crown.

    That stone will remindcall those who aspire to discover the ultimate and true nature of themselves that they are UNCREATED and they are AEONS or true gods made of pure dark Spirit (some cults call this dark matter, ain soph, fohat, purity, elixir, black gold).

    They had a major role in early Gnostic Christianity (failed as it was converted to a Light religion known as Jesus the Sun God), in Cathars against the Catholic evil, in National Socialists versus the entire Communist (Synarchy) world you NOW hate so much but propaganda made you think they were the good guys.

    Most of you are not occultists. The author is still trying to understand and even uses non sense terms from Benjamin Fullford who is an obvious outsider.

    True knowledge is SILENCE. I post this very detailed information for those who are at the edge of understanding and will soon be interested in joining our ranks. REMEMBER that 99% of what you read is written by ennemies. Conscious that they are or fully asleep as they never connect any dots. This is how the world degrades and evolves through destruction of enthropy when your Spirit is about to find out, they collapse the world.

    The end.

    Note : as MATRIX 4 is coming out soon… remember that the Matrix, They Live, are not movies but documentaries.

    • Baron von Thule, interesting comment, but maybe you could explain what you are trying to say a bit further.

      It's very peculiar that when I click on your profile name it takes me to

      Anyway, I don't consider myself to be an occultist. The closest information I ever received was from a real occultist of 20+ years who described luciferians. I received this information back around 2012:

      Luciferians use two main currents:

      – The current of moloch, which is on the right side of the qliphoth. This is sexual abuse loosh.
      – The satanic current, which is the left side of the qliphoth. This is physical abuse loosh.

      The cabal use these two currents in combination to enslave humanity.

  3. Thank you, Starlight, that's very well written and presented. I've had no experience with physical or psychological torture, at least not that I know of. I've had an experience with an astral connection where entities were feeding off of, that accompanied the person connecting with me. At first, I had no idea about what happened, but fortunately, there are experienced aura-readers in my country who helped me understand what was going on, and who were wise enough to let me disclose my inner life-stories stretching over a long time. In short, it was a the trigger that ended a program, and the result was my awakening to myself. At first, to what was wounded, not whole, resulting in a healing by means of transformation. Took me a couple of years, opening my communication skills.

    I've looked into the subject of energy-feeding, where some people call it "loosh" and other call it sexual energy, or simply "emotionally charged energy" with an emphasis on fear, survival struggle.
    Corey Goode, and Harald Kautz Vella talk about it, where the latter also mentions the existence of black gooh, a substance that seems to hold either a positive or negative energy.

    There's also a view that those succumbing to darkness are often posessed by reptilian-looking entities, who exist on an astral level, of a race that managed to sneak in before Earth's planetary grid was closed to such an influence. I'm not sure if I recollect accurately here, but it's possible that this isn't entirely a new subject to some of you.

    This same view holds true that it's this connection, on an astral level, the level where our human emotional/ instinctual body operates, creates an abomination in behaviour, membership of dark cults, ritualistic practices, all for the benefit of harvesting emotionally charged energy. Service to Self.

    In the Law of One series, Ra explains how these levels operate, it's great education I believe.

    • Thanks Devon Seamoor. Although I haven't read the Law of One, what you say goes along with my findings regarding reptilian entities. People in general probably have many different entities within them.

      These reptilian/cabal energies create lose-lose duality scenarios/mental prisons. Where Earth is heading is into a state beyond duality – a good that requires no opposite.

  4. Interesting choice of photo that was chosen. Ancient Knowledge of the Firmament/Dome.
    All recorded in the Old Testament for good reason.
    The Sky/Heavens are right above. The Stars, Moon, Sun are the ones moving/rotating.

  5. What a load of stinky feces. Backwards, brain-dead people might ingest delusional value from this exposition of lunacy. For the rational, light is the real existence, darkness merely a construct of lacking light. Torture and suffering lead only to more of the same, as reaction follows action. Spiritual advancement comes from sacrifice, which is intentional suffering tolerated for a greater purpose. The key is, sacrifice to what or whom? If the sacrifice is not intended for the pleasure of The Supreme Person, it has no value and simply creates more suffering.

    • Lynn Walker, I didn't think this one would be posted and was surprised. I considered at least modifying it to not give some gruesome details of my own experiences (too much information lol!) The main part to look at is the last part regarding the two opposing views and how they can create conflicts between people in the awakened community. Your derogatory comment is an example of such conflict.

      I'm actually of the opinion that torture and suffering are unnecessary myself, but I also understand that there are those who use it. The ones who use it on others as a violation of free will definitely need to be shut down. As for the ones who use it on themselves only, maybe they do so to get the mind out of the way in order to access something more. It's a very drastic approach!

      • Please consider reading multiple times the Baron the Thule commentary as you may need to learn a few things. He actually gave a pretty good explanation of what you encountered and why.

      • Thank you, Starlight, for a clarification on what you felt and expected about posting your contribution. To me, reading it wasn't gruesome. I know people who have experienced horrors in their lives, and most of them came out stronger and brighter. I've always made sure that I mingled with all walkers on life's paths.

        When I read the last line of your comment for Lynn Walker "It's a very drastic approach!" I was reminded of the experience people have, at times, by joining an Ayahuasca ceremony, seeking solutions to mental issues, and physical healing.
        A self-induced treatment forcing one to see one's true face, or more than 1 at first

        I've met a few men who told me of their experience. One of them, an astrologer who made an astrological reading for me in 2012, wrote a book about his Ayahuasca experience "Shedding the layers"
        It's impressive, in that it shows how physical and psychological conditions can merge. Since 2004, he suffered from extreme eczema, in daily agony of showing his face, but not showing his real face, if you get my drift.

        During his Ayahuasca experiences, it took more than 1 session, he FACED his inner fears, demons of anger and resentment, and gradually released this charge in sync with the healing of his skin.

        He came out of this intense treatment that he had chosen by himself, and chose to write his book with the most appropriate title "Shedding the layers, how Ayahuasca saved more than my skin". Mark Flaherty is an astrologer living in Devon, the South West of Britain.

        In a way, one could perceive an Ayahuasca ceremony as a potential self applied form of torture, showing up as revelations of one's inner deception and beating around the bush of truth. Not that it's always torture to every user of this potion.

        • Devon Seamoor, yeah, Ayahuasca is definitely very powerful. Very interesting that it can create physical changes. Shamans have been known to do that.

          I bought some syrian rue and mimosa online and made a brew back in 2006. The experience was very frightening. When it started kicking in, I felt like I needed to go outside my apartment to get some open space, but then the open space felt too large. I felt the most real doom I've ever known. I didn't know if I was alive or dead during the journey. Afterward though, I felt completely fearless, as though there was no such thing as death. So it was ultimately a very positive experience, but yeah, it was hell getting there lol!

          The most powerful fear of them all is the fear of death. Fear of death is probably the source of all other fears. People don't think they are afraid to die until it's right in front of them. Going through the fear of death to the other side allows a person to 'die without dying.'


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